Who is Alessandro Juliani? How Is His Married Life With Meg Roe?

Alessandro Juliani is a man of various talents. Not only is he a singer and actor but also a composer and sound designer. From the beginning of his career in the 1990s, he has been part of various movies and TV shows. He has also won numerous awards, especially for his composition. 

Moreover, he has been married to a stunning Canadian actress for more than a decade. The couple also has twin daughters and a son.

Who is Alessandro Juliani?

Alessandro Juliani
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Alessandro was born on July 6, 1975, in Vancouver, Canada. He was born to a family involved in the entertainment industry where his father was the renowned producer, actor and writer John Juliani. His mother was the co-founder of Savage God and Opera Breve, Donna Wong-Juliani. 

He completed his high school in Vancouver, Canada. Then, he moved to Montreal to get a Bachelor’s Degree in Music in Vocal/ Opera Performance from McGill University. 

He Started Acting Right After College

Alessandro Juliani in man of steel
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After finishing his Bachelor’s, he contributed to many shows on stage or screen. As a result, he gained lots of appearances in a short period. 

He started acting right after finishing college. However, his acting career really began in the early 1990s. His debut work was the voice work for “Captain N: The Game Master” and “Ranma 1/2.” He is the only actor involved in “Man of Steel” who had a recurring role in the series “Smallville”.

He has racked up an impressive number of awards throughout the year, most of them being Jessie Award for Outstanding Sound Design or Original Composition: Large Theatre. 

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Who is Alessandro Juliani Married to?

Alessandro Juliani with his wife, Meg Roe
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He is currently married to the stunningly beautiful actress Meg Roe. Meg Roe is a Canadian actress popular for her work on Riverfold, Three Moons Over Milford and Stargate Atlantis. Moreover, she is a graduate of the University of Victoria, where she achieved a BFA in Acting.

Alessandro Julianihas Twin Daughters and a Son

Juliani and Roe were first blessed with a twin daughter and son in 2013. Also, they had their second child(daughter) in 2015. 

Alessandro Juliani Net Worth

Juliani has been working as an actor, singer, composer and sound designer for decades. He has worked as a voice actor for English animated movies and many famous Japanese animes like Death Note. 

With his lifelong career, he has amassed an impressive sum of more than a million dollars. He even owns a beautiful house in Vancouver, Canada, where he currently resides. 

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