Interesting Facts About the Vikings Star, Alicia Agneson

Alicia Agneson, the mysterious beauty known for her role as Katia and Freydis in the History drama series ‘Vikings’. She is a native of Sweden and has appeared in various TV shows and movies. A woman of many talents, the sexy Swedish actress is also a model and singer. 

Moreover, she is an environmentalist and mostly wears recycled clothing and opts for sustainability with fashion. She is also currently in a relationship with a rather dashing man. 

Who is Alicia Agneson?

Alicia Agneson at Chiltern Firehouse
Source: Instagram @aliciaagneson

Alicia Agneson was born on February 26, 1996, in the small town of Eskilstuna, Sodermanland County, Sweden. She spent most of her childhood in her hometown before moving to London at the age of fifteen. 

She was very passionate about acting from an early age. In addition, she used to sing, act, and dance as a child in minor stage productions in her home country. Hence, it’s not much of a surprise she moved to London to pursue her acting career. 

However, she struggled for about a decade to get a decent part in the industry. So, she also worked as a model before getting her role in the showbiz industry.

She also has a huge concern about the environment. She mostly wears recycled clothing. As she was born on a farm, she absolutely loves nature. 

Alicia Agneson Didn’t Have a Breakthrough For Almost a Decade in Her Career

Even after moving to London at the tender age of 15, she struggled a lot to leave her mark in the showbiz industry. For almost a decade, she didn’t get a part in more than minor roles in shows. 

In 2017, she finally got her big break when she was selected for the popular History drama series Vikings. She played the role of Freydis in season 5 and then again as Katya in season 6. After her role in Vikings, she has been in various hit movies like ‘The Last Kingdom’, ‘The Courier’ etc. 

Who is Alicia Agneson Dating?

Alicia Agneson with her boyfriend Cristian Jonsson at Liepzig Opera Ball 2018
Source: Instagram @aliciaagneson

Alicia is very secretive about her personal life. So, she had not talked about her relationship. However, she brought her boyfriend, Christian Jonsson, to the Leipzig Opera Ball on October 13, 2018. 

Her ex-boyfriend, Cristian Jonsson, is a social media personality with over 13k followers on Instagram. He is also an Obstacle Course Racing World Championship participant.

The couple is no longer together. However, they seemed to have been dating for over a year.

After her break up with Cristian, Alicia hasn’t revealed her relationship status. However, her ex-partner seems to be dating a hairdresser named Ellinor Dalin.

Alicia Agneson Built Her Own House By Hand

The actress has the genes of a builder in her. Her father is a carpenter and her mother is an electrician. According to the Vikings star, her parents built the farm they still live on from scratch.

Growing up, she helped her parents to renovate and extend the house, so she had building knowledge from a young age.

During a family dinner, they were discussing an old building on their land. While she was asking questions about it, her brother said, “you don’t know anything about this Alicia; stick to acting, and we will stick to building’”.

The actress says, “it made my blood boiling”. Then, the very next day, she asked took permission from her father to build a house. Three years since then, she has made a beautiful house.

Alicia Agneson Net Worth

The gorgeous actress’ career has just started, and it’s booming. With her acting career as the primary source and her new diamond sustainable collection, she has amassed around $200k. 

Alicia Agneson is Also a Businesswoman

Alicia Agneson with her sustainable diamond collection
Source: Instagram @aliciaagneson

While working as a model, Agneson collaborated with many brands, including Larry & Berry. She has also launched her sustainable diamond collection with the company in Stockholm. 

Moreover, she is also the global fashion director at the online second-hand retailer Yaytrade.

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Body Measurements

The 25-year-old actress is slim with a height of 159cm and a weight of around 53kg. Her natural hair color is blonde, and her eye color is blue. 

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