Aurelia Dobre

With sheer class and masterpiece gymnastic skills, Aurelia Dobre is a name to remember for all gymnastic fans across the globe. Dobre is a Romanian former artistic gymnast who won the 1987 world all-around champion. Grabbing several accolades to her name including a world champion, she has grasped huge attention from sports lovers.

We know that children are the ones who will carry forward their family name from one generation to another generation. Meanwhile, Dobre’s children are doing it in a very rational manner.

Dobre’s twins are just ripping apart views on YouTube with back-flipping and prank-pulling videos on their channel. In the world of gymnasts, her name is taken to whole another level with her personal achievement and her children’s breakthroughs.

How Old is Aurelia Dobre?

Aurelia Dobre is 49 years of age as of now. Well, she celebrates and has a birthday bash on the 16th of November every year. She was born in the year 1972. Hailing from Bucharest, Romania, Dobre holds a Romanian passport to her name.

Her Childhood and Educational Background

So far we’re concerned about Aurelia Dobre’s childhood days and educational background, there is no information regarding it. We assume that she had blissful childhood days with great dedication and hard work towards gymnastics.

Also, her schooling and high schooling details are under wraps so far. However, she trained at the Deva National Training Center. Her head coach was Adrian Goreac.

Aurelia Dobre is the World All-around Champion

With several intriguing headlines after Romania’s ambush of the Soviet Union in the thrilling 1987 World Championships women’s team final, Aurelia grasped colossal attention towards her. She stole the show in Rotterdam winning the gold medals in Balance Beam, All-Around, and Team. Additionally, she also secured the bronze medal in vault and Floor Excercise and kept a record of five perfect 10s in the championship.

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To be honest, it was the most successful year of her career life. Thriving hard and surviving every challenge and obstacle in Rotterdam, she wrote her name in golden letters in 1987.

Her Other Accolades

In the succeeding year 1988, Dobre kept the same mentality of winning. She won another medal but this time silver in the Romanian team at the 1988 Summer Olympics. Never give up attitude definitely marked her success peak.

In the 1989 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships, she grabbed another Silver medal in Stuttgart. After marching towards success, there was a major setback that led her gymnastic career to almost an end. She got two major injuries and a growth spurt that made her career break short.

Despite the fact, that Dobre was the youngest all-around champion ever winning it at the age of 14 years and 352 days. Later, this record fell short of Olga Bicherova whose age was fudge in the 1981 World Championships.

Her Post Retirement Journey

Unfortunately, Dobre’s intriguing career came to an end as she retired from gymnastics. She retired from her professional career in 1989. After her retirement, she was awarded an award at the Romanian Gymnastics Federation’s 100-year anniversary celebration. Additionally, she was officially recognized as the only Romanian gymnast to score a perfect 10.

Not just national recognition but also global recognition, her successful path didn’t stop nurturing her awards. Most notably, she was introduced to the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame in May 2016.

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Aurelia Dobre Has Been Married to Her Husband For 30 Years

Aurelia Dobre is blissfully married to an Iranian gymnastics coach, Boz Mofid. It is not surprising at all to see her tieing marital knots with a fellow gymnast. Well, her husband, Boz Mofid has a stint as a gymnastics coach for over silver jubilee.

The couple was madly in love with each other sharing an intimate relationship and romantic moments. We’re still not sure when the couple actually met for the first time. However, after impeccable love and trust, the pair walked down an aisle in the year 1992. Since then, the couple is having time of their life.

Talking about their relationship, they already celebrated 25 years of togetherness back on the 7th of November 2017. As of now, they are going to complete 30 years with immense affection and happiness. To be honest, Dobre is a supportive person and so is her husband. Whenever she gets a chance to have words with her husband, she gives full of praise and appreciation.

Aurelia Dobre is a Mother to Four Children

Aurelia and Boz are proud parents of four children. And the surprising part is all four children are sons. After a year of marriage, Dobre gave birth to their first son named Cyrus Dobre on March 9, 1993. On 2nd August 1995, they welcomed another bundle of happiness as a son named Darius Dobre.

In addition, the couple became pregnant again on January 28, 1999. And this time it was a turn for twins, for which they are extremely lucky and thankful. They welcomed their twin sons named Lucas Dobre and Marcus Dobre.

Like their parents, their children are already a celebrity. They all are YouTube personality who has already echoed their name in the Entertainment industry. Among four, the most popular are twin brothers, Lucas and Marcus who are a dancing duo.

They rose to popularity after the now-defunct video application Vine. Their YouTube channel has already amassed 25M subscribers. They have also performed associated acts with another prominent YouTube personality Jake Paul.

Aurelia Dobre Net Worth

Aurelia Dobre holds a net worth of $1.5 million approximately. There’s no doubt that Dobre has made a lot of money through her glimmering career. With her accomplished career, she has accumulated a sturdy sum of money in her account. We can clearly see that her family is living a lavish and luxurious lifestyle with a fortune she made throughout her career.

Not only that, but Dobre is also a renowned dance choreographer and coach at her academy named Dobre Gymnastics Academy in Maryland. On the other hand, her twin son, better known as Dobre Brothers has a whooping net worth of $14 million.

They spend most of their income on buying luxury and sports cars. They own expensive cars like Rolls-Royce Ghost which is worth $950K USD, Audi Q2, Volvo XC40, Tesla Model, and many others. Recently, they imported a brand-new Range Rover Autobiography worth $200K USD.

Is Aurelia Dobre Socially Active?

In the world of social media, we’re almost sure that everyone is addicted to social media platforms. Whether it’s Facebook or Instagram, people love scrolling their phones. Likewise, Aurelia Dobre is also one of us.

Not just Aurelia Dobre is popular in sports, but she is widely famous for her Instagram posts and TikTok videos. She has an immensely followed Instagram account. On her Instagram handles, she has already hoarded more than 608K followers and 508 posts. Basically, she posts insights about her gymnast, exercises, and training.

With her exceptional gymnastic talent and skills, her fans and followers on TikTok are absolutely in love with her. She has already wrapped up 6.7M followers and 105.2M likes on her verified TikTok handle. You all can follow her on Instagram and TikTok.

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