Austin Stoermer Coleman – Zendaya’s Brother

Austin Stoermer Coleman rose to fame as the brother of the Hollywood actress, Zendaya. As a celebrity brother, he is popular among all the movie freaks all around the world.

Despite all this popularity, not much about him has been published on the web as of now. So here we present this article to let you know more about his early life, career, and other various information. Let’s go.

How Old is Austin Stoermer Coleman?

As of 2022, Austin is in his late 20s. However, his exact date of birth is still under the shadow. But we can surely say he was born in the 1990s. Furthermore, regarding his parents, he was born to Kazembe Ajamu Coleman and Kazembe Claire Stoermer. Also, alongside Zendaya he has other 4 siblings.

Not to forget, that Zendaya is his half-sister and the other 4 siblings are from the same parents. Despite that he and Zendaya shares a great bond with each other. Also, the details about his academics are even now missing from the internet as he has not shared them with the general public.

Austin Stoermer Coleman with his sister
Source: Instagram

What Does Austin Do For Living?

Well, there is some confusion when it comes to his career. As this individual has not publicly talked about his profession in any of the media. But we believe he is an assistant for his sister. Furthermore, he is seen with his sister in most of the events assisting her. Also, she has featured him on her Instagram post.

Moreover, if sources are to be believed he has also acted on some projects as well. Projects like The long Island south shore and How to rock as announcer are somewhere he has contributed. However, the part in these projects was very less so many of you may not have noticed that. Also in near future, we can obviously see him on the big screen in a lead role as well.

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Is Austin Stoermer Coleman Dating?

Starting 2022, he has not publicly talked about his love affairs. We believe he is currently single as he has not mentioned his love life on any of his social media profiles. Another chance can be he may be dating someone in private and wants to make that public once their relationship is official.

Similarly, as of today, not a single news portal has covered his affairs as well. It seems like he is too private when it comes to his love life.

Austin Stoermer Coleman with his friend
Source: Instagram

Austin Stoermer Coleman Net worth

Austin Stoermer Coleman’s expected net worth is about $50,000 to $80,000. However, the official statement is yet to be published so we can’t say if it is legit or not. Being said that we can surely say he made most of his earnings as Zendaya’s assistant and for his work in the entertainment industry till now.

Follow Him On Instagram

On Instagram, he is active under the username @darnellappling. Well, he has a decent fanbase on the internet as he is followed by almost 90k followers. However, his profile is yet to be verified.

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