Autumn Snyder: Things You Didn’t Know About Zack Snyder’s Daughter

There are numerous people who have gained the attention of people in different ways. Among those huge amounts of people, Autumn Snyder was one of them. Initially Autumn caught the attention of people for being a star kid. But after that, she caught the attention of the world for committing suicide at a young age.

As the daughter of the famous media personality Zack Snyder, she was facing the camera from a young age. People were interested in her life as she was a star kid. Unfortunately, people who loved her lost her when she was very young.

Let us dig a little bit more about Zack Snyder’s late daughter, Autumn.

Who is Autumn Snyder?

Most people know Autumn as the daughter of Zack Snyder. Likewise, people also remember her as someone who lost her life at a young age by committing suicide. Though she was not popular she hit the headlines after she committed suicide in March 2017. As per her birth date, she is a Sagittarius.

Autumn and Zack Snyder
Source: Glam Celebs

Both of her parents are media personalities. Her mother is Denise Weber whereas her father is a famous filmmaker Zack Snyder. Unfortunately, Zack is also one of those celebrities who lost their child at a young age.

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Furthermore, it is known that Autumn was adopted by her parents. She was born on November 27, 1996, in China. She is one of the eight children of her parents. Her siblings are Eli Snyder, Willow Snyder, Sage Snyder, Olivia Snyder, Ezekiel Snyder, Cash Snyder, Jett Snyder.

Autumn committed Sucide at a Young Age

It was very saddening to know about her sudden demise to both her parents and her well-wishers. At the age of 20, she committed suicide. At the time of her demise, her father was gearing up for his project named Justice League.

Autumn and Zack with family
Source: Heavy

All of her family members were shocked by her unanticipated death. Her demise had a great impact on her father which made him take a break from his work. While he was on a break he transferred all his work to Joss Whedon.

Though the exact reason for her demise is yet to be known. However, it is known that she was suffering from depression for many years. Though the exact reason for her demise is yet to be known.

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Autumn Was a Novel Writer and an Actress

By profession, Synder was a Novel writer as well as an actress. She used her writing to escape her unwanted thoughts. Autumn had similar interests as her father. She had also done much charitable work for the children.

In an interview, she mentioned that writing is her way of speaking which she had been doing for many years. And she also claimed that she wanted to use her writing and help to raise money for the needy.

Autumn Synder Net Worth

Even though her exact net worth is not known, it is estimated that her net worth was around $300,000. Similarly, her father’s net worth is estimated to be around $60 million.

Body Measurement

Autumn was 5 Feet 5 inches tall in height. She was a pretty girl with an Asian face. Snyder had black eye color and black hair color.

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