Who is Bob Menery? Know His Girlfriend, Net Worth, Height and Other Details

Bob Menery, “the man with the golden voice” is an X-rated sports commentator. He is the voice of America’s sports bar franchise Buffalo Wild Wings, the Host of the ZAPPED podcast, and an Instagram star.

He gained fame with his single video on Instagram. The video being viral totally changed his economic and inclined fame life. Currently, he has 3.1 million followers on his Instagram id and popularity on Youtube. Besides, he is a podcast host of “Full Send”.

This article covers Bob Mereny’s age, real profession, income, interests, reasons behind his events in life and many more.

Who is Bob Menery?

Bob date of birth is June 10, 1987, which took place in Massachusetts, USA. Since he was a child, he was fond of making people laugh.

According to the sportscaster, he was a lame child. He used to serve his sportscaster voice for entertaining his mates. When he was young, he had already recognized his golden voice although he had no idea of its utilization.

He Studied at New York Film School

As Menery grew older, he built an interest in being an actor and comedian. Therefore, he commenced his film study at New York Film School when he was 23. Then he went to Los Angeles to acquire his career as an actor. Due to partying and other several reasons, he was diverted from his career. 

Despite this distraction, he still got to assert his beloved profession as a golf caddie. However, the thought of monetizing his golden voice often haunted his satisfaction.

He Suffered a Lot Before His Overnight Success

When he found his bank account was $700, he was embarrassed and had no place to stay. So he had to sleep in his car for the night. In the day, he used to head towards his golf caddie job after cleaning himself in the YMCA.

Once while staying in the car, Menery was on crystal meth which led him to drive for two days through hallucination. He was found in a store after CVS parking. Suddenly the police took him to a hospital. After the recovery, he was brought back to his family by Ernie, his friend.

After some time, Menery’s brother-in-law gave him a proposal for a role in Mike Constantino, a YouTube rapper’s content. The day is marked as a key figure in his career. They started filming an impersonation video which went viral the next day.

Bob’s mobile rang many times when he was playing golf with his friend. He found 316 missed calls from agents, managers and media which was like a miracle in his life. This gives a strong reason for his today’s presence as the voice of Buffalo Wild Wings, having millions of followers on Instagram and partnerships with celebrities.

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Bob is Dating a Youtuber

Bob Menery with his girlfriend

At present, Bob is dating a fashion and makeup vlogger, Summer Sheekey. Summer has a Youtube account with over 460k subscribers. The couple seems to have recently started dating.

Although they haven’t directly revealed their relationship, Bob has shared several pictures with her on his Instagram handle. Furthermore, he posted a picture with Summer on March 12, 2022m captioning, “I think I may marry this girl. It’s been a rollercoaster!! Mistakes made by both parties!!! But we can’t stay away! Cheers to freedom of speech!!!! @summersheekey Disclaimer: haven’t proposed yet”

Besides, on 25 February 2019, he had posted a video of Katie Kearney (luxury travel and editor) throwing a baseball on Twitter with the caption, “Meet my girlfriend”.

Bob Menery Net Worth

It is believed that Instagram has been his major source of income where his bio is read as “R-rated Sportscaster”. As of 2021, Bob has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

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