Casie Colson Baker: Some Interesting Facts About Machine Gun Kelly’s Daughter

Casie Colson Baker is one of those names who has gained popularity because of her parents. Casie is among those lucky children who are born to celebrity parents. Because of her father Machine Gun Kelly, she has always been on the highlights and has always grabbed the attention of a lot of people.

Since a young age, Casie has face camera and media which is also one of the reasons for her confidence these days. Her father Kelly is a celebrated personality in the music industry. At times her father is seen protecting her from paparazzi.

Though Kelly tries his best to protect his daughter from the paparazzi at times it becomes hard for him to protect Casie. There are also people who may not know about Casie and only know about her father Kelly.

Nevertheless, her father Kelly is a well-celebrated personality. Let’s get going and know some unknown things about Kelly’s daughter Casie.

Who is Casie Colson Baker?

Casie is 12 years old daughter of a renowned rapper Machine Gun Kelly. Casie was born on July 24, 2009, in the United States of America. 12 years old Casie is a Leo.

Casie Colon Baker
Source: The Sun

Casie was on the media since her birth as she was born when her father Kelly was very young. There is not much about Kelly’s daughter Casie on the web or any other platform. However, it is known that she is all set to play a movie with her father as per reports.

We can get a glimpse of Casie via her father’sInstagram and other social media platform.

Who is Casie’s Father Kelly?

Casie’s father is Machine Gun Kelly. Though thousands of people address him as Machine Gun Kelly his real name is Colson Baker. Similarly, many people also address him as MGK. Baker has made a name for himself professionally as Machine Gun Kelly.

Kelly was just 18 years old when he became a dad. Though he became a dad at a young age he is one of the most responsible and caring dads according to Casie. Moreover, Casie’s mother is Emma Cannon.

CAsie and Machine Gun Kelly
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Casie’s father and mother met each other at a Blink-182 concert. Her parents were not married while she was born they were dating each other. They dated for quite a time and ended their relationship.

After Kelly broke up with Emma he dated model Amber Rose in 2015. But they didn’t stay together. Recently, Baker is with model Sommer Ray. It is known that he was with model Ray since March 2020. But since May 2020 he is in a relationship with actress Megan Fox.

Casie Colson Baker Net Worth

Though there is no exact info about Casie’s net worth on the web, her father’s net worth is estimated to be $10 million which is 7.2 million pounds. The main source of Kelly’s income is from his career as a singer but we do not know other sources of his income.

Casie with father Kelly
Source: Dreamstime

Social Media

Though we cannot find 12 years old Casie on social media platforms we can find her dad on Instagram and many other social media platforms. A few glimpses of Casie are also available on her dad’s Social media.

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