Who is Cleive Ester Adams? Things You Didn’t Know About Sonya Curry’s father

Cleive Ester Adams is best known as the father of an American educator Sonya Curry and the grandfather of one of the greatest basketball players, Stephen Curry. His daughter is an American educator who was an athlete in her college days.

As of now, she has founded Christian Montessori School and also acts as the acting president of the same school.

Apart from the fame, he gets from his children and grandchildren, he possessed a drywall company. He along with his wife, Candy Ann Wyms has raised a total of three children together.

The couple has also expressed their memories of how they had to face racism due to their race. Continue reading below to get more ideas about Ester Adams’s lifestyle, age, body measurement, and social media platforms.

How Old is Cleive Ester Adams?

Cleive Ester Adams was born in the 1940s in the United State of America. So, he is in his late 70s as of now. He completed his high school diploma in segregated schools.

His granddaughter, Sydel is a graduate of Elon University with a major in psychology. Likewise, Seth has attended Liberty University. Moreover, his wife used to trek for around five miles each day to attend an all-black school in the 1950s and 1960s. It was due to racism.

Likewise, his daughter, aged 56 years old, was born on the 30th of May, 1966 in Radford, Virginia, United States.

Sr. Cleive has a total of three children in his family. He even has grandchildren from her daughter named; Stephen Curry ( Born on March 14, 1988), Sydel Curry (Born on October 20, 1994), and Seth Curry (Born on August 23, 1990). Apart from it, he even has great-grandchildren from Stephen Curry named; Riley Elizabeth Curry, Canon W. Jack Curry, and, Ryan Carson Curry.

Cleive Ester Adams smiling with her daughter
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Cleive Ester Adams is an Entrepreneur

Senior Adams is an entrepreneur who operates his own drywall company. His company takes part in the finishing stages of the construction of a building. Besides, he will also be responsible for placing panels over the walls.

Similarly, his daughter is a notable president and founder of the Christian Montessori School of Lake Norman lies in Huntersville, North Carolina. It was founded in 1995 and in the same school his children also got graduated.

His Grandson is One of the Greatest NBA Player of All Time

Adams used to play volleyball, track and field, and basketball in his high school days. Due to his influence, his children and grandchildren also grew up to be an athlete. And, has made quite a name in the sports industry.

Cleive’s grandson, Stephen Curry has been playing in NBA since 2009. He was selected the seventh overall by Golden State Warriors on the 25th of June, 2009.

He is considered to be one of the greatest basketball players of all time and the greatest shooter in NBA history.

Moreover, he is an eight-time NBA All-Star and eight-time All-NBA selection. Likewise, he has been named the NBA MVP twice and has won four NBA championships.

Besides, Sydel also managed to play basketball during her college days. And, on the 23rd of August, 2013, Seth had signed a non-guaranteed contract with Golden State Warriors.

His Daughter Loves Basketball

Sonya is also interested in basketball, as she often posts something about it. And, has appreciated whoever got involved with the game. Taking a peek at her Ig, we also got the idea that she is not only involved in basketball but also spends lots of her time with her family members. In one of her posts, she has also flexed her car which concludes that she also loves luxurious cars.

Likewise, on the auspicious day of Mother’s Day, Sonya has wished her mother and all the mother out there. With the hand of his mother, she was also promoting her book. The Book was released officially on the 3rd of May this year. Apart from it, we are quite sure that, she got some decent money from the settlement of her divorce with Dell.

Who is Cleive Ester Adams Married to?

Cleive Ester took the vow with his wife, Candy Ann Wyms in the 1960s. Candy was born in Haiti, holds an American nationality, and has a racial background of mixed. His wife once mentioned them facing racism in their initial days of life together.

Cleive Ester Adams is a Father to Three Children

Adams and his wife, Candy have a total of three children together. They are; Sonya Curry, India Adams, and jr. Cleive Adams. Sonya is an educator and the founder of the school, whereas other Jr. Cleive Adams is the head football coach at Ferrum since the March of 2020. Adams came back to Ferrum after coaching at Averett University.

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His Daughter, Sonya Curry Was Married To a Former NBA Player

Sonya was previously married to Dell Curry. Dell is a former pro basketball player who played in the National Basketball Association until 2002. The couple was married for more than three decades.

The duo met each other at Virginia Tech University. Sonya was watching men’s basketball and noticed Curry there. After dating for some time, they tied the knot in 1988.

Sonya and Dell have a total of three children; Stephen Curry, Seth Curry, and Sydel Curry. In addition, they have three grandchildren, i.e. Stephen’s children. They are; Canon W.Jack Curry, Riley Elizabeth Curry, and Ryan Carson Curry.

After over three decades, of marriage, the couple announced of their divorce on the 23rd of August 2021.

Cleive Ester Adams family
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Cleive Ester Adams Net Worth

Having his own drywall company, Ester Adams might have a net worth of more than $500 thousand. However, the entrepreneur hasn’t revealed his exact earnings.

Cleive Ester Adams enjoying vacation
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Body Measurements

Considering his body appearance, we could tell that, he stands around 5 feet 9inches tall. Likewise, he weighs around 70 kg.

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