Coco Fausone – Truth About Reno Wilson’s Wife of Two Decades

Coco Fausone is an American yoga instructor who gained massive fame after marrying the Mike & Molly actor, Reno Wilson. Reno is an American actor best known for his role as Howard in the sitcom The Cosby Show, Officer Carl McMillan in Mike & Molly and Stan Hill in Good Girls, Wes in The Chronicle, and Detective Tom Selway in Blind Justice

On the other hand, Coco is a yoga instructor. She started her fitness career in the late 90s’. She is also a dancer.

Coco and Reno is not just any celebrity couple who are constantly followed by dramas. The couple has been married for over two decades. They also have two beautiful children. Moreover, there is no controversy surrounding this power couple.

How Old Is Coco Fausone?

Coco Fausone is 48 years old now. She was born in 1974 in Los Angeles, California, USA. According to her daughter’s Instagram post, she was born on March 29. She was born in the United States of America and grew up in Silver Lake, LA.

However, the celebrity wife has yet to reveal much more information about her family or her childhood. Her mother’s name is Patsi Simon but she hasn’t made her father’s name public to date. We can assume that she had a great childhood, was raised well with love and care by her parents, and enjoyed growing up with her sibling. her sister, Gamynne Guillotter is a transient architect, who graduated from the Southern California Institute of Architecture.

Coco Fausone capturing the moment with her daughter
Source: Instagram @denitrue100

Her Education

Coco seems to barely talk about her personal life with the media. If you go through her social media handles, even there, she shares more about her professional life. Still, we managed to find that Coco is a former student of Alexander Hamilton High School. Then, she has a graduation degree in communication from Los Angeles City College. Furthermore, she studied Recording Engineering at UCLA Extension.

What we also got to know is that Coco has earned a certificate in yoga studies, health, and wellness in general from the US Yoga Alliance.

What Does Coco Fausone Do For Living?

Coco Fausone Wilson started her career in fitness and dance choreography in 1997. In her initial phase, she choreographed cheerleading dances for the SBCC cheer team, creative movement for the children, dance instruction for Hamilton High, and choreography for the CBS show Mike and Molly.

Currently, Coco has been the owner of The Cycling Pigeon for more than five years, since 2017. It is essentially a cycling and yoga studio where you can get regular yoga classes and cycling, both indoors and outdoors. She was the owner of Yoga on the House for two years before that.

Prior, she even worked as a spin and yoga instructor for YAS Fitness Center for around six years, since 2011. She is best known in the spin room for her heavy-hitting beats and R&B grooves. in 2014, she was appointed as the CFO of Babe Wilson Entertainment and before that, she even worked for Warners Bro Entertainment, where she even taught yoga to her husband during his show Mike and Molly.

How Long Have Coco Fausone and Reno Wilson Been Married?

Coco Fausone tied the knot with her boyfriend Reno Wilson on June 6, 1998. In the wedding ceremony, Reno wore a black suit and Coco looked stunning in her white ball gown. The couple met for the first time in Los Angeles when Reno was there for his acting career.

The couple first became friends before dating and eventually married in a private ceremony with friends and family after a few years. After three years of their marriage, they welcomed their first child, a daughter named Dani.

Ever since 1998, the couple has been together for more than two decades without any quarrels and has supported each other throughout, even today. Also, there is no news of their past relationship or extramarital affairs. Maybe that is the sign that Coco and Reno are to be each other’s partners.

Coco Fausone with her husband Reno Wilson and their Kids
Source: Instagram @renowilson1

Short Bio of Her Husband

Fausone’s longtime husband, Reno Wilson (born January 20, 1969), is an American film actor, voice artist, and comedian. People remember him for his roles as Howard in the sitcom The Cosby Show, Stan Hill in Good Girls, and Detective Tom Selway in Blind Justice. He has worked on movies and TV shows like The Great White Hype, Fallen, Crank, Born a Champion, Grand-Daddy Day Care, Martin, Las Vegas, The Philanthropist, and many more.

Apart from acting, he has done voiceovers for the characters Bailey in The She-Creature and Louis Armstrong in Bolden.

Was Her Husband In A Relationship With Someone Else?

There is no official news about Reno being in any extramarital affairs. But, once there was a rumor of his relationship with stand-up comedian and actress Retta (Marietta Sangai Sirleaf). It was because of their awesome on-screen chemistry in the NBC drama series Good Girls, which premiered in 2018. Fans started suspecting if the reel-life couple was actually dating each other. None of them ever talked or confirmed anything about the rumor.

How Many Children Does Coco Fausone Have?

Coco has been married to Reno for more than two decades now. We can guess that things are going pretty well with the couple, as we have not heard of any disputes between them so far. Together, they have a son and daughter, namely Renzo and Deni Wilson.

To know a little more about her children, according to their social media handles, Deni Wilson was born on October 21, 2001. She celebrated her 21st birthday in Hawaii last October. Deni completed her high school education in 2019 at Notre Dame High School of Los Angeles. Similarly, her son, Renzo Wilson, was born on September 11, 2004. He entered his senior year last August.

Her Eldest Daughter is an Athlete

Coco’s eldest child, Deni, has completed high school, and she has had a passion for volleyball ever since she was young. Deni is a fine middle blocker for UCSB women’s under-23 volleyball. Reni Wilson keeps on sharing posts about his daughter’s achievements in the games.

On the other hand, the youngest member of the family, Renzo is focusing on his studies for now.

Coco Fausone Net Worth

In the present scenario, Fausone is doing well with The Cycling Pigeon. To date, she has amassed a net worth of an estimated $250K from her profession as a yoga instructor and dance choreographer.

On the other hand, her husband, Reno, has earned a fortune of approximately $1 million throughout his acting career and as a voice artist. Back in 2021 September, Fausone and her spouse successfully negotiated the $1.6 million asking price for their Los Angeles house.

Social Media Presence

Coco, along with her whole family, is active on social media sites. To begin with, Coco has 950 Instagram followers with whom she has shared 106 posts under the username @cfausone. Similarly, her husband has 102,000 followers and 1758 posts under the handle @renowilson1. Her daughter Deni goes by @denitrue100 and her son Renzo @renz15wilson.

By @cocofausone, she joined Twitter in January 2012, but it’s been years since she tweeted anything. Apart from that, Coco has a LinkedIn profile as well.

Body Measurements

Being a professional yoga instructor, Coco has maintained a proper physique even in her 40s. Though we don’t have an exact measurement of her body size, she looks totally fit. Her fair skin tone, dark brown eyes, and long black-blonde hair have all complimented her overall appearance.

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