Who is Daisy Cryer? All About Jon Cryer’s Adopted Daughter

Hollywood star’s kids have always been in the limelight of the media. Well, it even does not matter if they are in the entertainment industry or not. Like any other star kid, Daisy Cryer is also popular among the audience. She is the daughter of Hollywood superstar Jon Cryer and news reporter, Lisa Joyner.

Both her parents are very popular in their field. They have been in the industry for a long time. Moreover, they have had various prominent projects. Especially, her father has been covered by various news portals, being one of the best in the business.

Despite not being Jon and Lisa’s biological child, Daisy has already grabbed huge public attention. Considering recent news, it seems like she is also going to follow in her parent’s footsteps.

However, despite being so popular on the web not much about her is known. What is her real age? Her academic details? Well, queries like this will be discussed in the article below. So let’s directly get into that.

How Old is Daisy Cryer?

Starting in 2022, Daisy Cryer is just 12 years old. Celebrating her birthday on the 11th of August every year with her friends and family, this star kid is American by her nationality. Likewise, she came into this world in the year 2009.

Being said that, her biological parents’ details are still under the wrap. Similarly, as she was adopted so her exact birth location is still missing on the internet.

Well, as of now she is popular as the daughter of the actor Jon Cryer and news reporter Lisa Joyner. In reference to that, her grandparents are David Cryer and Gretchen Kiger. Also not to forget, she has an older brother named Charlie Austin Cryer.

Well, we are still lacking details related to her academics. But we believe she is also doing homeschooling like any other star kid.

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What Does Daisy Cryer Do for Living?

Well, she has not started her professional career as of now. As she is just a student right now, she has not stepped into any career as of now. For now, it seems like she is more focused on her studies rather than all this. Once she and her parents think it is time for her to step into the professional field her parents will definitely support her.

However, we believe, she will soon follow in her parent’s footsteps. Similarly, both of her parents were pretty successful in their respective fields. Her father has been part of many hits as an actor and her mother is one of the most popular TV hosts in the region.

Daisy’s parents have been married for 15 years

Daisy’s parents have been in a romantic relationship for 15 years as of now. If sources are to be believed they first met at an event. Since then there is no looking back for them as to this day they are happily married. Prior to getting married they even spent some time with each other. Following that, in 2007 they officially tied the knot with each other.

However, before getting married they also officially announced they were in a relationship through one episode of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Likewise, in 2009 they adopted babygirl and named her Daisy.

Her Father is a Fantastic Actor

Daisy’s father has been in the industry for over 30 years. He first stepped into the entertainment industry in 1984. His debut role was as Charles Cummings in the project titled “No Small Affair”. To date, he has been part of more than 70 credits including Two and a Half Men, Hot Shots! and Hit By Lightning.

His latest work is Supergirl. He portrayed the role of Lex Luthor in the series. Besides being a fantastic actor he has also served as a director and producer in the industry. As a director, he has been part of just 3 projects. Similarly, as a producer, he invested in 4 projects, TV series, to be precise. So we can definitely say he is a versatile individual.

Furthermore, he has won various awards for his incredible work as an actor. He is a two-time Emmy Award Winner.

He won Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor and Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series. In addition, he also bagged Saturn Award for Best Guest Starring Role on Television.

Her Mother is a Popular TV Host

Lisa has been active as a journalist for a long time. She is not only an entertainment reporter but also a television host. Likewise, she came into the limelight after she started working for TV Guide Network. Prior to that, she also served in the Los Angeles area for KTTV and KCBS-TV. Lisa also gets recognized for hosting the American version of Find my Family. It is one of the most popular TV programs in the states.

Similarly, she also hosted another program of a similar kind named Long Lost Family with her co-host Chris Jacobs. Long Lost Family was aired on the TLC channel. Thus, because of all these services in the field television industry, she is now one of the most popular hosts in the region.

Her Grandfather is Also a Renowned Figure in the Entertainment Industry

Yes, you heard it right, her grandfather is also very popular. Donald David Cryer was an actor and singer. Not only he was an actor but was one of the founders of San Francisco’s American Conservatory Theater.

He is an actor best known for his roles in Escape from Alcatraz (1979), Wonder Woman (1975) and American Gigolo (1980). The whole of the Cryers has been in the movie industry and seems to be made for acting.

Jon’s father contributed for almost 25 years as an actor. Besides, he also worked as a singer. Well, David was one of the most famous personalities in the theater industry.

He has won the Theater World award for his work in the play, Come World. Similarly, he also bagged Detroit Free Press Award for his exceptional work in Sweeney Todd.

Daisy Cryer's parents
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How Rich is Daisy Cryer’s Father?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Daisy’s father, Jon Cryer has an estimated net worth of $70 million. There is no doubt that he made most of his earing as an actor. He also made a massive amount as a producer and director.

Reports say that he made the best figure salary for his work in the middle seasons of Two and a Half Men. He approximately made $650,000 per episode at the time. Well, that is one hell of a figure for any actor.

During his prime, he made over $15 million per year. In addition, his better half has also made quite a wealth from her career as a TV host. As of 2022, Lisa Joyner has an outstanding net worth of $14 million.

Is Daisy Cryer active on Social media?

As of today, the star kid is not active on any of the social media platforms. Not only Daisy, but her father Jon is yet to create his profile on the social media platform Instagram. Though Jon is missing on Instagram, he is already mentioned on Wikipedia and also has a profile on IMDb with a short bio under his name.

But the good news is Daisy’s mother Lisa is currently active on Instagram. She is registered under the username @mslisajoyner. She has a decent fan base on the web as she is already followed by more than 10k followers. And she follows just 689 individuals as of now. Likewise, she has posted exactly 1231 posts on her profile already. Moreover, Lisa’s posts are either with her better half or food. Going through her profile we can surely say she is one hell of a foodie and travel freak.

Lastly, Daisy’s mother’s Instagram profile is already blue ticked by Instagram.

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