Who is David Mattey? Know His Wife, Children, Net Worth and Other Details

David Mattey is an American stuntman and stunt actor whose trademark is his towering height. He is popular for his works on Better Call Saul (2015), Hancock (2008) and Mighty Med (2013). In terms of his love life, the actor has been married to Cristina Van Valkenburg for over 13 years. 

Who is David Mattey?

David was born on 5 November 1969 in Rochester, New York, USA. he graduated from Virginia Tech with not only one, but with three degrees. He got a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, and Computer-Aided Design (CAD).


David Mattey with his pet dog

Mattey is mostly popular for his work on movies and TV shows like Better Call Saul (2015), Hancock (2008) and Mighty Med (2013). Likewise, he has also been part of a Breaking Bad movie, El Camino. 

Personal Life

He is Married to an Actress

David Mattey at MomCBS

David has been married to an actress, Cristina Van Valkenburg for more than 13 years. Cristina Van Valkenburg is popular for her works on Brutal (2014), Myrna (2015) and Real TV (1996).

The couple exchanged wedding vows on June 30, 2007. Even after 13 years together, they have been going strong. 


The actor and his wife have been together for more than 13 years. However, the couple doesn’t seem to be planning to have a family. Even after all these years, they have remained childless and don’t plan to become parents anytime soon.

David Mattey Net Worth

Mattey had been active in the showbiz industry as a stuntman long before becoming an actor. Throughout his time in the industry, he has made quite a fortune. The estimated net worth of Mattey is $700,000. 

Body Measurements

Mattey’s trademark is his height. He has a humongous body figure that goes with his towering height of 6feet 10 inches. Although we don’t have details regarding his weight, he is at least 100kg. 

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