Eila Rose Duncan – Untold Facts About Anna Gunn’s Daughter

Eila Rose Duncan is the daughter of Breaking Bad actress Anna Gunn and her ex-husband Alaistarir Duncan. Anna has always praised Eila in her interviews. Eila shares amazing looks which can be genetic gifts from her mother and father.

When it comes to celebrity kids we are always wondering what will they be like. Eila comes from a star family so it might not be a surprise she has been in the eyes of the media since her birth. However, there are a lot of things her parents have kept secret about her.

So get ready and find out more about this gorgeous teenager in this article

Who is Eila Rose Duncan?

Eila Rose Duncan was born on September 12, 2006, in Los Angeles. Her ethnicity is mixed Scottish and American which shows where her beautiful genetic features come from. She has Virgo as her astrological sign.

Anna Gunn, 38, welcomes her second daughter. Eila Rose was born in Los Angeles and weighed in at 7 lbs, 1 oz, and was 19 inches long. She joins big sister Emma, 5, Anna’s other daughter with husband Alastair Duncan. A rep says that, “Everyone’s doing great.” According to the People’s magazine.

Eila’s father’s name is Alaistair Duncan and her mother’s name is Anna Gunn. Her father is a famous Scottish actor and realtor. Likewise, her mother is an actress who has played significant roles in TV series like Breaking Bad, Deadwood, and list goes on. Anna has proven herself in the entertainment industry.

Eila has an elder sister Emma Duncan who was born in 2001. The siblings both share an amazing bond. When it comes to their education Emma graduated from high school back in 2019 and currently studying at university. While Eila is a 16-year-old teenager who is studying in high school.

Eila Rose Duncan Looks Just Like Her Elder Sister

Emma and Eila have five year age gap. Still, they both share quite a good bond since their childhood. People have always been fond of their beautiful looks. When we compare the pictures of these siblings they both look like a twin.

The sibling has a fit body type with a beautiful personality. Their beautiful brown hair and brown eyes attract the attention of the paparazzi. However, they have always maintained a hidden image of themselves to be away from the fame of their mothers.

Both daughters share a great bond with their mothers and have always been standing by their side no matter what.

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Eila and Emma are Anna’s Biggest Fan

Anna Gunn is not a new name in the entertainment industry. Her role as Skyler in Breaking Bad was the talk of the town since its release. You might think that her career might have affected her relationship with her daughters but this is not the case.

The actress has stated that she has always kept her professional and personal life separate. She has always kept her daughter as her priority. Additionally, she always discusses her script with her daughter. Her daughter is really supportive of her career. They have been proud of her success and always wish her the best in the entertainment platform.

Anna has mentioned a saying from her mother ‘My mom told me I could do anything I want, be anyone I want. I believed it. And so I want my daughters to as well.’

She has always supported her daughters in their dream and decisions. Emma chooses to maintain privacy and study. Eila is a teenager so she might follow in her mother’s footsteps. Let us see what the future holds for her.

Her Parents Are No Longer Together

Anna Gunn and her ex-husband Alastair Duncan were once a renowned Hollywood couple. The couple met during the shoot of an advertisement. Shortly after, they started dating.

They got hitched in 1990 at an intimate wedding ceremony in Los Angeles. They shared two beautiful daughters in their conjugal life. The couple was together for nineteen years. However, after nearly two decades, they couple split in 2009.

Both of them are still single. However, they co-parent both of their daughters together. They have been sharing a good relationship as friends. Eila loves her parents and has maintained a good relationship with them.

Her Mother is a Renowned Actress in Hollywood

Eila Rose Duncan's Mother, Anna Gunn
Source; Anna Gunn’s Instagram

Anna Gunn started her career as a theatre actress. Later on, she went on to expand her career in screens as well. She has portrayed a variety of strong characters in her career span. She began her career in the 1992 television movie Indecency. Later on, appearing in several series such as Quantum Leap, NYPD Blue, The Practice, and Dragnet.

Anna got her big role in the 2004 HBO television series Deadwood. She has also landed a guest appearance in Six Feet Under(2001), ER (1994), Boston Legal (2004), Law and Order (1990), and Seinfeld (1989).

Anna costarred alongside Gary Oldman and Mary Steenburgen in the dark comedy Nobody’s Baby (2001). It is one of Anna’s best-known feature film performances. The world premiere at the 2001 Sundance Film Festival. She got her first leading role in the thriller Without Evidence (1995) alongside Angelina Jolie. Anna appeared in Kevin Smith’s Red State (2011).

The dark comedy Nobody’s Baby (2001), in which Anna costarred alongside Gary Oldman and Mary Steenburgen, is one of Anna’s best-known feature film performances. It had its world premiere at the 2001 Sundance Film Festival. 

Her role as Skyler in the Television series Breaking Bad (2008) landed an Emmy nomination for outstanding supporting actress in a Drama series. Anna received a 2012 Broadcast Television Journalist Association nomination for Best Supporting Actress for a Critics Choice Television Award.

The television series was also nominated for a Hollywood Foreign Press Golden Globe for Best Television Drama in 2013. At the present time, she is promoting her movie The Numbered which is a portal of sweet love story.

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Reason Her Mother Gained Excessive Weight in the Final Season of Breaking Bad

Having a fit and healthy body is kind of important for a person who is constantly in the eyes of the media. Anna started to gain excessive weight during the final season of Breaking Bad. Many people were concerned for her health.

It turns out that fans were right that there had to be a reasonable explanation for Anna’s weight gain on set. But, to people’s surprise, Anna’s weight gain was due to a medical condition.

Sadly, she was diagnosed with Lupus (SLE or Systemic Lupus Erythematosus). This is an autoimmune disease where one body’s immune system attacks its own organ and tissues. Inflation of joints, skin, lungs and other parts can be quite painful.

Anna’s condition caused her to gain weight and the steroid shots caused her swelling and weight gain. The actress in the series did not feel comfortable at first revealing what she was suffering for fear of being judged. However, Gunn is now positive about her condition and tries to bring awareness about this disease.

Many celebrities have come forward in her support. Celebrities like Selena Gomez, and Tony Braxton were quite vocal about Lupus. They have supported her and shown their support for her condition. Anna has taken medical help and now she is living a healthy life focusing on her upcoming projects.

How Rich is Eila Rose Duncan?

Eila and her sister have enjoyed their lives rich. They have not struggled for their living. However, you might be surprised by their humble nature.

Anna has been working in the industry for over three decades. She has earned both name and fame for herself. Her earnings have increased from her strong character portrayal in various series. She charges $75 thousand per episode. Her net worth is around $9 million. Despite having access to luxury she has never spoiled her children.

Body Measurements

She has brown hair with beautiful brown eyes. Her height is around 5’3 inches and has a slender body type like her mother.

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