Everything You Need to Know About Kate McKinnon’s Sister, Emily Lynne Berthold

Emily Lynne Berthold is a multi-talented individual. She is a professional writer, actress, and comedian. Besides, she is also famous as the sister of the Hollywood sensation, Kate McKinnon. Moreover, Emily rose to fame for working on projects like Our Cartoon President, Friends From College, Red Dead Redemption, and many other projects.

Despite being so popular on the web she has not disclosed many of her personal details. As netizens are desperate to know more about her personal life, career, and other various details. Here we present this article. Let’s dig into that.

How Old is Emily Lynne Berthold?

Emily Lynne Berthold is currently in her early 30s. She was born in the year 1989. However, the comedian cum actress has not shared her exact date of birth. So, we lack details about her exact age. Similarly, she is an American by her nationality. She spent most of her childhood in Sea Cliff, New York State.

Concerning her parents, she was born to  Laura Campbell and her father  Michael Thomas Berthold. The sad news is her father is no more with her. He died when Emily was too young. Various reports say that he died because of cancer. Since then her mother looked after Emily and her sister. Moreover, she went to North Shore High School for her primary and secondary education. Following that she then attended the State University of New York college. There she finished her Bachelor of Fine arts.

Emily Lynne Berthold Comes From a Well-educated Family.

Yes, you heard it right. Emily comes from a well-educated and established family. Her mother was an educator by her profession and her father was an architect. So we can say she is well raised and her norms and values are always to the mark. That may be the reason all her siblings and she herself are so successful in life.

Emily Lynne Berthold doing stand up comedy
Source: Instagram

Her Siblings are Also Part of the Entertainment Industry

Like her, her other sister Kate is also well established in the movie industry. Also, both the sister has collaborated numerous time as well. Her sister Kate contributed to projects like Balls Out (2014), Ghostbusters (2016), and Office Christmas Party (2016).

Kate has also won some major awards like Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series and Best Actress in a Comedy Series for her work on Sunday live show.

Emily Lynne Berthold Entered the Industry as a Comedian

She has been in the entertainment industry for a long as of now. She first started as a comedian in the entertainment industry. As mentioned above she has numerous times worked with her sister. They have collaborated on the series, Heads Will Roll.

Like her sister, Emily also does stand-up comedy. Also, reports say that both the sister has the same style when it some to stand-up comedy. Besides this as an actress, she has been a part of various projects that are mentioned above. Not only did people love her work but also she was credited by critics as well.

What Did She Do Before Entering the Entertainment Industry

Well, we can say she has always been a part of the entertainment industry. Prior to doing stand-up and acting she worked as an editor for the various media houses for several years. According to her Linkedin, she first started as an instructor/ Lab Technician At Film Institute. There she worked in a Purchase College Youth & Precollege Programs In The Arts for some months.

Following that she then joined The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre as a post-production intern and served for 5 months in total. After that, she worked as a freelance editor for Strategic Productions, LLC and assistant editor for MacGuffin Films. However, there she worked for nearly 2 years in total. Following her departure from these companies, she then worked for various other renowned and popular media houses.

Who is Emily Lynne Berthold Dating?

Emily Lynne Berthold with her boyfriend
Source: Instagram

Going through her social media we got to know that she is currently in a relationship. Currently, she is in a relationship with Matt Leary. Her boyfriend Matt is an artist by his profession. He is currently active under the username @art_by_mattjleary on Instagram. He is followed by almost 2k individuals. There he posts most of his work. It seems like the couple has been in a relationship for quite a long time.

They frequently share social media space with one another. Their social media profile definitely tells that they share a great bond together. Also, there is a high chance they may get married soon.

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Emily’s Sister is a Lesbian

Regarding Kate’s sexuality, she is a lesbian. She talked about her sexuality in public in the year 2020. While attending the 2020 Golden Globe Awards she officially mentioned her being lesbian. However, sources say her family was known about that fact before she made it public. Well, this news also created some buzz in the industry.

Likewise, Kate has always been the talk of the town for her love life. Her most famous relationship to date was with photographer and actress Jackie Abbott. They were in a relationship for quite a long time. Prior to that, she was in a relationship with her college mate Bari Weiss. As of now, Bari is one of the most popular journalists in the media industry. Besides this, not much about her relationship is known as she has not talked about that in the public.

Emily Lynne Berthold from her vaccation
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Emily Lynne Berthold Net Worth

As a professional actress and comedian, Emily has earned some worshipping amount of money. We are pretty sure that she has made most of her fortune from her career as an actress and comedian. However, the actress hasn’t revealed her exact net worth.

On another hand, her sister Kate is worth $9 million. Being an Emmy Award Winner and appearing in numerous movies, she has a huge fanbase in the entertainment industry. Not only as an actress but she also made a handful of money as a producer and comedian.

Likewise, she also has been part of various advertisements and has also collaborated with various popular brands. Also, the actress owns a luxurious apartment and cars. Though she has not talked about that on public platforms yet. But that surely gives a boost to her wealth.

Follow her on her Instagram

Currently, she is available on Instagram under the username @phlegmilylynne. She has a decent fanbase on the web as she is followed by more than 6k followers already. Moreover, she has posted more than 820 posts to date. Most of her posts are either food items or pictures with her boyfriend. Similarly, she follows 882 individuals. Well, the surprising fact is she is yet to get a blue tick under her name.

Also, Her fan has also posted around 30 posts under #emilylynneberthold. She is slowly getting popular on Instagram as well.

The surprising fact is, that her sister Kate is still missing on the social media platform. For this, she has written a legit statement. She says the reason she is out of social media is fear that she will “misrepresent [her] real feelings. But we believe sooner or later she will have to be available on the platform for her lovely fans and well-wishers.

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