Erika Riker and Randy Jackson Relationship Timeline

No life is always a bed of roses. Hence, every relationship always has to face tosses and turns in some phases of time. We all know that preserving and continuing relationships for a long time requires a huge effort from both sides. Only by maintaining constant respect, love, and understanding, one can flourish a relationship greatly.

The right partner can make hard times easier to face and good times even more best. It is so wonderful to be in love. We all agree on that. Don’t we?

Although this fact is true, there can be sometimes misunderstandings, ups, and downs which can result in cracks in a relationship. This may even lead to separation sometimes. Splitting ways, breakups are considerably common in celebrities’ life. In most cases, we can see the imbalance in work life and personal life resulting in such situations.

Here now we are talking about the celebrity couple whose partition has shocked everyone, making us all left staggering.

So all set, let’s know further about Erika Riker and randy Jackson’s relationship timeline.

Erika Riker and Randy Jackson First Met in 1995

Erika Riker and Randy Jackson taking selfie
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Reflecting on the love life of the former husband and wife, here are some facts about their relationship.

In1995, the former couple, Randy and Erika met for the first time while filming a music video. She was around 26 years at that time. They fell in love and got wedded in the same year.

Erika loved dancing and used to be a professional ballet dancer. However, after she got married, she gave up her professional career and became a stay-at-home mother.

The couple had two beautiful children together, a daughter, and a son. After a year of their marriage, they became parents to their daughter. And after three years of their marriage, they gave birth to their second child, a son in 1998.

Everything between them appeared to be going well until the couple decided to divorce. They file a divorce case on February 4, 2014.

Erika Riker and Randy Jackson Marital Life

Erika’s popularity has eventually developed as a result of her personal relationship with Hollywood music artist Randy Jackson.

The spark of love arose between them at their first meet. They quickly began their love relationship. And, after dating for a few months, the loving couple decided to take their relationship to the next level.

In 1995, Randy and Erika tied the knot. The wedding ceremony was kept private. So, detailed information regarding their wedding is unclear.

The couple shared a very loving bond. The married pair used to attend many public events together. However, in September 2014, Erika filed for divorce. They were married for 19 years for nearly two-decade.

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Why Did Erika Riker and Randy Jackson Divorce?

Erika filed for divorce in September 2014, owing to some particular individual differences. However, it was finally resolved after more than four years. Randy and Erika’s divorce was completed on February 7, 2019, as per the reports.

Erika stated in the court petition that she wanted full parental responsibility and joint legal guardianship of their teenage son Jordan. Riker further noted that she desired alimony and child support from her ex-husband. Additionally, she also wanted Randy to fund her legal expenses

The absolute reason and more details of the divorce settlement have not been made public. According to the rumors, the couple moreover has no such written agreement or any signed contract.

Riker and Jackson have been married for 19 years and have two children: Zoe, a daughter, and Jordan, a son.

Erika Riker and Randy Jackson Has Two Children

Erika Riker and Randy Jackson's family
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The former couple are parents to two beautiful children. Zoe Jackson, their daughter, was born in June 1995. Likewise, they became parents of a son for the second time in June 1997 after Jordan Jackson’s birth.

The internationally well-known American Idol judge Randy’s daughter Zoe is a photographer. On the other hand, Jordan is continuing his father’s legacy.

Jordan is a song composer, singer, songwriter, DJ, and producer. He is a co-writer of Ty Dolla Sign‘s hip hop song, ‘Expensive,’ which features Nicki Minaj.

The Jackson siblings are also getting popular recognization as celebrity children. Furthermore, we can also see their father, Randy posting the majority of images of his son and daughter on his official Instagram profile.

This is the second marriage for Jackson. In 1990, Jackson split from his wife Elizabeth. The former couple shares a 29-year-old daughter Taylor.

Short Bio of Erika Riker

Erika Riker was born in California on December 31, 1969. She will be 51 years old in 2022. Her parent’s identities are unclear at the respective time currently. It is also not known about her family background. It is also not clear if she is the lone daughter of her parents or whether she has any siblings.

She received her bachelor’s degree from Pepperdine University in Malibu, California. She is an entrepreneur and businesswoman. The firm has been closed and is no longer in business anymore. She is, nevertheless, still in the spotlight as Randy Jackson’s ex-wife.

Who is Randy Jackson?

Randy Jackson is a well-known celebrity figure. The name is widely famous and I guess everyone has some idea about him surely.

He is an established American Musician. He is a judge of American Idol. It is a singing competition show. He is popular as a longest-serving Judge on the show.

His birth name is Randall Darius Jackson. The globally known judge of American Idol is overall a great musician, singer, record producer, entrepreneur, and television personality. Jackson has begun his career in the 1980s as a session musician. He is good at playing bass guitar for an array of jazz, pop, rock, and R&B.

Jackson’s personal life, in addition to his professional life, gets generally wide attention from the public view. In the same way, Jackson is also an entrepreneur along with a television personality. He is also the executive producer of MTV’s “America Best Dance Crew”.

He has been married twice. His first wife was Elizabeth Jackson and his second wife is Erica Riker. Here we are discussing Erika mostly.

Randy Jackson, American idol Judge
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What is Erika Riker doing now?

Riker used to be the CEO of the company “Family Foundation”. Her foundation focused on dance, Zumba, and other physical activities, especially for young people. She is not present on social media sites as far. Similarly, she does not like to spend her time and focus on social media and she does not possess any social media accounts.

Her current job and profession are unknown. She doesn’t like disclosing her life in public. The reason for the divorce has not been revealed either. Currently, she is very close to her children and is living her best life with them.

Has Erika Riker and Randy Jackson Remarried?

In the current scenario, Randy Jackson is dating. His girlfriend’s name is Simone. She is three decades younger than him.

Focusing on Erika, there is not much information about her dating life. The idea of whether she is in a relationship or not is unguessable as she strictly keeps her personal life private.

Erika Riker Net Worth

There is not much trace of information concerning the net worth of the celebrity ex-wife, Erika.

On the other hand, talking about her ex-husband Randy Jackson, his net worth is an average of $40 million. However, Erika might have also got a good chunk of Randy’s net worth following their divorce.

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