Everything You Need to Know About Busy Philipps’s Daughter, Cricket Pearl Silverstein

Cricket Pearl Silverstein is best known as the daughter of the famous American actress Busy Philipps. Her father’s name is Marc Silverstein, and she has a sibling named Birdie.

How Old is Cricket Pearl Silverstein?

Cricket was born in 2013, but her birth date remains away from the internet and the media. In addition, her birthplace also remains unrevealed, but we know that her nationality is American. However, we know that the celebrity child is currently nine years old.

Her Parents Had a Very Hard Time Choosing a Name for Her

Cricket’s mother had thought of naming her Ginger, but later she was named Cricket. The child had no name for almost a week, and her parents used to call her the baby. Finally, cedars suggested Busy that she had to name the baby. Otherwise, it would be a pain for the parents. Besides, her mother also wanted to name her Dottie, but she later thought the name would be ridiculous.

Cricket’s name led her parents to confront many questions as it was an unusual or too creative name for a baby. Later, Busy said that the couple had decided that whenever they name their babies, the name would be something interesting and something they want to call.

Not to mention that Cricket is very cute and has been raised very well by her parents. Furthermore, it is known that her mother is more attentive while taking care of Pearl when compared to her father.

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Cricket Pearl Silverstein was Born to the Family of Entertainers

Cricket Pearl Silverstein with her mother and elder sister

As mentioned above, Pearl is the daughter of the famous American actress Busy Philipps, whereas her father, Marc Silverstein, is a professional screenwriter, producer, and author. Therefore, the little child comes completely from a TV and movie background.

Her mother, Busy Philipps, was born on June 25, 1979, and she started her acting career in 1999. Since then, she has appeared on a lot of big screens as well as small screen projects. Some movies starring Busy Philipps are The Smokers, Home Room, White Chicks, Made of Honor, Revolution, Made in Cleveland, A Case of You, The Gift, I Feel Pretty, etc.

Besides, her father, Marc Silverstein, was born on July 1, 1971, and his career started in 1999 after he did screenwriting for the movie Never Been Kissed. Since then, he has also written for several other movies and directed a movie titled I Feel Pretty. Therefore, we can say that both her father and mother are very famous because of their career. However, the child is mostly known as Busy’s daughter rather than Marc’s daughter.

Her Parents Had a Contract

Talking about her parents, a lot of sources claim that Marc is a very irresponsible father. Furthermore, we also know that her mother faced many problems while growing up Pearl, as there was almost no support from Marc.

However, Marc, on the other hand, claims that he was also equally involved in raising his daughter. Before meeting Marc, Busy was married to a guy named Colin Hanks. After separating from him, the actress tied the knot with Marc in 2007.

Furthermore, Marc loved Busy so much that he had also made a contract, never breaking her heart, and the couple hung the contract on their room’s wall. Therefore, we can assume Marc loved Busy and wanted to be together forever. However, he could not accomplish the responsibilities of being a good husband during Busy’s labor period.

Why Did Her Parents Got a Divorce?

The couple could not stay together forever as Busy left Marc saying that she was done. She took that step because Marc was not helping her raise the kids. After their separation, Marc decided to stay home with his children and take care of both of them.

Busy had once stated that she wanted to separate from Marc because of the unfair labor while raising their kids. Therefore, the main reason behind their parting ways is Marc being an improper or irresponsible parent.

Later, Busy herself said that Marc has started loving his children a lot and has become a very good and responsible parent. He takes his kids to school and prepares their morning coffee, and the father’s and children’s bond has become very strong.

Before officially separating, the couple had a very strong bond and were still very close to each other. However, a sudden and unknown circumstance led the couple to part ways.

Her Education

There is no doubt that Cricket is still a schoolgirl. First, however, we must determine which school the celebrity child attends. Furthermore, her parents have also just revealed a lot about her life.

Her education and all the other information may be revealed as she grows older. Currently, her parents do not want to talk much about their children.

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Cricket Pearl Silverstein Has an Older Sister

Cricket Pearl Silverstein with her sister, Birdie

As mentioned above, Cricket also has a sibling named Birdie Silverstein, who has publicly confronted being gay. Her mother revealed this thing in a podcast. Furthermore, Birdie came out as gay when she was just ten years old. Moreover, Birdie says she does not feel shy to reveal that she is gay and uses they/them as pronouns.

Cricket and her sibling have a very close bond as they love each other a lot. Furthermore, we can also see many photos of the two, along with their parents. Her mother, especially, seems to be taking the children to almost all the events and programs she attends.

Cricket Pearl Silverstein Net Worth

Busy is just a small child, which means she completely depends on her parents for all her basic needs. Therefore, we can say that she does not have a net worth.
Nevertheless, there is no doubt that she will earn a lot of money in the future as she comes from an acting background and has a high chance of starting her career in the same sector. However, currently, she is very young, so we have yet to determine whether she will become an actress in the future or not.

However, her mother, Busy, is a very wealthy celebrity, and her total net worth is estimated to be over $12 million. She earns a lot of money through her career as an actress and earns extra bucks from her posts on Instagram. Moreover, she is also involved in several paid partnerships with huge and famous brands.

Social Media Presence

Cricket is not available on any social media platform until now. However, her mother is very famous on Instagram and earns a lot from Instagram. Busy is active on Instagram under the username @busyphilipps, where she has shared 4979 posts and has more than 2.9 million followers.

Furthermore, her father also has an Instagram account under the username @officialmarcsilverstein4real, which consists of 485 posts and over 35.9 thousand followers. Both Busy and Marc keep sharing many photos of their children as they love them a lot, and that is their only presence of Pearl on Instagram or any social media platform.

Body Measurements

Besides, Cricket’s height, weight, and other body facts have just been revealed by her parents. However, we can see that the child has curly blonde hair, which is similar to her mother, and her beautiful black eyes add even more charm to Silverstein’s face and appearance.

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