Everything You Need to Know About Chrissy Metz’s ex-husband, Martyn Eaden

Many celebrities have earned celebrity status as a result of their significant others. They immediately attract the media’s attention, regardless of their profession or occupation. Martyn Eaden, likewise, is a well-known celeb for being Chrissy Metz’s ex-husband.

Martyn had no ambition of being famous, despite his reputation. He is an introvert who probably lives in solitude and away from the influences of the media. So, today, let’s explore a little more about him. It may be hard to find information about him, but we will do our best.

Martyn Eaden Gained Fame After Marrying Chrissy Metz

Martyn is one of the celebs that skyrocketed to fame as a result of his relationship with a celebrity. He gained massive fame after getting married to Chrissy Metz. There is little to no information on Martyn as he keeps his personal life private.

Martyn, on the other hand, is a scriptwriter and a journalist, by what we know about him. In 2014, he created the screenplays for Death Factory and Spurned two films. Additionally, Martyn is a British citizen.

Aside from that, we don’t know much about his parents, his childhood, or his educational background.

Martyn and Chrissy Were Together for Five Years

Martyn is recently single as of 2020, but even if he was dating, we doubt he would tell anyone. He was once married to American actress Chrissy Metz. After dating for a few years, the two former lovebirds wedded in 2008.

However, the pair announced their split in 2013 after nearly five years together. In November 2014, Eaden filed for divorce, which was finalized in December 2015. Chrissy has not disputed or responded to the claims made against her following her divorce.

Although the actual cause for their divorce is uncertain, many people presume it was due to their personalities. Moreover, the couple never had a kid.

Martyn Eaden Net Worth

Martyn’s net worth is uncertain as of 2019, but considering his occupation, we may presume he earns millions. A scriptwriter in the United States of America earns between $30.3K and $194K a year, excluding bonuses, according to PayScale.

A Journalist earns an average of $40,038 each year. The actual payment is much larger due to extra earnings from rewards, commissions, and profit.
Meanwhile, Chrissy, his ex-wife, seems to have a net worth of $7 million. Chrissy makes an estimated $250k per episode for an appearance on the NBC series “This Is Us,” as per celebrity net worth.

Who is Chrissy Metz?

Chrissy Metz, his wife, is a well-known actress, model, and singer who gained notoriety after her role as Kate Pearson on the NBC sitcom “This Is Us” in 2016. She received critical praise and box office success as a result of the show.

The program received numerous honors and nominations during its career, including ten Emmy nominations. Chrissy has also been nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress.

Chrissy metz enjoying herself
Source: Gossip Cop

Chrissy Metz Had a Dramatic Weight Loss After Divorce

Martyn, who was once an introvert has become more private since his divorce. Since then, he has kept a low profile and has only made a few public appearances.
Chrissy, on the other hand, has moved on from her unsuccessful marriage. Chrissy dated Josh Stancil, a cameraman, before remarrying in 2016.

Furthermore, following her divorce, the actress has lost a considerable amount of weight. Chrissy’s new guy by her side, however, was not the only thing the public noticed about her. They were also flabbergasted by her dramatic weight loss.

The couple even made their first public appearance at the SAG Awards weekend event hosted by Entertainment Weekly. Unfortunately, Chrissy’s relationship did not endure long. The American actress proclaimed his departure from her life in March 2018.

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Chrissy Metz before and after weight loss.
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Social Media

Martyn, as you may have guessed, is not a fan of revealing details about his personal life. As a result, Chrissy Metz’s ex-husband does not have any social media accounts. Chrissy enjoys sharing and updating fans on her social media accounts about her life, behind-the-scenes, and other subjects.

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