Everything You Need to Know About Israel Houghton’s Daughter, Mariah Houghton

Every individual, in this vast world, possesses a talent. Some even gain global recognition for it. Mariah Houghton is one of the prime examples in today’s world. Her singing aura makes the world fall down at her feet.

Having sheer dedication and passion for singing, she has made herself well-known in the music industry. However, for most of her life, she has been known as the daughter of popular Gospel singer Israel Houghton.

Israel Houghton, who is an accomplished American singer, songwriter, musician, and worship leader, has won Grammy for the sixth time reportedly. He has earned prestigious awards that have enabled him to establish his stature in the American music industry. He is popular not only for his outstanding abilities but also for his personal hardships, cheerful expressions, optimistic mindset, and fair attitude.

Mariah’s popularity has been hugely influenced by her father. Nevertheless, Mariah has had to deal with numerous complications throughout her life. Her fame truly relies on her hard work and aspiration to become one of the country’s top singers.

How Old is Mariah Houghton?

Born in Pittsburg, USA, Mariah Houghton is 27 years old as of 2022 as her birth took place on August 31, 1995. As someone born on August 31, her sun sign is Libra.

Her Education

Talking about her education, she was homeschooled. Both of her parents were well educated, and they did not find it hard to educate their first child Mariah. Over the years, her passion for singing grew stronger. Therefore, she did not attend college as she was in pursuit of her passion.

Her Siblings

Mariah Houghton

She is the eldest child of Israel Houghton and his first wife, Meleasa Houghton. Mariah had a decent upbringing. She was nurtured by her grandparents through which she received plenty of attention since her early childhood. Similarly, she had the privilege of being the eldest child of the family.

She currently has four siblings; Milan Houghton, Jordan Houghton, Israel Houghton Sonny, and Lillie Houghton.

Her Parents

Mariah Houghton is the daughter of Israel Houghton and Meleasa Houghton. Both of them are popular American Gospel Singers. Their faith in God is utterly unprecedented. Israel Houghton has won millions of hearts through his songs and his beliefs. “Bigger than my imagination” went places and earned him a major place in the celebrity world.

Short Bio of Her Father, Israel Houghton

As of now, Israel is 51 years old. His childhood was full of misery as he dealt with resentment. Belonging to a Negro father and a white mother, he was treated as an outcast. Following his miserable childhood, he found something he could pursue- something that would change his whole life. He developed a liking for music. Pursuing a career in music, he has established himself a place in the industry.

He has won eleven Dove Awards, Six Grammys, and many more. In 1994, he married a woman named Meleasa Celeste Duncan Houghton.

Short Bio of Her Mother, Meleasa Houghton

Meleasa Houghton is currently 58 years old. She has earned herself a place in the music industry by instilling faith in God in her songs. She prioritizes “faith in God and humanity” in her songs.

Being a descendant of the African-American tribe, she takes pride in her culture and tradition. Despite her old age, she is second to no other millennials when it comes to posting on her social media.

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Mariah Used to Attend Church with Her Parents From a Young Age

Mariah Houghton carrying a purse

After an unexpected divorce between the couple, Mariah found herself under the care of Adrienne Bailon. Although there were rumors that Israel divorced Meleasa due to Adrienne, it isn’t the case.

Mariah has established an inseparable bond with her stepmother as Adrienne has stated to be the most supportive person in her recent life. Mariah seems to love the company of her stepmother.

From a very young age, she started to attend Lakewood Church, founded by Joel Osteen in Texas. Israel, her father, is a devotee of God and is also the worship leader at Lakewood Church. Thus, we can surmise that it was Israel’s idea to send his daughter to the Church as an attendee. Shouldering a major responsibility upon his daughter, Israel had a crucial motive to encourage his daughter.

As mentioned previously, Mariah Houghton is a daughter of Israel Houghton and Meleasa Houghton, who believe in Gods and their ideologies. She attended church at a young age, and often sang in the church. She practiced choirs with her father.

What Does Mariah Houghton Do For Living?

As Mariah attended church from a very early age, she was mostly inspired by the choirs. With both her father and mother belonging to the music industry, the flames of passion for singing were ignited in her.

Since her childhood, she sang occasionally in the church. With the help of her father, renowned as one of the greatest musicians, and her mother, a popular American Gospel Singer, she was able to achieve a good head start for her career as a singer.

Mariah Houghton is now known as one of the most versatile and dynamic singers as one can experience songs across all genres and moods like Heart Broken, Soulful, Chill, Happy, and Party. She is a rising star with an unwavering will to become one of the greatest singers in the USA.

Currently, she is working as Creative Director for Adrienne’s business XiXI which also gives us a deeper insight into their relationship.

Is Mariah Houghton Married?

Mariah Houghton was married to Bryon Rideau for almost three years before her married life met the same fate like her father’s: divorce. Mariah got married in 2018.

The couple was already in love before they vowed to become husband and wife. Their love life was full of happiness and ecstasy. When they tied knots as husband and wife in 2018, they both shared an inseparable bond.

However, Mariah fell out of love after almost three years of marriage, and she wanted to call it quits. Mariah had never anticipated married life to be full of boredom and full of responsibilities.

On the other hand, Bryon said that he was living a very hectic, mediocre life after marriage and was unable to spend time with his friends and family. Furthermore, Bryon added that it was a very immature decision as they were very young.

It was Mariah who appealed for a divorce, and Bryon eventually agreed to the condition. After the divorce, Bryon doesn’t hold any grudges against Mariah. They both came to the conclusion of separating after three years of marriage.

As of now, Mariah is single as we are unable to generate any information regarding her dating life. Nonetheless, she could be secretive about her current dating life.

Mariah Houghton Net Worth

Regarding Mariah’s net worth, very little information has been publicized in the media. Mariah Houghton is a versatile singer and a big fan of interdisciplinary approaches. Her net worth is estimated to be around $1 million.

With her flourishing music career, she also has created a separate promotional page for her creativity through which she inspires thousands of women all across the globe. Furthermore, she works as Creative Director for Adrienne’s business XiXI. Working in different sectors, she surely has made a fortune and is on the verge of expanding her business through her side hustles. Additionally, she has surely advanced the works taught by her father which has eventually allowed her to expand her career both socially and economically.

Body Measurements

According to some sources, Mariah is reportedly 5 feet 6 inches tall. She has a well-built stature with a fit body. Judging by the structure of her body, Mariah is probably 55-60 kg in weight which is equivalent to 120-130 lbs. She has an elegant body that accentuates her black-colored eyes and hair.

Social Media

Considered one of the most influential women in the US, Mariah has an active Instagram account under the username @Mariah.houghton. Her follower stat is pretty impressive as she holds 78.9K followers alongside 202 following. Her feed comprises elegant, aesthetic pictures, mostly promoting her daily lifestyle.

However, she is inactive on Twitter and Facebook.

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