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Since reality TV shows typically contain all the drama and scandal that one searches for entertainment, viewers have been enthralled by them for years. Some people only use reality television as a kind of amusement, but others use it as a launching pad for careers in the entertainment business.If you’re a regular audience of Love & Marriage: Huntsville, you have probably come across Marsau Scott.

Marsau is a reality TV personality who rose to the prominence after appearing in OWN’s Love & Marriage: Huntsville. Well, the reality TV show centers around the lives of three high-powered African-American couples who are thriving hard in the city of Huntsville, Alabama. In this show, the couples are longtime friends and bold personalities with a strong point of view in disseminating ideas about love and marriage.

Apart from being on the TV show, Marsau is a general contractor developer and the president of Scholt Industries, Inc. As per his Linkedin bio, he is a Cost Analyst in BCF Solutions since October 2015.

Who Is Marsau Scott?

Marsau Scott is an American reality TV personality and commercial general contractor. Better known for starring in the reality TV series, Love & Marriage: Huntsville, Marsau is professionally active in companies. He is also a Managing Member of MJS, LLC and Business Owner of Infinity Pools, Inc.

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Prior to that, he was a Director of Operations in Monaco Pictures from October 2007 to October 2015. He has also made leading as an Executive Team Lead in a company, Target Corporation from December 2005 to October 2007.

How Old is Marsau Scott?

Marsau Scott was born on the 17th of October 1979. Therefore, he is currently 42 years of age. The birth sign associated with his date of birth is Libra.

Hailing from Alabama, the United States, he belongs to an American nationality. There’s nothing much about his childhood days on the internet. We assume he must have pretty normal childhood as we all had.

His Academics Information

Talking about Marsau’s educational background, he enrolled at Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University. Since he spent most of his childhood and adulthood in Alabama, he completed his academics there. He attend the university in 2000 and completed his bachelor’s degree in 2004. Later, he attended the University of Alabama in 2015 for MBA in Project Management. Doing remarkably well in his academics, he received honors from the MBA program in 2020.

His Family Background

Moving on to his family details, we’re still very concerned about his parental information. Well, he is raised by his father with his elder brother Maurice Scott. His brother is also featured on the reality TV show. With his brother, he has made various venture collaborations in the real estate business.

Marsau Scott Is Married To LaTisha Scott

Embracing love for over a decade, Marsau Scott is happily tied with LaTisha Scott. She proudly took his surname after walking down an aisle on September 2, 2006. He met his beautiful wife at Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University. They were both studying International Business and he blindly fell for her.

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Getting to know his wife, LaTisha Scott is a commercial real estate developer. She hails from Bessemer, AL. She is also most prominent for her appearance in OWN’s reality TV series Love & Marriage: Huntsville with her husband.

Most surprisingly, there were also rumors regarding Marsau cheating on his wife LaTisha when Love & Marriage: Huntsville season 2 got aired on the network. All those allegations sparked up controversy between the couple. A picture got spread like wildfire showing the back of a man’s head in some girl’s social media post. After that, fans rumored that he was making out with someone else.

In order to clear his image, he said he is not the kind of man to cheat on his wife with another woman. However, Marsau denied all those rumors calling them fake. He cleared it all by saying Martell started false rumors just to take revenge. He proved his nonguilty after revealing the truth about Martell’s revenge when he joked about his affair with Arionne Curry.

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Marsau On Love & Marriage: Huntsville

Marsau Scott has made a prominent role on OWN’s reality TV series, Love & Marriage: Huntsville with his wife LaTisha Scott. From the beginning of the show, the couple caught the wide attention of the audience. But, when the show went on, things started escalating quickly into bad terms.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville is produced by Kingdom Reign Entertainment where Marsau is featured alongside his partner LaTisha. This show also includes Maurice and Kimmi Grant and Martell and Melody Holt. Grabbing tons of public attention, Marsau is one of the most talked about personalities on the show.

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Many headlines are swirling around when the couple addresses their past arrests as mugshots surfaced online. Drama! Drama! everywhere. In the middle of the Love & Marriage: Huntsville Season 4, there’s so much happening inside the show when Marsau and LaTisha’s mugshots appeared online. One of their fans also posted a Facebook status that he was shocked to see the mugshot and arrest records of Marsau and LaTisha. Yahoo News confirms that it is still unclear what exactly LaTisha was arrested for. However, she called out the woman who contacted her regarding the ongoing story. She also revealed that she refuses to be extorted and takes full authoritative over the situation

Not just that, his partner LaTisha was also seen in controversy with Melody. Things have worsened for the couple on the show. When Martell accused Marsau of being unfaithful, they got caught up in explosive feuds. Moreover, she also asked Holt couples for proof of cheating.

Marsau Scott Net Worth

As of 2022, Marsau Scott has an estimated net worth of $10 Million. Well, he has multiple sources of income that skyrockets his fame and fortune. Professionally tied up with various companies as a general contractor and in many other job positions, he has amassed a massive fortune to his name. In addition to that, he is also a President of a construction company, Scholt Industries, Inc.

We can see Marsau is living his life to the fullest on his Instagram posts. He loves traveling and flexing his lifestyle on his social media handles. On the other hand, his wife is also a millionaire. She has a net worth of $8 million approximately. We can picture their luxurious life. They love traveling to new and beautiful places.

Get His Social Media Handles

Marsau Scott is very popular on social media platforms. As a reality TV show personality, it is pretty much sure that he has amassed huge fan followings. On his Instagram handle, he has hoarded over 91.9K followers and 186 posts. You all can catch up on his daily insights on his Instagram handle. He shares many thoughts on his Instagram feed. As per his Instagram bio, you can make business inquiries through [email protected]

Besides that, he also has a Facebook profile. His Facebook profile is followed by more than 16K people. And, he has 4.9K friends on his Facebook account.

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