Everything You Need to Know About Tamera Kissen aka Himynamestee

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The world is a great stage. In the same way, the Stage is the world of entertainment. People seek entertainment to improve their quality of life. It greatly helps one to distract from sorrows and helps in some phases. Following your basic needs, there has been always and always entertainment only.

There are lots of celebrities who work hard for the audience. Through their works, they deliver masterpieces and hold a tight place in the audience’s hearts. Exploring life through their views and the world defined by the works of celebrities, they perceive sorts of things in their day-to-day life.

Today we are going to talk about a such personality whose name is famous in the entertainment sector very much. We can also see her growing as a social media sensation day by day rapidly.

So, let’s get to know Tamera Kissen including her love life, career, early life, background history, and many more down in the article below.

Who is Tamera Kissen?

Tamera Kissen is an American model and highly popular social media personality. She is a renowned fashion sensation who is well-known for her attractive physique. She has lovely brown eyes and gloomy curly hair. She is of African-American descent.

Basically, she became well-known as a comedian after appearing on the show Wild ‘N Out. She is a recognized social media influencer, primarily on Instagram, in addition to YouTube.

Aside from these, she owns merch under her nickname, which sells a variety of products such as T-shirts and accessories. As a result, she is also a business owner of her own venture.

Mostly, she wants to remain attractive and shapely. She stands about5 feet 3 inches tall. In the same way, she weighs approximately 55 kg.

Tamera Kissen
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Tamera Kissen Before Fame

The early life of Tamera Kissen revolves around the city where she was born. She almost lived there until her graduation. In the phase of life where we see her, on the basis of that we can guess her upbringing to be somewhat nice.

Her birth place is Los Angeles, California, USA, and similarly, she was born on September 15, 1994. She is an American citizen. As well, about her astrological sign, it is Virgo. She was raised as a Christian. She grew up and spent her childhood in her birth city.

She decided to keep silent about the majority of her personal matters. She still has not disclosed her past life, family member’s name, and identity as well as her personal matters.

Correspondingly, Tamera Kissen has not revealed anything about her parents. So her family background is unclear at the moment. Well, somehow rumors have revealed her brother’s name and his name is Santana.

As we can see, Tamera has a secretive personality and likes to keep things about her personal life very private.

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Her Education

Tamera hasn’t revealed anything about her educational background. She is a graduate, according to some reports. Regardless, there are no other details available. On the basis of her knowledge and expressing capability, we can assume that she is educated well.

There are no sources available regarding her past life. There are no such rumors and reports that give a clear view of her educational journey and capabilities concerning her qualifications.

She has previously worked in the Hollywood entertainment industry, and her work has appeared in English-language films. Her interest in the television sector is more than that in academics. Additionally, she has not worked in her academic field. Maybe that’s why we are unaware of her studies.

Tamera Kissen Has Worked With Several Well-Known Brands

Tamera Kissen is an actress, comedian, model, and entrepreneur. Her multi-talented personality has secured her top roles in commercial modeling campaigns. She has worked with CoverGirl, Adidas, Google, etc. She is widely known for performing comical clips on social media. In contrast, she gained 1.7 million followers in just six months.

She rose to prominence through her social media accounts on YouTube and Instagram. Besides, she began her celebrity career at the age of 17. She has worked with the multi-media company Laugh Factory.

In a similar way, she also did try rapping when she was younger but it didn’t hold up well.

Significantly, her appearances in several major network TV shows are also fantastic. The Los Angeles native starred in Dutch opposite Lance Gross, on MTV’s hit show Wild N’ Out with Nick Cannon, and on Fox’s Rosewood with Morris Chestnut as Kitty.

Tamera Kissen posing for photo
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Is Tamera Kissen Dating Anyone?

Tamera is very good at hiding her private affairs from the public eye and the media. She has never given a hint about her love life to the audience.

She is possibly single at the moment. It is also assumed that she is unmarried as we do not have any exact reports about marriage too. Likewise, there is no evidence that she is dating anyone. There have also been no rumors of her having previous relationships. As a result, it is easy to conclude that she is single.

She hasn’t shared anything about her activities and interests, as she has with all of her other private matters. Maybe she is hoping for a serious relationship and waiting for the right partner currently.

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Popularity and Social Media Presence

She officially unveiled her own YouTube as Tee. From then, her fans started to grow in large amounts.

The show has grown in popularity thanks to her large social media following. People like her very much and her social media following includes over 1.8 million Instagram followers and over 354K YouTube subscribers.

Comparing the records, she has a strong social media presence.

Facts Regarding Her Personal Life

Tamera Kissen is well-known for her username @himynamesteee. Tee is another name for her. Furthermore, she is a model and a social media influencer who ranks high on the list. She has a large number of Instagram followers owing to her comedic videos.

In addition to these, she has featured in music videos for Chris Brown, T.I. Tyler, and Moneybagg Yo.

Tamera Kissen modelling
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Mostly, her attractive and stunning appearance has won her many fans.

Generally, she owes much of her current beauty to the plastic surgery she took. She had breast surgery and posted a detailed video about it on her YouTube channel from her hospital bed.

However, she seems to have removed the impant as of now. According to Hina, her body was rejecting the impant and she was having several side effects.

Synchronizing with that, she has now entered OnlyFans also, the vendor, where she exclusively shares adult content.

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Tamera Kissen Net Worth

She has made a successful career in the comedy genre. From that, she has earned quite a good amount. But right now, she makes the majority of her money as a social media influencer.

Correspondingly, her YouTube channel also earns her extra income.

Additionally, she also generates revenue through her online products the same way. As a result, her overall net worth is estimated to be around more than $1 up to $2 million. So she is regarded as a wealthy star correspondingly.

This is all about the facts regarding popular social media sensation Tamera Kissen.

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