Everything You Need to Know About the Late Scott Wilson’s Wife, Heavenly Koh Wilson

Heavenly Koh Wilson turned 75 this year. For her age, she is still energetic and full of positive vibes. She is a lawyer and artist. But, she gained massive popularity thanks to her famous husband, the late Scott Wilson. Scott Wilson was an American actor with over 50 acting credits. Some of his notable works were In Cold Blood, The Great Gatsby, and Dead Man Walking,

The couple was married for over four decades, till Scott’s death. However, they didn’t have any children.

How Old is Heavenly Koh Wilson?

Heavenly Koh Wilson (original name Siok Tian Koh) was born in 1947 in Bangalore, India. Her parents were Malaysian residents who stayed in Singapore to raise her there. The details of her parents and whether she has any siblings are yet to be disclosed. Still, we believe that Koh Wilson had a good childhood.

Her Education

Heavenly received her education at Singapore’s Convent of the Good Shepherd and the Convent of the Holy Child Jesus, and later at Perth, Western Australia’s Santa Maria Ladies College. She later chose a bachelor of law as her graduation major at the University of Western Australia.

During her university life, she was involved as a political activist for international students. Before being allowed to practice as an attorney in Western Australia, she finished her articles of clerkship with the firm of Stone James.

What Does Heavenly Koh Wilson Do For Living?

Heavenly has spent her professional life in various countries. Heavenly has spent her professional life in various countries. To begin with, Heavenly worked as an advocate with the child welfare department in children’s court. Then, she moved to London, England, in 1968 to pursue her career as a lawyer. The United Kingdom is the place where she was professionally granted permission to practice law. There, she started her career as an attorney at the Broadwick Street entertainment division of Crawleys and De Reya.

After that, in 1972, she caught a flight to Perugia, Italy, where she participated in an Italian language course at the Universita Italiana for Stranieri. Once she finished her course, she moved back to London and accepted a position as a solicitor with the Municipal Company of Stephenson Harwood.

She eventually worked for Warner Bros., where she handled employment contracts with actors, screenwriters, and directors, as well as the acquisition of author rights.

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Now, let’s talk about her artistic career.

Heavenly has always been interested in the arts. She took a break from practicing law to join Otis Art Institute to complete her bachelor of arts degree in 1990.

Heavenly Koh Wilson delivering a speech
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How Long Was Heavenly Koh Wilson Married to Scott Wilson

Heavenly married American actor Scott Wilson in 1977. Though no information about their wedding ceremony is available, we do know that the couple met for the first time in 1975 at director Jack Clayton’s home in England. After knowing each other for almost two years, the couple married in 1977.

That was the day, and their relationship went on smoothly for more than four decades without any disputes or the thought of separating, even for a moment.

Short Bio of Her Husband

Scott Wilson was born on March 29, 1932, in Atlanta, Georgia. Scott is an American actor who made his film debut in the late 1960s. His most notable work includes In the Heat of the Night, In Cold Blood, and Castle Keep. He has had over 50 movie credits including A Year of Quiet Sun, The Right Stuff, The Aviator, Open Window, and Monster are some of the movies he has played roles in.

Not only in movies, but he has also worked on television dramas like The Twilight Zone, The Trackers, Jesse, Soul Survivors, and many more. Out of so many movies and series, we remember him most for his role as Sam Braun on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Wilson got the Ralph Morgan Award in 2007.

Heavenly Koh Wilson's Husband Scott Wilson
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Does Heavenly Koh Wilson Have Any Children

It is said that a child helps keep the marriage strong. But Wilson and her husband didn’t care about it. Wilson doesn’t have any children. They were a strong couple, standing together for each other’s support. They didn’t see the point in having children to tie their relationship together until the end. In the scenario, where marriage and separation are normal nowadays, the couple was with each other till the end.

Heavenly’s Contribution To WEHONA’s Formation

For 25 years, Heavenly and her husband have called West Hollywood home.When the building’s new owner requested a demolition permit in 2004, Koh Wilson couldn’t stand it and started to battle to save the rights of the residents and primarily the building.She opposed any haphazard reconstruction there since it would be problematic for the locals.Other locals who were concerned about losing their houses were inspired by her initiative.  The West Hollywood Neighborhood Alliance (WEHONA), which would be fighting to save the buildings and other historical landmarks, was then established by Heavenly and a group of locals.

Her Husband Died At The Age of 76

The couple lived together until her husband died. Scott Wilson died at the age of 76 on October 6, 2018, at his home in Los Angeles. His death certificate listed Leukemia as his cause of death. His body was buried in Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Hollywood Hills, California.

The makers of The Walking Dead’s ninth season, “A New Beginning,” dedicated their premiere episode to Wilson’s memory the following day.

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Heavenly Koh Wilson Net WOrth

Until now, the artist cum lawyer, Heavenly, has never revealed her net worth or salary. Based on her lifestyle and profession, we can assume she has made a good living from her legal and artistic careers.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, her late husband, Scott Wilson, had an estimated net worth of $2 million until his death in 2018. Also, they own an opulent house in Los Angeles.

Heavenly Koh Wilson with her short hair
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Social Media Presence

Unfortunately, we didn’t find Heavenly on any of the social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Maybe she didn’t have leisure time to spend on those sites, or there’s even a possibility that Koh Wilson wants to enjoy her private life away from the media and people.

The same goes for her late husband, Scott Wilson. Though there are multiple accounts on social media with his name, we didn’t find his verified account there.

Physical Appearance

Regarding her physical appearance, we don’t have the exact measurement of her height, weight, or body, but we can see she has a decent height. Koh has kept her blond hair short ever since she was young. She has dark brown eyes.

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