Ex-Model Victoire Dauxerre Lifts Lid on Modelling Industry

Modeling industry has always been rumored of mistreating models and looking at them as an object. We have always learned model who was on top of the industry suddenly fell totally sick. Also, we know that modelling agencies looks for zero size models for their dresses. With all the controversies and rumors facing modelling industry, ex-Model Victoire Dauxerre spoke about all the unspoken truth about the industry. 

Who is Victoire Dauxerre?

Dauxerre was once a runway model who walked for McQueen, Miu Miu, and Philip Lim. even Vogue eitalia wanter her to star on its cover. Her modeling career was soaring until her eating disorder spiraled out of control. In her memoir, Size Zero, she opens up about how dangerous the fashion industry is, and why it needs to change. 

Why the Fashion Industry Hire Teens?

The ex-model says in her book that the fashion industry only recruits models in their teens. The reason behind this is not so pretty as teaching the young ones about life. The main reason for recruiting in teens is that they are easier to manipulate. 

At the age of 15,16, girls haven’t grown much of a personality and they are more impressionable. Also, they will be less likely to stand up to the dangerous demands of the industry. So, the fashion industry can be the guardian to the girls who are away from their home and mold them as they want. 

Even Dauxerre was recruited at the age of 17. She was just a normal girl who had just been rejected by a university for her desired course. While she was shopping with her mother in the streets of Paris, the Elite Model Management came to her and told that she could be “the next Claudia Schiffer”. What more could a teenager want than making a name for herself. 

Dauxerre’s Battle Against her Weight

Cover of Victoire Dauxerre's book, Size Zero

Victoire Dauxerre was a very successful model at an early age. At the age of 18, she wa already walking the runway for big-name designers at fashion weeks in New York City and Milan. She was also in the top 20 of the most successful models of the year after just one season. Moreover, she did 22 shows in one season which is pretty rare. 

However, her success came with a price. According to Dauxerre, she had to drop from 123 lbs to a dangerous 103 lbs in only a few months. The pressure of dropping weight also led her to attempt suicide. Also, ‘they don’t tell you to lose 22lbs in two months. What they say is ‘you need to be this size to fit into the clothes, otherwise you don’t get any work’

To lose the weight, she once even had to live on with 3 apples per day. However, it was also not enough and she used to take laxatives and enemas after eating. This caused in stopping her menstruation for six months. Furthermore, the ex-model says that starving has caused many of her friends permanently infertile. 

At the time that the author was 5ft 10in tall and a size six with measurements of 34-25-36, but her hips were considered big.  So, she decided to go for a diet by only eating three apples per day. She thought that after a month, she would start eating properly. However, then the anorexia appeared. After she went to doctor, she found out that her physically health was as of 90 years old while she was just 19. 

Models are Mistreated

Victoire Dauxerre

Models are viewed as objects

People might think that its all beautiful and models earn lots of money, they travel all around the world and become one of the most beautiful women on the planet. But, what they don’t know that models are really mistreated. They don’t even treat models as human beings. Designers even think clothes to be more important than them. 

Likewise, the fashion designer, Karl Lagerfeld prefers women with flat chests and Miuccia Prada stares at models like they’re clothes hangers. Moreover, models are also prone to sexual misconduct and assault.

Financial Mistreatment

The current actress also talked about how agencies trap models and mismanage their wealth. She also adds that the agency takes 70 percent while they are mostly paid in clothing rather than money itself just to make them feel that its rewarding. According to Dauxerre, she earned only 10,000 euros in eight months of non-stop work.

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