Felicia Chappelle Jones – All About Dave Chappelle’s Sister

Felicia Chappelle Jones is the sister of the famous actor, writer, and comedian Dave Chappelle. Dave is quite popular in the entertainment industry due to his skills and talent. He has been in the industry for over three decades. However, when it comes to his family he always tends to keep it private.

Felicia was also an actress but later she took a break from her career. In the meantime, there are a lot of things that are not known by people. Where is she now? What is she up to? Does she meet her siblings? Without any delay let us find out a very hidden fact about Felicia.

Felicia Chappelle Jones Age, Early Life

Felicia Chappelle Jones was born in Ohio. She is a woman in her fifties. She comes from an African-American heritage.

Her mother’s name is Yvonne Seona and her father’s name is William Chappelle. She has two older brothers William S. Chappelle and Dave Chappelle. All of her family members have made quite a great name in their respective fields especially her brother Dave.

After graduating from high school she joined Antioch College to receive her bachelor’s degree in acting. Later she traveled to the United States and the United Kingdom as a lead actress with the Antioch troupe taking her career to next level.

Felicia Chappelle
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Her Parents Were Both Teaching Business

William David Chappelle was born in 1938 in South Carolina. He was a civil right activist and a professor of music. He has actively taken part in anti-racism and taken part in community programs in Washington D.C.

Meanwhile, after serving in the army for four years he started giving his passion a form of career. He taught vocal performance for his student and was also one of the deans of community services.

Her mother Yvonne Sean was born in 1937 and was a professor and university administrator. She has specialized in African American Studies and government administration. She was one of the youngest African American women to be secretary of a delegation of the fourteenth general assembly of UNESCO.

Both of them got divorced and got married to another person. Still, they maintained a good co-parent relationship.

They have raised their three children with love and care providing them good educational background. But their child Dave Chappelle has always been in a headline because of his controversial statement.

What Does Felicia Chappelle Jones Do For Living?

Felicia is also an actress by profession and has made a great name in theatres. Meanwhile, she has also worked for Interrupted Motherhood for a year and has presented many varieties of the work about a dozen times.

But she took about twenty years to break from her acting to focus on her children and family.

After returning back to her local theatres after taking care of her four children for two decades. She came back with a quote stating that she is an artist and this is the thing she will always love.

“Art inside of an artist refuses to be silent.”

She is the owner of Black Fit Presents theatre company and the founder of Art is our Drum collective which opened her path in the field of entrepreneurship.

During her acting, she has always raised her voice for the equality of women and black people. Following in her mother’s footsteps she has also made a name for herself in her local theater.

Felicia Chappelle married life

She was married to her love interest with whom she shared her four children. But her husband’s name is yet not revealed. The couple got divorced and now she is enjoying her singlehood.

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Short Bio on Her Brother

David Khari Webber Chappelle was born on Aug 24 1973 in Ohio. He is a standup comedian and an actor. Since his childhood, he was inspired by the comic timings of Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy giving him the motivation to be a great comedian of the present time.

He began his career as a junior artist in ABC America’s Funniest People in 1990. Late he moved to NewYork to kick off his career as a comedian. From grabbing standup gigs to performing in an open mic he finally got a chance to appear in the Television show Jef Comedy Jam.

From Home Improvement to Saturday Live Show his career graph went further until he got a chance to host his own show. In the field of movies, he first appeared in Robin Hood; Men In tights in 1993. His latest project was a documentary based on his real-life release in the concerts in Yellow Springs.

Recently he has been in a headline for his controversial statement and he may have a chance of losing his spot in his show.

Is Dave Chapelle Being Fired From His Show?

Felicia Chappelle's brother
Source; The New York times

Dave Chapelle has been in a headline for a while due to his racist statement against the LGBTQ+ community. Due to his statement, he has been getting backlash from the employees of NetFlix. Dave has signed a contract with Netflix for a hefty sum of money and the racist statement may lead to the elimination of the contract but this is not the case here.

Netflix’s CEO has denied all these rumors. He has praised Dave for being provocative and funny and he will order his show again and again. He has claimed that Netflix is one of the coolest entertainment companies and always deals in a positive way when it comes to a rumor. They have supported Dave and have denied the rumor.

Felicia Chappelle Jones Has Great Relation With Dave Chappelle

Despite having just a year of age gap they have the sweetest bond of brother and sister. During Felicia’s tour as an Antioch actress, her brother was there by her side being her biggest fan and supporter. Even during her career break, he has supported her in returning back to her acting.

Meanwhile, she has been there for her brother during the early days of her career. Later on, when he was dealing with problems in his personal life his sister stepped in and supported him. Even in recent times she always praises her brother in the podcast and shares how she feels proud of his achievements.

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Felicia Chappelle Jones’s Net Worth

Coming from such a fulfilled family she was raised in luxury. But she has earned every penny for herself in her career. According to 2022, she is worth $750,000 and a certain portion of her wealth comes from her father’s property which she got after his demise.

Meanwhile, her brother Dave Chapelle has around $60 million in net worth as of 2022. He has earned his fair share of money from his career in acting and his stand-up comedy show.

Body Measurements

She is around 5ft 4 inches with black hair and brown eye making her quite beautiful.

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