Gunner Vincent Calaway – Untold Facts About The Undertaker’s son

The celebrity child Gunner Vincent Calaway is popular as The Undertaker’s son, a prominent WWE wrestler (aka Mark William Calaway, aka Deadman, aka The Phenom). Does he resemble his dad? Okay, yes. With his light red hair and similar facial features to his father, Vincent is clearly a replica of his father.

The bond between father and son was never impacted by the fact that his father got married to someone else and divorced his mother. Vincent is his dad’s biggest fan. He states in his Twitter bio, “I am the son of a professional WWE wrestler named The Undertaker.” This goes to show how much he loves the fact that his father is The Undertaker.

Although there are lots of sources on the internet where you will get to know about the WWE star, there is very less information about his descendants. So, in today’s article, we have brought you the details on his son. Let’s start.

How Old is Gunner Vincent Calaway?

Gunner Vincent Calaway, a celebrity child, was born on August 3, 1993, currently residing in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. He is 29 years old as of now. He is the first child of The Great Undertaker and his ex-wife Jodi Lynn.

The details of his birthplace never came to the public, but it seems that he spent his childhood in Texas, just like his father.

His Siblings

We all know that Gunner Vincent is The Undertaker’s oldest son. He was born from Mark’s relationship with his first wife, Jodi Lynn. Although Gunner doesn’t have any siblings, he does have four half-siblings from his father’s side. He has three half-sisters; Chasey Calaway, Gracie Calaway, Kaia Faith Calaway and a half-brother; Kolt Calaway.

Chasey Calaway will turn 20 by the end of this November. She is the elder daughter of The Undertaker and his second wife, Sara Calaway. You can find Chasey on Instagram under the username @chasey_calaway with nearly 2k followers. She is active on her account and addresses her fans through her posts.

Likewise, Gracie Calaway is the biological sister of Chasey, who was born on March 15, 2005. Her childhood was relatively unspoiled. Gracie has a girlish nature, unlike her sister, Chasey, who is tomboyish just like their mother.

Kaia Faith Calaway, the youngest daughter, was born in August 2012 in Austin, Texas, to an undertaker and his third wife, Michelle McCook. She has turned 13 this year, and her sign is Gemini.

Many people may not know this, but Vincent has a baby brother too. Kolt Calaway is a new member of the family. The Undertaker and his wife, Michelle, adopted a 3-year-old boy a few months ago. A couple of months ago, Michelle shared a post about her kid uttering their name.

Gunner Vincent Calaway after voting
Source: Instagram @ Theshogungun

His Education

Vincent graduated from a private Christian school in Nashville, Tennessee, at the age of 18. He was very famous at his school back then. Not only because he was the son of THE DEADMAN-THE AMERICAN BADASS, but also due to his fun-loving and easy-going nature.

Later, he entered Full Sail University, where he earned a degree in video game art.

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His Height

The legendary Undertaker’s son, Gunner Vincent Calaway is 5 feet and 10 inches tall.

Gunner Vincent Calaway Went on a Totally Different Career Path Than is Celebrity Father

Gunner Vincent, The Phenom’s first child, chose a completely different path than his father. Among all his children, only Vincent has started his career, and the rest of the kids are still studying.

Instead of following in his father’s footsteps, he chose to follow the technical path. When he was asked about his career in an interview, Vincent accepted that he wanted to be a wrestler in his childhood, admiring his father. But as he grew up, his interest changed to the arts. Now he is more into the arts and video games. If we go through his Instagram, we can see numerous of his graphic designs posted, and each one of them is unique and eye-catching.

Vince had previously worked as a store manager and a sales representative before becoming a free agent. Right now, he runs a website named “RedBubble” where he sells his art. Additionally, he is also an IT system administrator at Concentrix.

Gunner Vincent Calaway's instagram post
Source: Instagram @Theshogungun

Who is Gunner Vincent Calaway Dating?

The 29-year-old celebrity kid is old enough to be involved in a relationship. Although there are pictures of Gunner with a number of women, there’s no news of him being in a relationship with or getting married to any of them. In the future, if he gets hitched to anyone, we will definitely know about that.

But as of now, Vincent is single, and he is more focused on his career.

Where Is His Mother Now?

We all know about The Deadman. But unfortunately, his first wife, Jodi Lynn has always been like a mystery. She got famous just after marrying the wrestler. However, we don’t know her exact origin, nor do we know what she is doing right now.

She has been living her life totally away from the media, maybe with her family. Also, we don’t have any if she has remarried and started another family or not. The things we know about her are related somehow to her then-husband.

Their marriage lasted for 10 years. Their separation is mentioned as due to personality differences. Or else they were considered WWE’s most famous and celebrated couple at that time.

Gunner was born when his parents were still married and he was the only child till the day they got separated. The then-couple Mark William Calaway (aka The Undertaker) and Jodi Lynn met for the first time in the 80s when The Undertaker hadn’t joined WWE.

The couple got into a matrimonial relationship in 1989, and the same year The Undertaker joined World Championship Wrestling. The Undertaker officially retired from in-ring competition in 2021. Jodi, on the other hand, was the one who saw him when he was just starting out in his career. After their separation, Jodi Lynn got full custody of Vincent and she raised her son by herself.

His Father Has Remarried Twice

After separating from his first wife in 1997, The Undertaker tied the knot not once but twice. Sara Calaway (age 42) is the second wife of The Deadman. The two became good friends right after meeting for the first time in 1999 at the WWF.

Then, after a year, on July 21, 2000, on the day of Sara’s 23rd birthday, the couple exchanged their wedding vows. Sara is also a former wrestler and a wrestling valet if you’re curious about her job. Unfortunately, the couple ended their relationship on April 25, 2007.

In 2010, The Undertaker married for the third time. His now-wife, Michelle McCool (born January 25, 1980), is also an American retired professional wrestler. She retired from wrestling shortly after her marriage.

Michelle, a two-time WWE Divas Champion, and two-time WWWE Women’s Champion used to be a primary school teacher in her hometown of Tampa, Florida. The former wrestler is now happily living with her husband along with a baby girl, Kia Faith Calaway, and her adopted son, Koth Calaway.

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Gunner Vincent Calaway Net Worth

The celebrity kid hasn’t revealed much about his earnings and net worth. However, he has been working hard to make his own money by working as a freelance artist and illustrator. We don’t know the exact fortune he owns at the moment. But, the average earnings of artists and illustrator is between $70k to $100k per year. So, he must be making somewhere around that.

On that matter, his father, the award-winning multi-million dollar champion, has a huge net worth of $17 million. The source of that value is not only wrestling but also the real estate investment and entertainment industries. People may be surprised to learn that The Deadman has appeared in films and television shows.

Social Media Presence

In that regard, Vincent joined Facebook in 2007 and Twitter in 2011 and has a bio that reads, “I am the son of professional WWE wrestler The Undertaker,” but he is recently inactive in both.

He displays more of his incredible ideas on Instagram, where he has more than 4.1k followers under the username Theshogungun, rarely sharing his own pictures. Moreover, Vincent just released a fresh design on Instagram every day in the month of October with the hashtag #inktober.

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