Harrison Nevel: Meet the Crazy Sneakers Lover

Almost every person has a certain passion for something within them. But, only a few of them follow it. To reach the highest level of one’s profession, a great deal of patience, dedication, and hard work are required.

Indicating the statement, we are here talking about Harrison Nevel who is a passion-oriented and determined person making his life for what he likes.

He is a dedicated and generous vlogger as well as an entrepreneur who has paved his long journey with hard work only.

So, moving forward, let’s talk about Harrison Nevel including his biography, Life details, Career as a Youtuber and Vlogger, Love Life, Net Worth, and many more down below:

Who is Harrison Nevel?

Harrison Nevel is a highly popular social media personality as well as well known YouTuber and Vlogger. He is a renowned YouTube sensation who is well-known for his creativity in his simple yet amazing Do It Yourself Videos and his love for Shoes.

In general, Harrison is a USA-based Vlogger.

He has lovely brown eyes and nice brown hair. He is total of American descent.

Basically, he became well-known as a DIY Creator after appearing on Youtube Videos on his channel. He is a recognized social media influencer, primarily on YouTube, in addition to Instagram.

Aside from these, he owns merch under his name, which sells a variety of products such as T-shirts and accessories, and Shoes, especially sneakers. As a result, he is also a business owner of his own venture.

Mostly, he likes to roam around knowing about sneakers and trying different kinds and brands. He loves challenges and doing haul. Sometimes, does interesting videos like buying a huge bundle of sneakers, and unboxing different mystery boxes, and always keeps his audience engaged as well as entertained.

How Old is Harrison Nevel?

Harrison Nevel with his mother
Source: Instagram @harrisonnevel

On June 2, 1995, he was born in the United States of America. So basically, his age can be estimated to be 27 years as of 2022. And similarly, concerning his zodiac sign, his star sign is Gemini.

He grew up there and mostly he appears to complete his studies as well.

His father’s name is currently unknown, but his mother’s name is Mickie Nevel. Harrison Nevel usually does not open up and talks about his family. However, he has posted some pictures of his father and mother on his Instagram account.

Respectively, we do not have facts regarding his siblings and more clear view regarding his family and background as he keeps his personal life almost secret.

According to our observation, Harrison is very close to his family. He is a very kind and down-to-earth person and has a strong relationship with his family and friends.

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His Education

Significantly, the popular Vlogger Harrison Nevel also seems to be a well-educated person. The facts regarding his education, university, and qualifications are not disclosed yet.

He has come from a gentle and good family background so as an audience, we assume he might be educated well.

Harrison Nevel Has Been On Youtube For Nearly a Decade

On March 29, 2013, he launched his Harrison YouTube channel. Nevel has over 1.83 million followers on the channel respectively.

On that channel, his recent video about unboxing a $250,000 Sneaker Mystery Box is the pinned video at the moment. Synchronically, he often does, hauls, and challenges videos as well.

In the same way, he also has a channel called Nevel Harrison, which has about 23k subscribers. On the channel, he specifies his favorite cars too.

Harrison Nevel is Married to a Woman Named Sophie

Harrison Nevel with his wife
Source: Instagram @harrisonnevel

Harrison and Sophie Nevel have been married since 2019. They frequently share photos of themselves on social media. The couple is still waiting for a child.

They appear to be happy and joyful in their life. Sophie is an entrepreneur and businesswoman who also runs some ventures and merchandises herself.

The lovely couple is working hard in their respective individual career balancing the relationship between them as well as between family and friends very greatly as well.

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His Past Relationships

There are no specific rumors or controversies in which Harrison has been. He always makes his way and life out of such things. Upon shedding on his love life, he is married and living a lovingly marital relationship with his wife Sophie. He may have had a relationship prior to being married to Sophie but the facts are not disclosed yet.

There are not any sophisticated and certain rumors hinting at his dating life too. He has always maintained his personal life secret by securing his private affairs from the public eye.

Currently, he is living a great life with his beautiful life partner.

Some Facts Regarding Him

Harrison Nevel with his father
Source: Instagram @harrisonnevel

Harrison mostly prefers to spend time with family when he is not doing work. He loves football and often goes to see matches with his father. He has shared a very loving post referring to his dad as father Nevel and remembering the quality time and memories about his father and him going to see football matches.

Harrison Nevel is a well-known name among American YouTubers. He is a rich and powerful YouTuber who posts about trends, sneakers, styles of clothing, and cars. He is also a blogger on social media who gives fashion advice.

Nevel, who is from the United States, has set some primary creativity goals with his ‘do it yourself videos.’

He gives ordinary footwear a new look by reforming it into trends. As a social media celebrity, he has a large fan base on internet platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. The content creator lives a lavish lifestyle, which is fully documented in his vlogs. Nevel has 1.83 million subscribers on his main self-titled YouTube channel.

When he started his channel in March 2013, he used the username SupHarrison.

Harrison Nevel Net Worth

Harrison Nevel has a net worth of approximately $1.6 million as a result of his YouTube channels. He mostly posts about trends, sneakers, styles of clothing, and cars. Likewise, he also offers fashion advice through the social media platforms.

The content creator lives a lavish lifestyle, which is fully documented in his vlogs. Nevel has 1.59 million subscribers on his main self-titled YouTube channel.

Harrison is a successful YouTuber with a large following which creates amazing fashion content. He has made numerous videos on sneakers and fashion and has made a lot of money in this field.

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Social Media Presence

He is also remarkably prominent on social media. He has 449k Instagram followers concurrently right now.

In the same way, he also owns 17.1k Twitter followers and 188k Facebook fans. Well, that’s a quite huge number respectively.

People love his posts about genuine reviews of products which help everyone to get quality goods in a comparable amount as well.

So this is all about popular Youtuber and social media influencer Harrison Nevel. Knowing his life history, we have known how much he is enthusiastic about his passion and his personal life remarks motivate the audience to work hard in their lives as well.

Hope you like it. In case you have anything to say regarding the article, please let us know in the comments down below.

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