Henry Daniel Moder – All About Julia Roberts and Danny Moder’s Son

The soul is healed by being with children. They have the purest heart full of love. In addition, they are the blessing of god. Moreover, people say a son is a mother’s most precious treasure. Here, we will talk about a celebrity kid, Henry Daniel Moder. He’s a kid of none other than famous actress and producer Julia Roberts and cinematographer Danny Moder.

Who is Henry Daniel Moder?

Henry Daniel Moder is the youngest son of well-known American actress and filmmaker Julia Roberts and popular cinematographer Danny Moder. Henry was born on 18th June 2007 (01:23 am) in Los Angeles, California. He celebrated his 15th birthday on 18th June 2022.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Henry has a special bond with his parents. Apart from that, he also has two elder siblings; brother Phinnaeus and sister Hazel Moder. Well, Phinnaeus and Hazel are twins and Hazel is older than her twin brother by a minute.

Henry Daniel Moder Loves Skateboarding

Henry has just turned 15 this year and he seems to be more into sports than films and arts. Henry’s so into skateboarding that he even prefers to skate to his school in place of walking or even driving with his father.

Moreover, Henry is so fond of skateboarding that his parents built a skate park at their MaliBu Home. Besides, Daniel also loves his son’s passion for skateboarding and often shares Henry’s skateboarding video on his social media platforms.

Recently, Daniel shared a clip of Henry skateboarding on his Instagram handle. Many of his fans shared their concerns in the comments. Most of the comments were the same: “Where is his crash helmet?”. Someone even wrote “Wanna see a helmet on that cute noggin. Accidents happen. Be safe!” and one wrote, “I would be worrying about what’s coming around the bend! So cool to watch tho!”

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Both of His Parents are Renowned Figures

Famous American actress and filmmaker Julia Roberts (born October 28, 1967) gave birth to Henry after her second marriage to cinematographer Danny Moder. Julia is considered one of the finest and most successful actresses, who has won an Academy Award along with three Golden Awards.

In contrast, Danny Moder (born January 31, 1969) has done a job as a camera operator in Spider-Man 3, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and also as a cinematographer in films such as Animal Kingdom and the Normal Heart for which, he was nominated an Emmy Award. Talking about their net worth Julia has a $250 million fortune and Daniel has $10 million of that.

His Parents First Met in 2000

Danny and Julia met for the first time on the set of The Mexican in 2000. Julia was starring in the movie in opposition to, Daniel being part of the camera crew. What’s more interesting is, both of them were in a relationship at that time; Julia was dating star Benjamin Bratt whereas Danny was married to make-up artist Vera Steimberg.

They hit it off and exchanged rings after dating for two years in the year 2002.

His Parents Has Been Married for Over Two Decades

Julia and Danny’s relationship has always been muchly understated. The pair tied the knot in 2002 at Julia’s ranch in New Mexico. Julia was 25 years old and Danny 35, when they got married. As details about their special day is still a mystery. According to AOL News, guests who attend the function disclosed Julia wore a pink cotton dress, while Danny was on a ruffled shirt for the ceremony.

They recently celebrated their 20th marriage anniversary. Julia posted a photo on her Instagram of kissing her husband, with hashtags: #cantstopsmiling and #cantstopkissing. It was not the first time she shared a picture with her husband as Julia keeps on sharing cute moments with her partner expressing how she feels being with him.

Henry Daniel Moder with his siblings and parents

Henry Daniel Moder Looks Very Much Like His Father

Julia Roberts and Daniel Moder’s youngest child turned 15 this year and he looks so grown up! Both the parents looked amazed as Henry took another trip around the sun.

The couple rarely post snaps of their children, but, on the occasion of Henry’s 15th birthday celebration, on Instagram father, Daniel shared a picture of Henry looking alike him, with the caption ‘This kid is game…up for anything….amazed he is my boy. Stoked. 15 today. Love you.’

In the picture, Henry looked like asking for a ride at the side of the road. Shirtless, holding his beloved skateboard, the lad looked even more like a copy of his father. Looking at the snapshot, even the fans thought the teenager looked just like his dad’s copy.

In addition, they commented: I thought this was an old pic of you! 15!! Wow. Cheers to ur twin.’, next was ‘Happy birthday to the sweetest kid ever’, and the third person added ‘Mini you Danny!’

Henry Daniel Moder Has Appeared on Screen a Few Times

Henry has an interest in sports and athletes more than anything. Despite having not much interest in the film industry, he has done a couple of movies and TV series thanks to his actress mother Julia. He has been a part of the romantic comedy movie ‘Mother’s day’ which was released back in 2016.

Additionally, his two siblings were also featured in the movie. Henry has also played a small role in the TV series, VH1: All Access. Well, there are no rumors about any further plans of Henry of playing in any movies or series, so, we would have to wait to know if we will get to see him in the entertainment industry again in the future.

His Parents Has Always Tried To Keep Him Away From the Media

Mother Julia is very protective when it comes to her children, like any other mother. Not only she, but even Daniel is also equally protective and concerned about their children. In spite of their popularity, they have always tried and maintained a low profile and even avoid the media especially when they are with the kids.

Once while talking to USA Today back in 2013, Julia said “We try to protect our kids. We just want to have our family life and not have that intruded upon”

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Where is Henry Daniel Moder Now?

Henry Daniel Moder

Henry is currently busy with his studies and school. Apart from education, he spends quality time practicing skateboarding. As he is still too young for social media handles he doesn’t have any social media accounts. Still, we can get occasionally glimpses of him on his parents’ Instagram.

Henry Daniel Moder Net Worth

The celebrity kid is still in school and is yet to enter the professional world. As he doesn’t have any earnings, he can’t possibly have a net worth. His parents, on the other hand, have a combined net worth of over $250 million.

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