How much is Eriq La Salle’s Net Worth? Here is a complete breakdown of his earnings.

Eriq La Salle has an estimated net worth of $25 million, Making him one of the richest celebrities in Hollywood. Eriq is renowned as an actor who portrayed Dr. Peter Benton in the medical drama, ER. Likewise, he owns a beautiful mansion in Bel-Air. He also has a gorgeous black Mercedes. In past, he owned a 6000 sq. ft. mansion in Beverly Hill. He also had a lakefront house in Lake Arrowhead, California. 

Eriq La Salle Net Worth from Real Estate

Eriq La Salle Bel-Air Mansion worth $3 Million
Source: TMZ

Eriq has been an avid real estate investor. He has owned different estates in various parts of the United States. Recently, he bought a mansion in Bel-Air for $3.03 million. The mansion was listed for $3.495 million. 

He has had many deals like this. For example, in 1996, he bought a 6000 sq. ft. Beverly Hills mansion. Although we don’t have any information regarding its buying rate, he spent around a million dollars for its remodeling in 2006. Then, in 2010, he sold the mansion for $8 million. 

Eriq La Salle also purchased a house near L.A.’s dog-friendly Runyon Canyon for $2.25 million in 2005. Then, in 2011, he sold the house for $1.6 million, which was actually a nearly $500,000 loss from the price he paid. In the same year, he sold a lakefront house in Lake Arrowhead, California for $2.7 million

ER Salary

Eriq La Salle on ER
Source: Gettyimages

Eriq was a member of ER cast from 1994. He first landed the role with an earning of $85,000 per episode. However, in 1999, the actor negotiated a new deal with the producers that paid him $27 million over three seasons. With $9 million per year for ana ctor, he became one of the highest-paid actors on television. He leaped right from $85000 per episode to around $410,000 per episode

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