Who is Hugo Eric Louis van Lawick? Truth About Jane Goodall’s son

Hugo Eric Louis van Lawick is quite a popular name on the web. He is best known as the son of primatologist and anthropologist, Jane Goodall and a Dutch wildlife filmmaker and photographer, Hugo Arndt Rodolf, Baron van Lawick. Well, we can say he is popular because of his parents. Like every other star kid, he also must be proud of his parents.

Hugo came into the limelight after his mother’s documentary aired on Television. The Documentary “Jane’s Journey” covered almost all phases of his mother’s life. Not only this he is also recognized because of his father’s work.

Although we know about his parents, what about him? How did he spend his childhood? Is he married? What is his net worth? What is his profession? Well, there are many unanswered questions like this. In the article below we will discuss them all in detail. Let’s go.

How Old is Hugo Eric Louis van Lawick?

Hugo Eric Louis van Lawick is 55 years old as of 2022. He was born on March 4, 1967. As he was born in the month of March, his zodiac sign is Pisces. Hugo is African by his nationality as he was born and raised in Nairobi Kenya. He was born to Jane Goodall and Hugo Arndt Rodolf, Baron van Lawick.

Well, all his childhood he was busy in the wild. And for his education, he traveled to England. However, after completing his education he returned to his homeland. Though his real name is Hugo Eric Louis van Lawick, he is popular among his family member as Grub.

His Parents

As mentioned above his parents are Jane Goodall and Hugo Arndt Rodolf, Baron van Lawick. Jane is an English primatologist and anthropologist. Likewise, Hugo was a Dutch wildlife filmmaker and photographer. Likewise, his grandparents were Baron Hugo Anne Victor Raoul van Lawickand and Sophia van Ittersum.

hugo eric louis van lawick with his mother
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What Does Hugo Eric Louis van Lawick Do For Living?

Various sources claim that he is a professional boat builder. After completing his education in London, he returned back to his home country and started making boats.

Besides, he appeared in his mother’s documentary, Jane’s Journey (2010). Moreover, he has a bio on IMDb.

Besides this, not much about his career is available on the internet. Nonetheless, both his parents were huge successes in their respective fields.

His Mother is an Expert in Chimpanzees

Grub’s mother, Jane is one of the most popular individuals in the wildlife research department. To be precise, she is considered an expert on chimpanzees. According to Wikipedia, she has been studying the behaviors of chimpanzees for nearly 6 decades. She is the one to determine that chimpanzees has human-like behaviors among them.

Besides, she is also an author and has written more than 25 books. Her first book, My Friends the Wild Chimpanzees Washington was published in 1969. She has written numerous books in several genres including children’s books.

Her latest piece of literature came in the year 2021, “The Book of Hope”. She wrote the book together with Douglas Abrams and Gail Hudson. Additionally, she is the subject of over 40 films including Miss Goodall and the Wild Chimpanzees, People of the Forest with Hugo van Lawick, and The Life and Legend of Jane Goodall.

Likewise, she also holds very prestigious positions like an honorary member of the World Future Council. She has also been titled a UN Messenger of Peace.

Furthermore, she has won awards such as Kyoto Prize (1990), Hubbard Medal (1995), and Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement (1997).

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His Father was 8times Emmy Award Winner

We can say, Grub’s father played a huge role in uplifting his mother’s career. His father mostly popularize the study of chimpanzees and assisted his mother at Gombe Stream National Park.

He also dragged people’s attention to the wildlife. All his career, he mostly focused on filming chimpanzees in the African region.

Also, he made numerous wildlife documentaries for various television. Besides, he also made movies like The Leopard Son (1996) and Serengeti Symphony. Well, both the projects were produced by Nature Conservation Films WW.

Throughout his life, he had won 8 Emmy Awards for his film.

Well, the sad reality is, that he is no more with us. At the age of 65, he bid goodbye to this world after suffering from emphysema. All his family members and another close relative attended his death ceremony.

hugo eric louis van lawick with his mom and son
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Who is Hugo Eric Louis van Lawick Married to?

Hugo is a married man. However, being a private person, he has not shared any details related to his wife. It seems like his wife also likes to live a low-key lifestyle as she has not made an appearance in the media to date.

Despite that, we got our hands on the details related to his children. He and his wife are blessed with three children. They are Merlin van Lawick, Angel van Lawick, and Nick.

Additionally, all of them are following in their grandparent’s footsteps. They are contributing to the preservation of wildlife species in various parts of Africa.

His Children are Following in His Father’s Footsteps

According to an article published in The Press Democrat, Angel van Lawick is currently serving in Sonoma County wildlife. According to Angel, she went to Sonoma as her grandmother thought it would be good for her. Also, it seems like it was her first trip to America.

However, it seems like she had a lot of fun there. Moreover, she loves helping animals and has been doing various volunteering since she was 19.

In addition, his son, Merlin is Jane Goodall Institute & Pugu Nature Center as per his Linkedin profile.

Well, we can definitely say her grandmother must be proud of them and is happy seeing that her grandchildren are doing what they love.

Hugo Eric Louis van Lawick Net Worth

Although Hugo’s net worth and earning details are missing on the web, we can surely say, he has a decent lifestyle. He comes from a well-established family. Not to forget he made all his fortune from his career as a professional boat builder.

His father was one of the most successful wildlife filmmakers and his mother is a legend in the wildlife field. His mother, Jane Goodall has accumulated a net worth of around $5 million.

Well, she made most of her earnings as an activist, author, and organization head. Being a versatile individual she made money from various fields and has been successful in her field.

hugo eric louis van lawick's mother
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Is He Active on Social Media?

Unfortunately, he is yet to register his profile on any social media platforms. Despite being so popular on the internet he is still missing on the social site which is quite surprising.

Being said that, his children are already available on platforms like Instagram, Linkedin, and Twitter. His daughter Angel van Lawick is as of now registered on Instagram as @malaikavan_lawick. Moreover, 2,624 people follow her as of now whereas she follows just 1,190 individuals. Similarly, she has posted 82 posts already.

Most of her posts are either from her vacation or work. Seems like she is pretty close with her friends as she frequently features them on her profile. At last her profile is yet to get a blue tick from Instagram.

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