Ilham Vuilloud – Untold Facts of Stan Wawrinka’s Ex-wife

Ilham Vuilloud is a former model and TV Presenter, best known as the ex-wife of tennis player Stan Wawrinka.

Being a celebrity wife people might think you can have a chance to enjoy fame and luxury. But that is not always the case.

Ilham Vuilloud was once married to famous tennis player Stan Wawrinka. She was always in his match supporting him. However, they got separated after a while. Stan seems to have fun in his life. Ilham has maintained a distance from the media.

What is going on in her life? Is she in a relationship? What about her relationship with her ex-husband? How about her daughter? There are a lot of questions raising in your mind.

So without any further delay let us find out untold facts about the celebrity spouse.

Who is Ilham Vuilloud?

Iiham Vuilloud was born in Nov 30 1975. She was born in Switzerland. Having a slender body type her height is 5 ft 7 inches and her body weight is 60 kg. She belongs to the swiss ethnicity and shares Sagittarius as her zodiac sign.

Ilham graduated high school and joined a university in Switzerland. She gained a degree in journalism and went on to pursue a career in it. She was a former model and appeared in many advertisements. However, she has also made a name as a reporter and TV presenter in her home country.

Even though she has made a name for herself she has been in controversy because of her marriage with Stan.

Ilham Vuilloud’s Fairy Tale Love Story With Stan Wawrinka

Ilham and Stan have an age gap of almost ten years which might come as a surprise to everyone. They first met at an event in 2005. Soon after, they started dating. The couple dated for over four years before getting hitched in 2009.

Their wedding ceremony took place at Lausanne Palace Hotel in a secret ceremony.on Dec 15, 2009.

Ilham Vuilloud and her ex-husband
Source: Facebook @Ilham Vuilloud

She would be there in every important match to support her husband. Both of them were having the time of their lives. Later on, they welcomed their daughter Alexia Wawrinka on Feb 2, 2010.

However, their relationship started to experience trouble after a couple of years. Stan was performing quite poorly in his games. All of his fans were concerned for him.

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Ilham Vuilloud and Stan Wawrinka Split Twice Before Getting a Divorce

Ilham and her husband were having a problem in their paradise. Although they had split once, they solved their differences and came together. They also made a public appearance in the Davis Cup final in 2011. Both of them were going strong for a while but after three years they split and finally got a divorce in 2015.

After their divorce, Stan faced quite a backlash and was accused of cheating on his wife. But the rumors are not confirmed yet. Stan chose Facebook as his platform to disclose information about his divorce.

He stated that IIham will always be the mother of his daughter and he always will love and respect her. They will always be his family. He has prioritized his daughters and maintained a good co-parenting relationship. Stan has tattooed his daughter’s name on his arms.

He has tattooed her first name along with a statement from Irish writer Samuel Beckett. Ever tried, Ever failed. No matter. Try again, fail again, fail better.

Ilham Vuilloud Blamed Stan Wawrinka for Being an Insensitive Father

Stan had released a statement stating that his career had been affected because of his family. However, Ilham released her statement denying all these facts.

They had separated after five months of appearing in the Davis Cup. Stan’s career graph was not affected and had obtained good results from it. Some players are setting examples for both personal and professional life. Stan gave a reason for not being on the same path as her.

She was against the statement he released. She was not happy to have her daughter dragged into the unwanted controversy. She was furthermore explaining that Stan has used unwanted justification in the court. However, he was insensitive toward his child.

Still, they have not let those controversies harm their daughter’s life. Both of them are peacefully co-parenting their daughter.

Ilham Vuilloud Has Always Kept Her Daughter Away From the Public Eyes

Ilham has a beautiful daughter named Alexia Wawrinka. She was born in 2010 Dec 15 and also shares the same zodiac sign as her mother. Currently, she is 12 years old and studying in a junior high school.

Ilham Vuilloud and her daughter
Source: Facebook @Ilham Vuilloud

Ilham has always kept her daughter as her priority. She has maintained a good relationship with her. Both of them used to make an appearance in Stan’s matches. Alexia was blamed for her father’s career downfall which also bought her into the eyes of the media at a young age.

In the meantime, Alexia has not made any public appearances. Both of her parents have not shared her pictures on their social media platforms. Ilham wants to give her daughter a normal upbringing. In the future, we may see her following in the footsteps of her parents.

Her Ex-Husband Had a Huge Scandal With Nick Kyrgios

After being single for a while, Stan Wawrinka returns to dating. He went on to date the Croatian tennis player Donna Vekic. They met at the Australian Open in 2015. Both of them were having a great time in their relationship.

However, this all came shattering down when Nick Kyrgios went on to slam Donna for cheating on Stan. This brought a feud between them and had a cold war for a while. Both of them were vocal in newspapers and media resulting in a scandal. Although, later Kyrgios apologized and had to paa y $35,000 fine.

Now the player has apologized for his mistake to Stan but the damage was done.

Even after this major scandal, the power couple is standing firm and has been supporting each other during hard times. Stan’s girlfriend has also maintained a good relationship with his daughter. They both have shared a great bond making the player happy.

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Is Ilham Vuilloud Dating?

Though Stan has found a partner for himself and has been doing great. Ilham has not opened up about her relationship with anyone. Despite being so beautiful and talented she has given priority to her daughter and her family.

She may have a partner but there has not been any news of it. Hopefully, she may find a loving partner in the future.

Ilham Vuilloud Net Worth

Ilham Vuilloud
Source: Facebook @Ilham Vuilloud

Ilham has gained a certain level in her career. She has made appearances in renowned advertising. Also working as a reporter in her home country she has made a fortune for herself. Ilham Vuilloud has an estimated net worth of $700,000 as of 2022.

Her ex-husband, on the other hand, has made a fortune. As of 2022, Stan Wawrinka has an estimated net worth of $20 million.

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