Interesting Facts About Bill Pullman’s Wife, Tamara Hurwitz

Tamara Hurwitz is an American modern dancer best known as the wife of Independence Day (1996) actor, Bill Pullman. She started her career as a dancer when she was just a child. To date, she has performed with various institutions including Ann Vachon Dance Conduit and Rosanna Gamson WorldWide.

In addition, she also worked as a dance teacher and has taught from dance conservatories to urban YMCAs.

Talking about her relationship status, she has been married to an actor, Bill Pullman for over three decades. The couple first met when they were still at university.

At present, they have three children who have all grown up. And, they live in a beautiful early-1900 house on Beachwood Canyon area.

How Old is Tamara Hurwitz?

Tamara Hurwitz was born on January 7, 1970, in Los Angeles, California. So, her age is 52 as of 2022. Likewise, she was born under the star sign of Capricorn. Similarly, she hails from a mixed Norwegian ethinicty as both of her parents were from Norwegia.

Hurwitz is her maiden name and at present, she goes by Tamara Hurwitz Pullman.

Her Father Was an Artist

Hurwitz grew up in an artistic household. Her father was an art educator and painter. However, there is not much details on her mother, we believe that she was a stay-at-home mom.

Sadly, both of Hurwitz’s parents has passed away. Moroever, they passed within the span of two years, which must have been devastating from Tamara.

Her father died in her arms, in 2012 in Los Angeles. Although this moment was sad for Tamara and her family, it might have been peaceful for him as he took his last breath at the place he loved the most, his favorite art gallery.

Then, to commemorate the passing of her father, Hurwitz and Penfield created a full-length dance-and-music work called “Passing”.

Her Education

Although Tamara hasn’t disclosed if she has graduated with a degree, she was a student at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. She studied dance at the university. Likewise, she also did theatre in the university.

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Tamara Hurwitz Started Performing as a Child Dancer

Tamara Hurwitz performing Passing
Source: BiographyPedia

The star loved dancing from an early age. Although many people loves dancing at a young age, they rarely take it to professional level.

However, this was not true for Hurwitz. She started performing on stage when she was just a child and began her dancing career from a very young age.

To date, she has performed with various renowned institutions including New York’s Jose Limon Dance Company, Philadelphia’s Ann Vachon Dance Conduit, Pacific Dance Ensemble and Los Angeles’ Rosanna Gamson WorldWide. Moreover, she has also taught in various settings ranging from dance conservatories to urban YMCAs.

Tamara Hurwitz Created a Dance-and-Music Work To Commemorate Her Father’s Death

After her father died in 2012, Tamara created a full-length dance-and-music work, collaborating with Tracy Penfield. Tracy is an educator, advocate, dance and fiber artist, and author. The duo had done several works since the 80s.

At the time, Peinfield had also lost four of her friends to Cancer. So, they collaborated the full-length dance-and-music work they called Passing.

The piece explores the meanings of the word passing and the transitional state between this world and the afterlife.

It took them five years to develop and premiered it on April 28, 2018 at Randolph’s Chandler Center for the Arts.

Tamara Hurwitz Has Also Made Her Appearance in Documentaries

The dancer started theater when she was just in college. This would help her in the later stages as she had to appear in a couple of documentaries along with her husband.

To date, she has appeared in two documentaries, both with her husband. She first appeared in’‘The Fruit Hunters’ alongside Bill Pullman. Then, she featured in Nina Gilden Seavey’s short documentary ‘Parables of War’, again alongside her husband.

However, she had acted in a play before as well. She acted in the play, Molière Impromptu, made under the direction of her university mentor Ed Golden.

When Did Tamara Hurwitz Meet Bill Pullman?

Bill Pullman's Wife, Tamara Hurwitz
Source: AmoMama

Hurwitz first met Pullman in the late 70s. At the time, the couple was studying at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. As both of them had interest in performing, they were cast as husband and wife in Moliere’s “Impromptu at Versailles” which would later turn into reality.

They were just friends in college. Then, in 1980, the actor graduated from the university with a Master of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis in Directing. Soon, they started dating as well.

When Did Tamara Hurwitz and Bill Pullman Marry?

After seven years of graduating from UMass, the couple turned their previous fictional role into reality. The couple married on January 3, 1987. Then, they settled in Los Angeles.

The following year, they welcomed their first child, their daughter, Maesa, in 1988. Similarly, only a year later, they had their first son, Jack. Then, after around four years, they had their youngest, Lewis, in 1993.

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What Are Her Kids Doing Now?

Now, Pullman kids are all grown up. The oldest child, Maesa is a dream-town mountain siren and a soul-folk singer-songwriter based in L.A. she writes, records, and performs her original music all over L.A. and has toured the U.S. and Scandinavia.

Likewise, the second one has also been living his life to the fullest. However, like any human does, he has made some mistakes in the past.

He was arrested with moonshine on his possession and for assaulting a government official alongside his friend, Alan Gaddy. Both of them were released from jail the following night.

The actor’s son seems to have realized his mistakes and learned from it. In 2014, he revealed on his Instagram page that he got sainted early.

However, the one walking on his father’s footsteps is the youngest one. Lewis has already made a name for himself in the acting industry. He has already appeared with a lead roles in the 2018 films “Bad Times at El Royale” and “The Strangers: Prey At Night.”

Tamara Hurwitz and Bill Pullman Remodeled Their House By Themselves

Bill Pullman and Tamara Hurwitz's house
Source: Architectural Digest

In 1991, the couple bought a beautiful 75-year-old house in Los Angeles’s Beachwood Canyon area. Although the house was not what they had dreamed of as they wanted ” like 1910 California homes in Bronson”, the land of the property attracted them to it.

After buying the house, the couple reconstructed and remodeled the whole house by themselves. According to the actor, they had planned to keep the original footprint of the Baja-style house, with the exception of the staircase, and build from the existing foundation. However, they ended up just keeping a perimeter wall of the first floor of the house that was there.

The couple didn’t use designers and organized everything they wanted and liked. They also took the same approach for furniture. They used lots of thrifty furniture that they got from their parents and siblings. LLikewise, they also bought several secondhand furniture as they wanted to keep the house antique.

Tamara Hurwitz Net Worth

Tamara stated her dancing career from a young age. So, she might have amassed a good fortune. However, she wasn’t able to gain as much fame as her significant other and also hasn’t revealed her earnings and net worth. But, we believe her net worth to be over half a million dollars.

Her husband, on the other hand, has an outstanding net worth of $20 million. He has made the majority of his wealth from the entertainment industry.

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