Interesting Facts About Lyssa Chapman’s Ex-husband, Brahman Galanti

Many personalities rose to fame for the relationship they possess with the celebrity. Some get famous for being their parents, some for the affair and relationship they have with the popular figure. Brahman Galanti is also someone who got popular from his relationship.

He gained fame after marrying Lyssa Chapman. To be precise he is popular as the ex-husband of businesswoman, and television personality Lyssa Chapman. Well, in any case, you are still unaware about her, she is also the daughter of American TV personality Duane Chapman. Moreover, Lyssa came into the limelight when she became part of Dog the Bounty Hunter.

As Brahman likes to keep his life private, many details about him are unknown. What is his profession? Their relationship history? His career details? Well, queries like this will be discussed below. Let’s go.

How Old is Brahman Galanti?

Starting 2022, Brahman’s age is just 48 years old. He came into this world in the 1973 year. Following that he blows his birthday candle on the 24th of July every year with his friends and family. Similarly, he is American by nationality as he was born and raised in Oahu, Hawaii. But the interesting fact is he comes from a mixed ethnic background. As his parents come from two different ethnic backgrounds.

Moreover, he shares a great bond with his parents and has always been close with them. But the unfortunate thing is not many details about his parents are available on the web.

Short Bio of His Ex-Wife, Lyssa Chapman’s

On other hand, his ex-wife, Lyssa is 35 years old as of now. Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, U.S, this American businesswoman came into this world on 10 June 1987.

Likewise, she was born to her father Duane “Dog” Chapman, and mother Lyssa Rae Brittain. An interesting fact is her mother was Duane’s third wife and he had altogether 12 children.

What Does Brahman Galanti Do For Living?

Well, Brahman came into the limelight only after marring Lyssa. Prior to that, he lived a low-key life so not much about his profession is known to the public. However, his ex-wife is a celebrity businesswoman. Besides being a businesswoman she also gained huge popularity as a TV personality.

She came to the limelight after appearing in famous Television series like Bail Bondswoman and Bounty Bunter. Though she is widely known for her work as a Bounty hunter, she has established herself as a businesswoman in the later phase of her life. She has various cloth brands and is doing quite well.

Source: TV Show Stars

Brahman Galanti was Married to Lyssa Chapman for Nearly a Year

At the time Brahman and Lyssa were in a relationship they were making headlines all over the media. Well, Bo and Lyssa officially exchanged their wedding ring on February 20, 2009. Prior to that, they dated each other for almost 4-5 years.

Various sources say, they first met when Brahman was trying to recover from drug addiction. At the time, Lyssa’s father also helped Bo to get rid of the addiction.

Sadly, things didn’t go well between them and they soon decided to part ways. So in February 2011, they filed for divorce and as of now, they are divorced.

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Do They Have Any Children?

Soon after their marriage, the couple welcomed a baby girl, Madalynn Grace Galanti. Moreover, Brahman has another daughter from his previous relationship. Likewise, Lyssa also has another daughter from her previous relationship.

Reason For their Divorce

As mentioned above, Brahman was into drugs. Well, his addiction also affected his personal life. It was the main reason behind his divorce from his wife. Lyssa also claims that he used to abuse her.

Moreover, as per the reports by RadarOnline, he mishandled Chapman on different events remembering for the new year’s night before 2010. Not long after that, he turned out to be really steady with the utilization of medications and mishandled his significant other more regularly. Lyssa even removed him from the house however he returned and rehashed his way of behaving.

After Bo crossed all his lines Lyssa finally decided to end her year-long marriage and 6/7 years-long relationship. Nonetheless, post-divorce they frequently meet with each other as Lyssa has custody of their daughter.

Is Brahman Galanti dating Anyone?

Looking into his Instagram, it seems like Bo is currently dating someone. Since he has kept his profile private so we can’t say if he has remarried or is just in a relationship. Post his divorce he is trying to be sober as he is slowly getting rid of his addiction.

On other hand his ex-wife Lyssa has already remarried. Lyssa recently tied the knot with Leiana Evensen in the Pacific Ocean in Hawaii. We hope this marriage will be as good as they had dreamed of.

Her partner, Leiana is a fitness instructor. Bothe Lyssa and Leiana took their time to share some glimpses of their marriage on their Instagram Profile.

Brahman Galanti's daughter
Source: eCelebrityMirror

Brahman Galanti was in Jail for 4 years

Yes, it sounds surprising but Bo served 4 years in jail for the crime he committed. He got himself into trouble for crashing a stolen car into a police van. Following that incident, he was arrested in February 2016.

Due to this, he wasn’t able to meet his daughter for 4 years. Therefore, he met her right away after his release. Lyssa shared Bo’s heartwarming reunion with Mady – which she kept a surprise from the 11-year-old – on Instagram.

Moreover, after that incident, he is also trying to be sober. People close to him say he has already bid bye to his drug addiction. Slowly he is trying to improve his mistakes.

Brahman Galanti Net Worth

Brahman hasn’t revealed anything about his profession. So, it’s impossible for us to determine his net worth.

On the other hand, his ex-wife, Lyssa Chapman has an estimated net worth of $500,000. She made most of her earnings as a businesswoman. Besides that, she also made some more as a TV personality.

She also owns a brand named BABY by Lyssa Chapman. It is a clothing brand and offers clothes for the whole family. With almost 50k followers we believe she is going exceptionally well in her business as well. So we can say she is living a happy and comfortable life with her family.

Social Media

Brahman also popular as Bo is as of now registered on Instagram as @livnrt100. As he likes to live a low-key lifestyle so he has kept his Instagram profile private as of now.

Well, as of now he has just 700+ followers. Similarly, he has posted 170 posts and follows 363 individuals. Similarly, his ex-wife Lyssa is available as @mslyssac. She has a huge fanbase as she is already followed by more than 300k people. Additionally, she has posted 500+ posts as of now. Also, her profile is already verified by Instagram.

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