Is Eriq La Salle Getting Married?

Eriq La Salle, a 58-year-old single man was once a committed and engaged man. He was engaged to a beautiful woman, Angela Johnson. Eriq was 35 at the time and Angela was 29-year old. Angela used to work as a management consultant in Los Angeles.

The couple dated for five long years. Then, they got engaged in 1998 and even purchased a vacation house together. However, fate had a different plan for them. 

After getting engaged and buying the house, the couple broke up soon after. Although the reasons for their breakup are still under the rock, it must have been pretty serious. In addition, the couple had a huge problem after the breakup regarding their vacation home. 

There were some rumors that Eriq was gay, even though he’s long confirmed that this isn’t true. For Eriq, the breakup was very hard. He even has trouble letting in other women in his life because of her. 

Problem Regarding Their Vacation House

Eriq La Salle with his ex-fiance Angela Johnon
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Shortly after getting engaged, the couple bought a beautiful vacation home for themselves. As per Eriq, he bought the house with his money, however, used Angela’s name. He did this for the purposes of maintaining his privacy, confidentiality, safety, and security.

But, after break up, she wanted half of what the house was worth. This led to a lot of problems for both of them. 

Eriq Decides Never to Get Married

Even at the age of 58, Eriq La Salle remains single. Furthermore, he doesn’t plan to get married and start a family. As per the man himself, his ex-fiance Angela was a great influence in his life, and she will always mean a lot to him.

Moreover, he still has trouble letting in other women in his life, because it will always be her for him.

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