Is Gavin Leatherwood Gay? The truth about his relationship with Luke Cook

There have been many rumors that Gavin Leatherwood and Luke Cook have been dating. So, are the Sabrina co-stars dating? Is Gavin Leatherwood Gay? Read below to learn more about it. 

Gavin Leatherwood tweeted about his relationship with Luke Cook

For a long time, fans have been shipping the duo. Time and time again, there have been rumors about them dating. So, to spice it up a bit, Gavin posted a picture on Twitter captioning, “Just to make it abundantly clear…@lukecoook and I are and have been dating for over a year now. Here’s a pic the morning after a night of vigorous lovemaking.”

Now, this tweet made fans go crazy. Fans were going wild in the comment section. One fan commented, “I mean…he’s been inside you for a whole season…so”. Another fan commented, “Omg yes. Yes, let him break it off with Sabrina and end up with her devil dad! I want it!” So, for a while fans were making the comment section run wild. Then, Luke posted something.

Luke Cook addresses Gavin Leatherwood Rumors

Luke Cook's instagram post referring to the Gavin Leatherwood gay rumors

Cook posted the same picture as Leatherwood and captioned, “These rumors are getting OUT OF HAND! Someone photoshopped me into this post-coital picture of @gavinleatherwood and @samcorlett me and Gavin are NOT dating! Ughhh.”

However, even this didn’t stop the fans from commenting wildly in Gavin’s tweet. Fans who ship the duo were still having a time of their lifetime. 

But, who can blame those, right?

The Truth

So, the thing about this rumor is that Gavin Leatherwood and Luke Cook are quite close friends. However, they are in no way in a relationship with each other. Luke is even married to a celebrity stylist Kara Wilson. 

In past, Gavin was also linked with other co-stars like Brittney Rippeon and Kiernan Shipka. The actor is quite friendly with all of his castmember. He is very close to them that he keeps posting pictures together with his cast members. With all his Instagram posts, it seems like his cast members also love his friendliness and his weirdness. 

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