Is Jerry Sheindlin Still Married to Judy Sheindlin? Details on His Personal Life

Jerry Sheindlin is an American author, television personality, jurist, and attorney. Prior to becoming an attorney he also served in an army for his nation during the Korean War. Also, he has served as a trial Judge in the New York Supreme Court.

He has also worked as an actor. Moreover, his shows Erroneous Convictions, Entertainment Tonight, and The People’s Court are widely loved by the audience. Similarly, as an author, his contribution has been great as both his law books got sold in huge numbers.

Talkimg about his personal life, he has been married three times, two times with his present wife, Judy Sheindlin

Leaving all this aside here in this article we will have a closer look at his personal Life. Let’s go.

How old is Jerry Sheindlin?

As of today, Jerry Sheindlin is already 88 years old. He first came into this world in 1933 in New York City, New York, the U.S. So he is American by his nationality. Likewise, every year on the 19th of November, this actor cum attorney blows his birthday candle with his close friends and family.

Furthermore, Jerry spent his whole childhood in New York with his family. Unfortunately, details related to his parents are still away from the web.

His Education

Jerry did his basic, primary, and secondary schooling somewhere in New York. Well, for his further studies he went to Long Island University where he received a BA degree. Following that he went to study for LLB at Brooklyn Law School in the year 1959.

Like many Americans at the time, the attorney also served in the Army in the Korean War before going to University. After getting his LLB degree, he started to practice law as a Trial judge in New York Supreme Court.

jerry sheindlin with his wife
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Jerry Sheindlin is the Judge of the New York Supreme Court

After completing his studies, Jerry started his career as a professional lawyer in New York Supreme Court as a trial Judge. There, he served for more than 2 decades. Moreover, he made his first television appearance on The People’s Court right after that. In that show, he came in the place of former New York Mayor Ed Koch. Not to forget he did all this after his retirement.

In his initial career, he was part of almost 64 published opinions. Besides that, he also issued a 46 Page opinion on the inclusion of DNA forensic evidence in a murder prosecution.

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Jerry Sheindlin is also an author

We can surely say Jerry is a multitalented individual. He is a Tv personality, attorney, and author by his profession. Jerry has already published two books titled “Genetic Fingerprinting: The Law and Science of DNA Evidence” and “Blood Trail”.

His first book “Genetic Fingerprinting: The Law and Science of DNA Evidence” gives a slight inside overview of the science and law of DNA fingerprinting. Whereas, the other book Blood Trail is about the first trial to involve the admissibility of DNA: the murder of a Bronx mother and her infant.

jerry sheindlin with his wife in Emmy
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Jerry Sheindlin Married Judy Sheindlin Twice

Jerry and Judy have been married for more than 4 decades now. However, during this time period, they have been married twice with each other. Prior to getting married to Judith, Jerry was married to his first wife Suzanne Rosenthal from the year 1965 to 1977. But for some reason, not much about his first marriage has been discussed on the web.

Jerry and Judy first met in a pub and fell in love. After being in a relationship for some time they officially got married in 1977. It was a second marriage for both of them. But things didn’t go well between them and they divorced in 1990.

Also together they welcomed 3 children named Gregory, Jonathan, and Nicole. Alongside that Jerry also have 2 stepchildren Jamie and Adam Levy.

After 14 years of marriage, Jerry and Judy parted ways, which was quite surprising for a lot of people. If sources are to be believed the main reason for their divorce was Judy felt her husband didn’t support her while her father bid goodbye to this world.

But a year later things got sorted and they again married each other in 1991. Well, as of now they are still married and doing all good. Also, they are already blessed with 13 grandchildren as well. The more interesting fact is their children Greg, Adam, and Nicole all are lawyers in their profession.

His Wife is a Popular Court Show Arbitrator

As mentioned above, Jerry is married to Judith popularly known as Judy. Like her husband, she is also a court show arbitrator. But the only difference is she got more fan following and popularity than him.

Professional, Jerry is a court show arbitrator, media personality, television producer, author, women’s advancement philanthropist, and former prosecutor and Manhattan family court judge. Well, she has widely appreciated for her work on Judge Judy a TV show. Recently, she is all over the internet after news about her show Judy Justice season 2 got published. Her show Judy Justice will be streaming on Amazon. Though she announced that she is leaving the show in 2020, she again made her comeback recently.

jerry sheindlin's wife
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Jerry Sheindlin Net Worth

As of 2022, Jerry Sheindlin has an estimated net worth of $300 million. However, he has not openly talked about his total net worth on the internet yet. Well, it is obvious that he made most of his earnings from his career as an attorney and Author. Also, his net worth increased significantly amount when he became a part of various shows.

On other hand, according to an article published on CNBC in 2019, his wife, Judy Sheindlin’s estimated net worth was around $400 Million at that time. At that time she got $47 million for being part of Judge Judy. Alongside that, she also got $100 million for selling the right of her show Hot Bench to CBS.

As of today, her estimated net worth is $480 million according to Forbes. Also, she is 59th America’s Self-Made Women. In the year 2020, she was one of 50 individuals who got their name placed in 50 over 50.

Body Measurement

Jerry is currently in his late 80s, so he doesn’t have top-notch physic. But during his adulthood, he was one handsome lad. Regarding his height, he stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches tall. Similarly, his weight is around 55 kgs.

With a fair skin tone and white hair, he is still as good-looking as he was in his adulthood. As he is aging we can clearly see wrinkles on his skin.

Is He Active On Social Media?

It seems like, he is yet to make his social media debut. Despite being so popular on the web he is still missing on platforms like Instagram and Twitter. But we can see many fan pages under his name on platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Not only him, but his better half is also not available on any social media platforms yet.

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