Is Latarian Milton Still in Prison? Where is He Now?

Have you ever heard a boy who is not even in his teens sued for a road rampage, strange right? Like many of you, we are also in deep shock. The boy’s name is Latarian Milton. He was a juvenile delinquent who committed a road rage rampage crime way back in 2008. He is mostly known by the nickname ‘Hoot Rat Kid’. Likewise, he was infamous for stealing his grandmother’s car and damaging colossal properties across Palm Beach.

But, this was over a decade before? So, where is he now? What is he doing? Is he out of prison? Let’s find out.

How Old is Latarian Milton?

As of now, Latarian Milton is already 20 years old. Being ill-famed for his serious crazy detriment in the past, Milton has already shaken the world. He was born on the 30th of September 2000. He hails from Palm Beach, Florida. Therefore, he belongs to an American nationality. His zodiac sign is Libra.

Latarian Milton Grew Up With His Grandmother

Latarian Milton was raised by his grandmother Zikkita Stratford. He was solely cared for by his dearest grandmother. As per research, his mom named is Ashley Milton. Her mother was not with him in his life as her effort to stay with him was sabotaged by her troubles with the laws and addictions.

His Education

Learning from his past and leaving the worst things behind, Milton has changed himself. With all these dark sides in past, you might conjecture him as a criminal. However, it is not so. Keeping this in mind, he completed his middle school back in 2015. Interestingly, he was on the media radar for a good reason as he graduated from the John F. Kennedy Middle School in Riviera Beach, Florida.

While being on media once again, he confessed that he wants to pursue his career in football at the national level. He said he was quite serious about it. We hope things work out for him. Additionally, he also revealed that he will join an engineering college or US Navy if things don’t work out in professional football.

Latarian Milton is Best Known By The Nickname ‘Hood Rat Kid’

Latarian Milton is best known for his nickname, ‘Hood Rat Kid’. Originally, the ‘Hood Rat’ stuff came from the incident back in April 2008. He was merely 7 of his age when he took his grandmother’s Dodge Durango in the streets of Palm Beach. Furthermore, he took his friend into his grandmother’s SUV and raged into numerous properties in the street.

A report covered by the West Palm Beach News Station unfolds that he was angry at his grandmother, who was a chain smoker. He wanted to do ‘hood rat’ stuff smoking cigarettes with his friend. In this way, he is pretty much known by the name ‘Hoot Rat Kid’.

Most surprisingly, Latarian stated that he wanted to do such notorious because it was fun to do and he wanted to do bad things. Isn’t that bizarre? Well, we fell off the edge when this report came out as a news outlet.

With his unique and funny way of elaborating his notorious act, his craze took pace. Not just that, his video went viral spreading like wildfire. He became an overnight internet sensation, bringing forth numerous interesting memes. Clips of several remixes of his video also earned him the ‘Hoot Rat’ alias.

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Latarian Milton Damaged Several properties In Palm Beach Road Rage Rampage

Reports suggest that Latarian drove into two mailboxes, and hit two moving cars nearby a Walmart. He drove several miles during which he passed through Lake Park and Palm Beach gardens. Well, the hard part is that was not just an end, Eventually, he also crashed into quite a few cars parked in the Costco parking lot. There was dreadful damage on a bunch of assets which made him cost a lot.

With his reckless driving, he was noticed by every other motorist and rang a call to the police. They noticed that he was too small to drive a car and have a license. The police put effort and started finding Milton for his crazy act. In due course, they caught him after he struck the curb. Then he was stuck around Investment Lane and the Consumer Drive area.

This incident got spread like a wildfire. Everyone seemed to be surprised how the 7-year-old kid got behind the wheel of an SUV. Like everyone, his grandmother was also surprised by what actually happened. After the damages that her grandson did, she was quite annoyed to pay for their repair cars and properties.

He Beat Up His Grandmother For Not Buying Him Chicken Wings

Just after a couple of months of road rampage in 2008, Milton gained the media’s attention. Not even after the dust was settled, he came up with another incident. Again, he bumped into the news headlines. And this time it was for beating his grandmother in Lake Park Walmart. Well, the reason seems quite funny as she wasn’t ready to buy him chicken wings.

For his ridiculous act, he was taken into police custody. Later, he was sent to a mental hospital where he was subjected to a mental evaluation. He also received an invitation to appear on the Judge Judy Show.

Latarian Milton Struck Again With Carjacking At The Age Of 16

After the 2008 road incident, he was also charged with carjacking. Indeed, it was Lyft ride-sharing service car in West Palm Beach. Lyft driver explained that he picked up a woman and four men into his car.

After dropping a woman at an apartment, these four men asked him to relocate them to a different location. Responding to men’s needs, the driver denied firmly. In fact, their request was not made through the driver’s app. Soon after, Joseph, one of the four men threatened the driver getting him out of the car. They took all of his money and phone and Latarian took the driver’s seat and ran away.

Latarian Milton potrait
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Latarian Milton Story Is Featured In “The Boondocks”

The juvenile criminal’s whole crazy story is featured in an episode of the series named “The Boondocks”, an adult animated action-comedy TV series. It is also named Smokin with Cigarettes which has the main story of Lamilton Taeshawn. In this inspired episode, he is a parodic lunatic and malevolent delinquent.

Is Latarian Milton Still in Prison?

Latarian Milton is probably serving a prison sentence as he was charged with carjacking and damaging properties charges. According to the Palm Beach County arrest records, he is serving his sentence in Palm Beach County as of now. He is serving a 15-year long jail sentence.


As far as we are concerned, Latarian Milton has Twitter and Facebook accounts. But, he is not much active on his social media platforms.

Well, his Twitter account goes by the username @Laterian_Milton. He joined Twitter in September 2011. So far now, he has 156 followers and 43 tweets. He also has a public figure Facebook page under the name @dobadthings. On his Facebook page, he has accumulated more than 5.2k likes and 5.2k followers.

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