Recently, many people have gained fame through streaming and gaming. JaeRoar is also one of them. He gained fame through his gameplay and streams. He is a notable figure who posts his gameplay video on YouTube and also streams it on the Twitch platform. Most people recognize him from his YouTube where he vlogs comic book-related info, TV shows, movies, and games.

Initially, he used to stream games like Gears of War, Batman: Arkham Knight, and Counter-Stike. However, he streams games such as Evil Dead: The Game and Video Horror Society, at present. Jae seems to be fulfilled with his career as a streamer and a vlogger and has achieved and gathered thousands of followers.

How Old is JaeRoar?

JaeRoar was born on the 27th of February, 1988 in the United State of America. Considering his date of birth, he is 34 years old as of 2022. Likewise, he is a Pisces.

Besides, he has posted a picture on his Instagram handle with his lovely mother and a cousin. The photo was posted on the 3rd of October, 2014. Looking at it, we could tell that it was taken when he was just an infant. He along with his mother were smiling in the photo.

He has three siblings (two brothers and a sister) with whom he grew up. They are Brody, Brandon, and Mia. However, he hasn’t revealed anything about his father.

Talking about his education he graduated from a local high school in his hometown. However, we have no idea if he is a college graduate.

JaeRoar old pic with his mother
Source: Instagram

What Does JaeRoar Do For Living?

JaeRoar was interested in video games from an early age. Eventually, it lead him to make his career as a video creator. To date, he has followed his passion and has gathered followers across the internet or say social media. People started to recognize him after he started posting his gameplay videos on social media platforms including Twitch and YouTube.

In his initial Youtube days, he used to post about Batman. When he started his YouTube channel, the very first video he uploaded was a discussion about the Batman 2015 Reboot. Following the content, he had made similar content focussing on DC universe movies and video games which gave him the follower he deserved.

He started his YouTube channel in May 2012. Starting from zero subscribers, he has reached over 130k subscribers by 2022. Likewise, he has over 28 million views as of now.

Furthermore, his most viewed video has 600k plus views. The video is titled Toxic SWF Stream Snipers Get Played – Dead by Daylight.

Apart from YouTube, he also streams on Twitch. He has thousands of followers on different social media platforms. So, he must be earning a decent amount from them.

Furthermore, going through his Instagram, we could say that he likes the horror element whether it could be a game or an anime.

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Who is JaeRoar Dating?

As per different sources, he had previously mentioned going out with a fellow YouTuber. At that time, he along with the YouTuber had posted a video on his YouTube channel. However, the video was later removed from the channel. So, many of his loyal fans considered them to have separated after some time.

In today’s world, we could hear the news that many people are in love with comic or manga characters. Some people did get married to some. So, considering it and his posts on his Instagram, it won’t be bad if I tell you he really likes anime and the character. He might be obsessed with the character and might also love it deeply from his heart. Who knows, until he reveals any of the detail we could not tell his choice of life partner.

However, despite being a well-known figure on the internet, he has not disclosed any detail about his partner. So, taking into consideration of the overall facts and media portal, he might be single as of 2022.

JaeRoar wearing glassess
Source: Instagram

JaeRoar Net Worth

As of now, JaeRoar has an estimated net worth of $600,000. However, it might be increasing decently.

The Youtuber owns a white Camaro. He posted a video of it, captioning, “New car baby” on February 27, 2021. The car looks amazing and has different kinds of features. Besides, the white color of the Chevrolet Camaro SS of the car looks beautiful in the video.

As he lives in Austin, Texas, he is very fond of snow as he likes to play in the snow. However, analyzing one of his posts, we could tell that he was very upset about his lemon tee being destroyed by snow.

In addition, he has a weird hobby of assembling keyboards. Once, he posted a pic stating his long-time hobby is assembling his keyboard from the scratch.

Besides, on the 13th of November, 2020, he purchased the PS5 to his content. Moreover, he possesses a collection of glasses for different occasions.

Furthermore, he has also provided his business Gmail account through which anyone could contact him. Likewise, he has also provided a website link where he posted his daily content. Apart from it, he is one of the partners of the Twitch platform, as mentioned on his Twitter profile. Twitch stars also promote @gamersupps where his code is JAEE for his fans. It is an official energy drink of shitposting.

JaeRoar driving his car
Source: Instagram

Body Measurement

The streamer has an average body figure with a height of 5 feet and 7 inches. Meanwhile, he weighs around 85 kg. Apart from it, he rocks his beard.

Likewise, he has black hair and a pair of black eyes.

Social Media

The content creator is active on Instagram, where he has around 13.1k followers with 32 posts on it. He has followed 363 users with his account under the name of @jaeettv. Likewise, he could be found using a Twitter platform. There he has more than 22k followers with 87.9k tweets to date. He joined the platform in the May of 2010.

Similarly, a total of 145k people have followed his official Twitch account which he runs under the name of @Jaee. Recently, he had streamed Video Horror Society and Evil Dead: The Game. He was active 11 hours ago on his Twitch channel. Besides it, Jae has successfully gathered 137k subscribers on her YouTube channel.

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