Things You Didn’t Know About Katherine Johnson’s First, Husband, James Francis Goble

James Francis Goble is popular as the husband of the late American mathematician, Katherine Johnson. Katherine is popular for the calculation of orbital mechanics as a NASA employee. In a simple word, she was one of the finest and greatest female mathematician that the world has seen to date.

He got into the limelight after the release of the movie ‘Hidden Figures’. In that movie, all the hardship and struggle that his wife went through is described. Similarly, that movie became the turning point of his life.

Also, James is her first husband. The couple was married for 17 years, till Jame’s death. Moreover, they have three children together.

How Old is James Francis Goble?

James Francis Goble was born on 29 March 1913. However, he was just 43 years old at the time of his death.

He was American by nationality as he was born and raised in Marion, Smyth County, Virginia, United States. Similarly, he was born to his father Charles Jackson Goble, Sr., and mother Anna Thomas-Goble (Smith).

His Siblings

Born in a middle-class family he had a decent upbringing. Likewise, he had four siblings whose identity is still missing on the web. Out of his 4 siblings, 3 are his brother and one is his sister, Helen Goble McClanahan.

His Education

Since his parents were of African origin so he had to go through a very tough phase. Nonetheless, he completed his schooling in the USA. But the details about his education are still missing on the web.

James Francis Goble was a Chemistry Teacher

Katherine’s first husband was a teacher. Unlike his better half, he was not a mathematician, but he was a chemistry teacher.

He started his teaching career right out of college. Throughout his career, he has taught to hundreds of students in several schools and colleges.

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His Wife is a Renowned Mathematecian

Katherine didn’t always intend to be a mathematician. Although she was very good at maths and loved mathematics, she first choose to be a maths teacher. Eventually, her fate took her towards the path of full time mathematician.

Later she went to join NASA as a full-time researcher. She utilized her skills to calculate the paths of rockets through space. Likewise, she also obtained the trajectory that put the first American in space. Similarly, she also worked as an aerospace technologist prior to doing jobs at NASA.

Additionally, in the later phase of her life, she motivated students to set foot in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

Source: NPR

James Francis Goble and Katherine Johnson Were Married for 17 Years

James was the first husband of Katherine Johnson. The couple were married for more than 17 years.

Although they haven’t revealed about their first meeting, they walked down the aisle in 1939. The Goble family used to live in Newport News, Virginia, USA since 1953.

During their 17 years of marriage they welcomed 3 beautiful children; all daughters. They are; Constance, Joylette, and Katherine.

All of them also talked about their mother in the movie ‘Hidden Figures’. Howevever, they seem to love keeping themselves away from the public eyes. So, they haven’t revealed any information about them.

Similarly, the duo were married for over 17 years at the time of his death. He bid goodbye to this world in 1956. But we can surely say all the time he spent with his better half most be the most memorable moment of his life.

What is the Cause of James’ Death?

James lost his life just at the age of 43. The main cause of his death was an Inoperable brain tumor. After suffering from a brain tumor for some time he breathed his last breath on December 20, 1956.

At that time his wife was just hired by NASA. After his death, he was buried at 520 Shell Road, Hampton, Hampton City County, Virginia, 23661, United States.

Moreover, when James battled this deadly disease, his wife Katherine took care of his family and children. Also, his death was a tragedy for the whole family. His death was a great shocker for all his relatives and closest friends.

His Wife, Katherine is also Dead

Likewise, his wife Katherine is also no more with us now. She took her last breath at the age of 101 on February 24, 2020, in Newport News, Virginia, U.S. Well, her death was a natural death.

Unlike her first husband, she didn’t have any major health issues. Well, her loss will always be felt in the department of science and technology.

His Wife ReMarried After a Couple of Years of His Death

Katherine again got romantically linked with her second husband James A. “Jim” Johnson after the death of her first husband. After 3 years of his death, Katherine married an Army Veteran Jim Johnson.

Jim was a United States Army officer and veteran of the Korean War. Their marriage lasted for 6 decades. Like her first marriage, this relationship also came to an end after she lost her husband in 2019.

Jim bid goodbye to this world at the age of 93. Nonetheless, the cause of his death is still not revealed to the general public. However, we believe it to be of natural causes.

From her 2 marriages, she had six grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren. Also, various sources say she motivated all her grandchild and great-grandchild to enter the field of Science and Technology.

james francis goble's wife receiving medal of freedom from president
Source: European Platform of Women Scientists (EPWS)

James Francis Goble Net Worth

James’s net worth details are still missing on the web. As he died young not a single media house has covered his total net worth. But we can surely say as a teacher he made a handful amount of money and was able to live a happy and comfortable life with his family. All, of his income, came from his profession as a chemistry teacher.

On another hand, various sources claim that Katherine had an estimated net worth of $600,000 during her death. Working for one of the most popular and richest organizations, she made most of her fortune as a mathematician.

Katherine is One of the First Black Woman Scientist

Katherine had a great contribution to the field of science and technology. Especially, she had done a lot for NASA and NASA has also addressed her contribution in a positive way. It may sound surprising, but she is one of the first African-American individuals who served as a Scientist.

Moreover, out of her many awards and achievement. She first was honored as West Virginia State College Outstanding Alumnus of the Year in 1999.

Following that, she also received a Presidential Medal of Freedom from Barak Obama for her contribution to the calculations of orbital mechanics. This is said to be one of the major awards she has won to date. In 2016 she also made up to BBC’s list of 100 Women of Influence Worldwide.

Besides this, many Tech colleges and school have named their school with Katherine’s name. The latest one to do so was San Juan Unified School District. The district named its newest school, Katherine Johnson Middle School.

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