Kathryn Diebel – Frankie Avalon’s Wife of Six Decades

A successful marriage is like a long conversation that goes by too quickly. You aren’t aware of how much time has passed while you are with your finest companion. The same applies to the cases of Kathryn Diebel and Frankie Avalon. The long-lived couple has been together for nearly six decades.

Kathryn is a former beauty pageant winner. But her popularity rose after she married American teen idol Frankie Avalon. Frankie is a singer, actor, and teen idol best known for his role in the 1970 musical film Grease.

The couple has been together since the ’60s. Moreover, they have eight beautiful children, who are all grown up now.

Who Is Kathryn Diebel?

Kathryn Diebel is a former winner of the Miss Rheingold beauty pageant. We are unable to find details on her actual date of birth. However, she seems to be in her late 70s. Likewise, she was born in the United States but hasn’t revealed the exact place.

On the other hand, Frankie Avalon, her husband, was born on September 18, 1940, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His parents were Mary Avallone and Nicholas Avallone.

Regarding her early life, details on her parents, childhood, and education are yet to be revealed. But, Kathryn used to model and even worked as a dental assistant before competing in the annual beauty contest in the 1950s.

Kathryn Diebel and her husband Frankie  Avalon during their young age
Source: UNLV Special Collections Portal

Her Siblings

Although Kathryn hasn’t revealed details about her earlier stage of life, it’s not the same for her sibling, Gretchen Wayne. Gretchen was born on October 14, 1935, in Los Angeles, California, USA. She is a producer and executive. Her most notable movies include The High and the Mighty, Budd Boetticher: An American Original, A Budd Boetticher: A Man Can Do That.

She also gained massive fame after marrying her husband, Michael Wayne. She tied the knot with Michael on August 30, 1958. Together, they had five children: Christopher Wayne, Alicia Wayne, Josephine Wayne, Maria Wayne, and Teresa Wayne. Michael died of heart failure in 2003, at the age of 68.

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When Did Kathryn Diebel and Frankie Avalon First Meet?

If something can describe the phrase “love at first sight,” then that would be the feeling Frankie got after seeing Kathryn for the first time. He was instantly attracted to her at first glance. The couple met for the first time somewhere in the early 1960s. Frankie met her at his friend’s house while playing cards.

He seemed to have fallen instantly in love with her and even told his friend that he would marry her. His words came true. The couple actually tied the knot on January 19, 1963. At that time, Frankie’s agent warned him that marriage would spoil his idol aura, but he didn’t care about that.

To date, they are still together and have eight children. They have been married for nearly sixty years now.

Her Husband Is A Former Teen Idol

Kathryn Diebel's Husband Frankie Avalon
Source: Parade

The teen idol, Frankie Avalon had an interest in the music sector at a young age. He made his television debut playing the trumpet on the Jackie Gleason Show. Even though he was playing trumpet, the local public entertainment manager, Bob Marcucci, used to praise him for his vocals. Marcucci also helped him get deals with the recorders.

In 1959, Frankie recorded his cover song “Venus,” originally written by Ed Marshall. It had a unique combination of orchestral music, bells, and chimes. The song helped him make his own identity in the market. It was also ranked as the number-one hit. Some of his hit songs include Why, Just Ask Your Heart, I’ll Wait for You, A Boy Without A Girl, and Don’t Throw Away All Those Teardrops. among these, Marcucci has also written and made some songs.

For his incredible performances, Avalon was named “King of Song” in 1959 and received The Photography Magazine’s Gold Award for Most Popular Vocalist the same year.

Frankie: Beyond The Entertainment Sector

Avalon developed a passion for marketing outside of the entertainment sector, and he is now developing and selling goods with the aim of making the world a better place.  On the Home Shopping Network, he advertised a line of cosmetics and wellness products called Frankie Avalon Products.  Frankie Avalon’s Zero Pain Roll-On Arthritis Pain Reliever was one of the products in this series for treating arthritis.  Later, he released a cookbook titled “Frankie Avalon’s Family Cookbook: From Mine to Yours in 2015.”  It contains more than 80 family recipes that his mother compiled.  He launched his own food company called Frankie Avalon Foods. Its main goal is to provide traditional Italian dishes made with top-notch ingredients.

How Many Children Does Kathryn Diebel Have?

The former beauty pageant winner, Kathryn Diebel, is happily married to her longtime husband, Frankie Avalon. They began their marital relationship around six decades ago. They are a happy couple with eight children and ten grandchildren altogether.

The couple welcomed their first baby boy the same year of their marriage. His name is Frank Burt Avalon. Other children are Kathryn Avalon, Tony Avalon, Nicolas Avalon, Dina Avalon, Carla Avalon, Joseph Avalon, and Laura Avalon.

Frank Burt Avalon, the eldest of eight children, is also an actor who has done films such as The Karate Kid, Better Off Dead, Airwolf, and others. Likewise, Tony Avalon seems to be a singer just like his father. Tony and Frank Burt used to follow their father on his shows.

Kathryn Diebel and her husband Frankie  Avalon on their wedding dress
Source: Biography Gist

Kathryn Diebel Net Worth

As previously stated, there is no information about what Kathryn does for a living. So, we don’t know how much or what properties she owns.

But talking about her husband, Frankie Avalon, has amassed a whooping net worth of $30 million.

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Body Measurements

Kathryn was a beauty pageant in the 60s. So, no doubt her body was great. The celebrity spouse has a slender body figure with a height of 5ft 5 inches and weighs around 50 kg. Likewise, she is a blonde with blue eyes.

Social Media

Kathryn seems to love her private life in her old age. She might be enjoying her daily life with her children and grandchildren. Thus, Diebel is not active on any of the social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

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