Who is Saif Ahmad Belhasa? Know His Wife, Children, and Other Details

Saif Ahmad Belhasa is one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs in the world. Originally from Dubai, UAE, the earning sources for Saif have spread all around the world. With his successful entrepreneurial career, he has managed to earn himself a decent net worth. He is a popular figure across the world as he has accumulated massive fame. 

In this article, we are going to take a closer look at the personal life of wealthy businessmen. Alongside his details, we are also going to explore his entrepreneurial career. His professional life is considered an example for aspiring people. So we are going to look closer into the details of his lifestyle. 

Who is Saif Ahmad Belhasa?

Saif Ahmad Belhasa originally belongs to Dubai. The wealthy businessman grew up in the busy world of the UAE. Even though Saif now holds the key to one of the most fruitful businesses in the world, he didn’t always have the luxury. He inherited the control of the business from his father after he had completed his education.

Even though he belongs to the UAE nationality, it is also said that he is in a possession of American citizenship. Although many media outlets have claimed this fact, we weren’t able to confirm it.

Saif Ahmad Belhasa drinking
Source: Instagram(@sb_belhasa)

Alongside his business life, his personal life has been fascinating to the members of the public for a long time now. The Dubai-based man’s house has been termed one of the most fascinating mansions in the world. 

Keep on reading this article to take a closer look into the details of Saif’s life. 

Saif Ahmad Belhasa Age And Origins Explored

The Emiratis businessman is at the peak of his professional lifestyle. Having racked an impressive net worth, he is looking to extend his business empire. 

Talking about his origin, he was born in Dubai, UAE. And apart from his professional ventures, he rarely left his motherland. Instead, he found a way to make fortune in his homeland and now owns one of the biggest businesses in the world. 

According to our sources, he was born on the 20th of April, 1996. The business tycoon recently turned 55 years old. Like every year, he celebrated his birthday with massive anticipation in his giant mansion. 

In his five decades of life, Saif has learned a lot. He is who he is, mostly thanks to his parents. After the completion of his education, he inherited the ownership of the business from his father. Getting such a massive responsibility was a big part of Saif’s growth. Now he dreams of taking the family heirloom to new heights as he sits in the commanding position of a massive organization. 

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He Inherited the Business From His Father

Saif Ahmad Belhasa is the chairman of the Belhasa group of companies. This position was occupied by his father before he came in charge. Since the appointment of Saif, the family business has seen new heights as the net worth of the company grows larger with every coming day.  

The field of action of the company is large and it grows by the day. Now, the Belhasa Group includes about 30 subsidiaries focusing on diverse fields like construction, automotive, education, trading, and hospitality, to name a few.

Saif was pursuing his education to become worthy of succeeding in such an important position in a large corporation. After the completion of his education, he was entrusted with the responsibility of running the future of the business. 

Unsurprisingly, the business has seen new heights since he ascended the role of commanding fate. It has been spread across multiple countries and new locations are being added.

The company now stands at an impressive net worth of around $2.1 Billion. The number is increasing at an exponential rate in the latest years. Their exploits are getting more and more diverse, and according to the chairman, they are a major factor in the development of Dubai and the rest of the world.

He is A Fitness Freak

Since Saif has already crossed his fifties, he can afford to live a comfortable lifestyle. But he is rather keen to pursue a fitness journey. Many media outlets have documented his interest in fitness, and compared to people his age, he has managed to maintain himself quite well.

With his height of 5’7 feet, he is quite the fitness freak even at the age of 55. He exercises frequently. He likes fitness and continuously works to maintain his health despite his hectic schedule and demanding life.

Saif Ahmad Belhasa posing for a picture
Source: Instagram(@sb_belhasa)

Saif has an impressive height of around 1.7 m while sources have reported that he weighs around 75 kgs. Through hard work and consistent determination, he has managed to take care of his health and physique.

Saif Ahmad Belhasa is a Married Man

Saif is married to a beautiful woman named Sarah Belhasa. Three kids were born to the couple. They go by the names of Abdulla Belhasa, Mayed Belhasa, and Rashed Belhasa.

His youngest son Rashed Belhasa, better known by his alias “Money Kicks,” is a well-known influencer. His estimated net worth is $1 million, and he is well-known for his extensive collection of limited edition shoes, including the Yeezys, Bapes, and Air Jordans.

Both Mayed Belhasa and Abdulla are exceptional football players. They participate in both UAE football and national team games. At Palm Jumeirah, he can frequently be spotted fishing with his family. He enjoys traveling as well, and he owns a home in √Čvian-les-Bains, France, which he frequently visits.

The Arabian enjoys traveling a lot, but few people are aware of the fact that he routinely provides fully funded European vacations for his managers and staff. But he exhorts them to visit the continent as well. It’s truly amazing to behold.

Because of his riches, the family gets to enjoy a good quality of life. The Arabic family frequently are seen fulfilling their luxurious demands at exotic places all around the world.

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Saif Ahmad Belhasa Net Worth

As we have already established, Saif is one of the wealthiest businessmen in the world. With his company worth around $2 billion, he can afford luxuries that many people can only dream of. 

Concurrently to the net worth of his company, Saif Ahmad Belhasa is worth more than $2 billion. Since his earnings are massive, he and his family can afford a luxurious lifestyle. All of his lush spending are spread around the world by multiple media portals as they tend to be on an expensive scale. 

It is rumored that his present residence is rather large. He owns a vast private zoo where exotic wild animals are kept. Giraffes and other animals like lions, cheetahs, and tigers are frequently seen. A manicured pool with a sizable grotto and slides is another feature of his property.

Saif Ahmad Belhasa with his monkey.
Source: Instagram(@sb_belhasa)

Saif Ahmed Belhasa concentrated on completing his education at a time when having a degree or knowledge was not that crucial. He is aware of its significance and didn’t think twice about pursuing a master’s after receiving his bachelor’s. While there is no information known concerning his primary schooling, it is safe to infer that it was in Dubai. Al Ain University of Science and Technology, which is located in Al Ain, is where he earned his bachelor’s degree in 1988.

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