Lucy Deakins: Why She Left Her Flourishing Acting Career Midway?

Finding happiness in life is not in everyone’s fate. We can’t change fate however we can always change our choices while moving on in our life. We can hear people saying, The cost of not following your heart is spending the rest of your life wishing you had.

No matter how rich or successful you are, if you are not happy in your life, no money, and success are probably worthy.

Today, we are going to talk about such person who left her flourishing acting career to pursue her dreams in a completely different sector. Her story mostly makes us realize that we should always trust our instincts and gut feelings. We should do what we like because we are the master of our own life.

Let’s know here about Lucy Deakins including her personal life, Net Worth, Career, Husband, Children, and many more down below:

Who is Lucy Deakins?

Lucy Deakins is an American lawyer and former actress. She is best known for portraying Milly in the film The Boy Who Could Fly. In the same way, she is also famous for creating the character of Lily Walsh on the television series As the World Turns.

She left her acting career on the verge of becoming the best. However, she at present is now serving her legal career as an excellent attorney.

She Has Been Practicing Law for Over a Decade

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In both state and federal court cases, Lucy H. Deakins has represented clients for more than ten years. She strives to resolve her client’s issues in the most affordable way possible. She solves the cases using the best methods possible whether it be through negotiation, litigation, or both. Prior to now, Lucy concentrated her practice on family law, business litigation, and contract disputes. She has defended clients ranging from big, and small businesses to private individuals.

Additionally, Lucy has defended clients in several families law situations, such as divorces, custody battles, and child support disagreements. In New York City, she began her legal career at Fulbright & Jaworski. Later she moved to Norton Rose Fulbright. There she concentrated on securities law and commercial disputes. 

Further, Lucy relocated to Denver, Colorado, where she kept working for the same company. Eventually, Norton Rose Fulbright grew to become the third-largest law firm in the world. Then, at that particular time, Lucy came to the conclusion that she wanted to maintain a closer connection with her clients. Doing that so is not feasible in such a firm. As a result, she left and joined forces with Fred Dunsing to found Dunsing, Deakins & Galera, LLC.

Why Did Lucy Deakins Quit Acting on the Verge of Becoming a Star?

She lacked the love for acting that would support a long career. She worked as an EMT, a firefighter, and a boat builder after then. She expressed her opinions regarding leaving her acting career, “I love acting, but I didn’t love it enough to not do anything else.” 

She didn’t have a leading role as she had in The Boy Who Could Fly, but she still attracted a lot of attention. Everyone believed she would become a major star at the time. She later went on to star in Disney’s Cheetah and appeared in a few Law & Order episodes as well as other TV movies. Then she vanished from the industry.

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Lucy Deakins

The birth date of Lucy Deakins is December 18, 1971. Her original name is Lucy Helyn Deakins. Her birth place is New York City respectively. As of 2022. she is 51 years old and follows Christianity.

Lucy’s parents are Alice Deakins and Roger Deakins. Alice is a professor at Columbia University, and Roger is a professor at New York University.

She attended Harvard University in 1988 after graduating from Stuyvesant High School. Correspondingly, she earned a degree in comparative religion in 1994. She took a break from acting to travel through Europe by backpack.

She earned her law degree from the University of Washington School of Law in 2007 and is currently an active attorney in Denver, Colorado., The passionate attorney possesses huge focus energy on the respective sector. She is also a partner in Dunsing, Deakins & Galera which is a law office in Denver.

Lucy Deakins is a Married Woman

Lucy Deakins married John Jay Arnold on 4 September 1999. They have two children together. There are no rumors or stages of their separation and are together still on the date.

Her husband is a painter and sculptor.

She gave birth to her daughter Mason in the year 2000. She has not revealed the identity of her second child.

Lucy is very serious concerning her relationships. She believes in committing to only one person. There are not any external affairs relating to her love life. She loved and married the same person. In college, they were each other’s sweethearts. They were both graduates of the same university. The pair dated for a long time before getting engaged.

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Where is Lucy Deakins Now?

Lucy Deakins as a child actor
Source: Rotten Tomatoes

Due to her wide range of experiences, Lucy has learned to constantly concentrate on her goals in life. She is now doing great in her legal career.

She is doing her best in her life and never just focuses on the immediate lawsuit aim. she always considers how to best accomplish the client’s overarching goals. Although Lucy aims for the lawsuit, she also understands that every client has different needs, and there are instances when a negotiated settlement is preferable for the client.

She has managed matters through every phase of the legal process, including complaint filing, negotiations, discovery, trial, and appeal.

Award and Nominations

On top of being an excellent law person and attorney is a versatile and talented actress as well. She has performed in several movies, tv-series, and operas in her career in the entertainment sector.

Throughout her career, she has been nominated twice for two prestigious awards for her debut movie”The boy who could fly”. Her nomination category is one: Outstanding Young Actress Performance in a Comedy or Dramatic Feature Film and another: Best Performance by a Younger Actor.

The awards are the Young artist award in 1986 and the Saturn award in 1987.

Attorney Lucy Deakins
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She Loves Traveling and Has Tried Several Activities

Lucy overall did not devote her life to only a certain thing. She always roamed around for new experiences and adventures.

She took time off to work as an actress and traveled by backpack through Europe. Meanwhile, Lucy also attended boatbuilding school, worked as an EMT, and enlisted in the town’s Fire Academy while residing in Port Townsend, Washington. Similarly, she worked with the National Forest Service in 1998 putting out wildland fires. She relocated to Denver in 1999 and worked as a paralegal there.

Lucy Deakins Net Worth

The entertainment sector added to her income in the early days but her legal career is indeed a prime factor to maintain her net worth.

The skillful lawyer has more than $800,000 in her name. Her annual income is unclear however she is living a great life and is happy with her work.

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