Manny Mua Dating Life and Past Affairs

The relationship of celebrities is usually a very highlighted subject. Most audiences love to look after their idol for how they carry themselves. They prefer to look after them including in every aspect of their life as well as their love life too certainly.

Today we are going to talk about such a personality who has become an apple of the eye of many people through his works and achievements.

He is well-known among his fans and followers as the icon for breaking gender stereotypes in the fashion and makeup industry. He is continuously working to remove the barrier between man and makeup and is setting an example for everyone. Most of his fans support him for this work mainly. they love him personally equally as well.

He is none other than the widely renowned makeup artist and beauty personality Manny Mua. We’ll look at Manny Gutierrez’s current girlfriend, previous relationships, and dating history in the article down below.

Let’s get to know about Manny Mua and his love life including his past affairs, failed relationships, dating experiences, and many more.

Who is Manny Mua?

Manny Mua is the first-ever male brand ambassador for renowned cosmetics company Maybelline. The founder and creator of products for the cosmetic company Lunar Beauty is also Manny. He is a well-known YouTuber and businessman significantly. In a similar way, he too is a significant popular figure with 4.1M followers on Instagram and 4.86M subscribers on youtube.

Overall, Manny, as his adoring followers refer to him, developed a keen interest in makeup very early in life. When he was little, he would watch his mother put on makeup. He had a deep interest in cosmetics and how to use them.

His real name is Manual Gutierrez and was born in San Diego, California. Lovingly, his all fans often call him Manny.

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Manny Mua Left Medical School to Become a Makeup Artist

Manny advises aspiring fashionistas on beauty. He wants to increase the accessibility of the cosmetics and beauty industry for men through his efforts. He abandoned medical school to focus on his job as a makeup artist because of his love and enthusiasm for makeup.

At 6 feet tall, Manny is a tall guy. He has jet black hair, bright eyes, and a handsome appearance. He is fit and takes good care of his body. Ultimately, Manny MUA goes above and beyond to have a charming attitude.

He has been a visionary person in altering public opinions of the beauty and makeup industries. Similarly, he is currently doing a fantastic job and motivating a significant percentage of the audience.

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Working in the industry Manny has faced some hurtful incidents too. He has gotten into drama and broken friendships many times. Fans have applauded Gutierrez in particular for being transparent about his past and for learning from the experience.

In 2017, his connection with Laura Lee seemed to disintegrate while maintaining a connection with newcomers in the industry. During the course of that year as he began working more frequently with Gabriel Zamora, a relative newbie to the beauty industry. Then in the following year 2018, his friendship with Jeffree star also got bitter and turned out cold.

But over the years, Lee and Gutierrez have maintained their friendship and, for the most part, avoided conflict. At present, he jointly runs a Fool Coverage Podcast with Laura lee.

Manny Mua and Laura Lee
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Is Manny Mua Dating Anyone?

He likes to share some of his dating experiences with his fans. There are some hints about his dating life which generally appear in the public eye through rumors but Manny has not accepted such rumors yet.

Manny usually keeps his personal ideas to himself. He has experienced his fair share of rumors, conflicts, and problems, but he never gave up and continues to work tirelessly.

James Charles, another makeup artist, and Manny were allegedly said to be dating. Despite reports to the contrary, Manny’s confession of their relationship makes it clear that they are simply friends and nothing more.

These two gifted beauty influencers have a strong friendship relationship.

Why Does His Fans Love Him So Much?

Concurrently, he has an incredible media presence and popularity as well. He is a forerunner in abolishing gender limits in cosmetics, a makeup expert, and a trendsetter in the makeup industry.

In 2014, he started his YouTube channel, where he regularly posts makeup how-to and review videos. In the same way, in 2016, Manny revealed to his online followers that he is openly gay.

The 31-year-old makeup artist made history by being the first man to represent Maybelline, and he became a massively popular makeup influencer as a result of his incredibly relevant YouTube videos. When Gutierrez first started working with the cosmetics company MAC, he used Instagram to gain popularity by posting makeup looks. Then he also launched a YouTube account in response to his fans’ requests.

From there, Gutierrez’s online career skyrocketed as he became friends with Jeffree Star and Laura Lee, two other beauty bloggers. Together, the three of them built their fan bases and their reputation.


Did Manny Mua and James Charles Date?

Manny rarely discusses his personal life and is most frequently seen leading a flashy lifestyle. James Charles, a fellow beauty blogger, and he were rumored to be dating, but Manny dispelled those rumors by saying the same statement.

One of the two YouTubers named by Maybelline as brand ambassadors for 2017 is Manny. He is the second man to be chosen as a spokesperson for a beauty firm after fellow YouTuber James Charles, who had previously been launched as a CoverGirl representative.

Despite the fact that Manny is quite honest with the public about his works and experiences, he tends to reserve his personal opinions for himself and his close friends. He prefers not to completely reveal everything about himself online.

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Manny Mua Used to Date a Woman Named Kathryn

Manny Mua has dated a girl before. He responds to the fact by saying he was in an actual serious relationship with her. Her name is Kathryn. She is a gorgeous lady with a friendly personality.

In one of his YouTube videos where he gives his ex-girlfriend a makeover, Manny once included her. They currently enjoy a good friendship and neither of them has anything bad to say about the other.

Manny announced publicly about being gay some time ago. Before that, he regarded himself straight and was in a beautiful relationship with her. It is not clear why they broke up. They have not confronted the subject, particularly in front of the audience. But apart from being lovers, they both still possess a great friendship.

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Into Mua’s perception of a partner:

He has stated that he seeks a genuine relationship and detests betrayal in romantic relations. Contrarily, we can see that Manny is a serious individual when it comes to dating.

As a partner, he seems to be ready to give his full commitment to his partner and expects the same too.

So, this is all about the peek into Manny’s overall love life. Hope you like it.

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