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It is an inspiration to the young generation that actors from the early 60s and 70s are still actively working in the industry. These actors could teach the newcomers about dedication and enthusiasm. One of those inspirational personalities of the American film industry is none other than Mare Winningham. I believe I won’t need to justify my statement if I say the actress doesn’t need an introduction.

She is the favorite of the previous generation as well as ours. Mare has been able to leave an awesome impression of herself in front of the makers and us, the viewers. The two-time Emma Award winner, Mare, started her career in 1976, and even after contributing 46 years to the entertainment industry, she hasn’t taken a rest yet.

Today’s article will discuss more about her personal life and her achievements.

How Old Is Mare Winningham?

Mare Winningham turned 63 last May. She was born on May 16, 1959, in Phoenix, Arizona, in the United States. Her full name is Mary Megan Winningham.

Mare Winningham in her early ages
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Mare Winningham Early Life

Born in Phoenix, her parents, Marilyn Jean and Sam Neal Winningham raised her in Northridge, California. Her father was a football coach and athletic director who later became the chairman of the department of physical education at California State University, Northridge, whereas her mother was an English teacher and college counselor at Monroe High School and Grant High School.

Though there is no detailed information about her siblings, she has three brothers and a sister.

Mare went to Andasol Avenue Elementary School. She chose drama at Patrick Henry Junior High School and participated in CSUN’s Teenage Drama Workshop during her summer vacations. Winningham adopted the nickname “Mare” during the workshop. She completed her high school education at Chatsworth High School in 1977.

Mare Winningham Has Been Active In The Industry For More Than Four Decades

Mare began her career in 1976 as a singer-songwriter when she got the chance to sing a Beatles song on a show. Meyer Mishkin, a Hollywood agent, officially signed her for acting. She got the role in The Young Pioneers in 1978. At the beginning of her acting career, she did roles in TV dramas like Police Woman, Starsky and Hutch, and so on. She has worked on over 90 films and television dramas in her 46-year career, including Elmo’s Fire, Georgia, The War, Brothers, The Thorn Birds, Intruders, The Outsider, Philomena, and many others. Dopesick is her latest project for 2021.

Besides acting, Mare chose music as an alternative career. She has sung numerous songs in TV dramas like Freedom and films like Georgia. Aside from that, she has four albums to her credit: What Might Be, Refuge Rock Sublime, What’s Left Behind, and Lonesome.
The multi-talented actress has been awarded and nominated numerous times for her incredible performances. Mare won the Emmy twice out of eight times nominations. She was nominated twice, both for the SAG and Tony Awards. Moreover, she was nominated once for each of the Academy Awards and the Golden Globes.

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Mare Winningham Has Been Married Four Times

Yes, it is true. To date, Mare has been married to four people in total. First of all, she married American actor A Martinez (born September 27, 1948), her co-star in The Young Pioneers, in 1981. But the duo didn’t even last for a year, and they separated the same year, without having any kids together. Then, she tied the knot with actor and director William Mapel the following year, in 1982. The couple maintained their matrimonial relationship for around fourteen years and welcomed five children into the family before finally divorcing in 1996.

Next was the director, artist, multimedia designer, and senior executive, Jason Trucco, whom she married in 2008. He is popular as the film director of Salome Learns to Dance, Queens of the Stone Age, and so on. The duo stayed together for four years and ended their relationship in 2012. Mare’s current husband is Anthony Edwards (born July 19, 1962). Anthony is her longtime friend, fellow actor, and director, with whom she eloped in 2021. For your information, Anthony is the ex-spouse of makeup artist Jeanine Lobell, with whom he divorced in 2015 after having four children together.

Actress Mare Winningham
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How Many Children Does Mare Winningham Have?

As mentioned earlier, Mare married four times and divorced three times. And she is the mother of five children, but from only one husband, and that is her second ex-spouse, William Mapel. During their approximately fourteen years of marriage, they were blessed with five children altogether, namely Riley Mapel, Calla Louise, Happy Atticus Mapel, Jack Mapel, and Patrick Mapel.

To know more about her children, Riley Mapel is the eldest son of the ex-couple and was born on November 7, 1981. Second is Patrick Mapel, born on January 1, 1983, who is also an actor. Jack Mapel was born on April 15, 1985, and the fourth is the only daughter, Calla Louise, born in 1987. Happy Atticus Mapel is the youngest son, born on September 13, 1988. He is a struggling actor trying to establish himself in the industry.

Her Son Committed Suicide

Sad but true, the eldest son of Mare Winningham, Riley Mapel, committed suicide on August 14, 2005. According to various sources, he wanted to become an actor, and for that, he was even studying acting at LACC’s Acting Academy. But he committed suicide at the age of 23. He would have been a successful actor until now if he were still alive.

His body was buried in Forest Lawn Memorial Park, and his parents chose to mourn in private.

Was Her Husband Sexually Assaulted?

It is sad to hear that even celebrity personalities face obstacles in the industry. The same thing happened with Mare’s husband, Anthony Edwards. He himself wrote an essay about his tragic story. In the essay, he claimed that Gary Goddard, the famous producer and founder of the Landmark Entertainment Group, had sexually assaulted him on a regular basis.

The abuse began when he was just twelve. Anthony is now chairman of the board of directors for 1 in 6, an organization that helps men with unwanted and abusive sexual experiences. 

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Mare Winningham’s Net Worth

Mare has established herself as a successful actress and singer-songwriter in the industry. According to Celebrity Net Worth, she has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million. She has amassed all of these fortunes during her nearly 46-year contribution to the American film industry, and she is still active today. The newcomers should learn from professional personalities like hers.

On the other hand, her now-husband Anthony Edwards has earned a fortune worth $40 million to date from acting and direction career.

Mare Winningham Height

Mare Winningham
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Mare is in her early 60s now. For her age, she has been well concerned about her health and diet. To date, there is no news about her health issues. We wish her to remain healthy even into her 80s and 90s.

Regarding her physical measurements, Mare is approximately 1.68 meters tall and weighs around 64 kg. We don’t have further information on her body measurements in detail. But as a whole, she has a convincing look as an actress.

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