Margeaux Morial – Hidden Facts About Marc Morial’s Daughter

Margeaux Morial is the daughter of a famous political leader and civic leader Marc Morial. She is the child of a famous politician who is currently president of the National Urban League. They always appeared to be a happy and loving family in the entertainment media.

Margeaux is a volleyball player at her high school and has made a good name in sports. This teenager is second born in a celebrity family and she is a well-grown girl with beauty and a brain. There are still a lot of things you may want to know about her so let us find out about her.

Margeaux Morial Age and Early Life

Margeaux Morial was born in 2005 in Oreland . She is 17 years old now. She comes from a well-known political family with a mixed black-and-white heritage.

Her father’s name is Marc Morial and her mother’s name is Michelle Miller. Marc Morial is quite a famous name in the political field. While her mother is a CBS journalist.

Margeaux Morial with her mother and brother
Source ; Instagram (@michellemiller29)

Margeaux Morial Has Two Siblings

Margeaux is the youngest among the Morial siblings. Her older brother’s name is Mason Morial who was born in 2002. He is recently pursuing his bachelor’s degree in arts from the University of Pennsylvania. He has already started to build his career and worked as an intern at Nasdaq. Furthermore, he is also a management leader for career prep tomorrow according to his Linkedin profile.

Her oldest sister’s name is Kemah Morial. She has achieved her master’s degree in conflict analysis and resolution from George Mason University. Currently, she is working as a director in public affairs at AT&T. She was also a senior advisor in the U.S. House of representatives.

Margeaux is the youngest and shares an amazing bond with her sibling. They always share their lovely moments on their social media.

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Her Education

Margeaux is a high school graduate and currently planning to enroll in a college. Meanwhile, she is also a star volleyball player in her high school. Being in the circle of media personalities they always had pressure to maintain good behavior in public.

Her Height

She is about 5ft 5 inches tall with a good build and athletic body. Her beautiful black hair and brown eye color add even more beauty to her appearance.

Margeaux Morial Loves Playing Volleyball

This 17-year-old teenager was quite famous in her high school. But she was not famous just because of her parents but also due to her athletic skills which took her ahead in volleyball.

She has played a lot of games and her stats are quite good. She is planning to pursue a career in volleyball. Currently, she is preparing for her university exam. But let us see what will this beautiful teenager will choose to pursue.

Her Father is a Renowned Politician

Margeaux Morial parents
Source ; Instagram (@michellemiller29)

Marc Morial was born on January 3 1958 in a family of civic activists. He achieved a bachelor’s degree in economics and was one of the few African American students to achieve such a degree level of education. He also achieved a degree in law and started practicing law.

Late he started his career in politics. Before starting his mayor’s journey he was also elected to be the senator of Louisana from 1992 to 1994. He later becomes the 59th mayor of New Orleans from 1999 to 2002 and was also one of the youngest mayors in American history after 50 years.

From becoming an activist for American cities to becoming the president of the National Urban League he has made a name for himself in his amazing political career. He also added a new metric in the equality index to the Leagues annual.

Her Mother is a CBS Anchor

Michelle Miller was born in Los Angeles and is also one of the known personalities in journalism. She got her bachelor’s degree in arts from Howard University and a master’s degree in science.

She started her career by joining Nightline as an intern. Later she worked as a reporter on WWL Tv which is also a correspondent for CBS. She serves as a national correspondent for CBS and also a co-anchor for CBS Mornings.

Are Her Parents Still Married?

Margeaux Morial parents
Source ; Instagram (@michellemiller29)

Marc and Michelle met during an event in New Orleans. Both of them were heels over in love. They dated for a while keeping their relationship hidden from the media.

Marc popped the question and Michelle agreed. Later the beautiful couple got married according to Catholic culture. The wedding was done in a private ceremony at St. Louis Cathedral.

Later they both shared three beautiful children. Being from a political background people have always heard the rumor of their separation. The couple has always assured that they are going strong even after more than two decades of married life.

The couple has always been there for each other during their hard times and has raised their children to be strong personalities like them. They are going strong and have always inspired other couples to be like them.

Is Margeaux Morial Dating Anyone?

Margeaux is a very beautiful woman and you can say that she got her looks from her parents. She is at the age where she is supposed to date. But she is still single and more focused on her education and career right now. In the future, we may see her with her partner hopefully.

Margeaux Morial Net Worth

She is still living with her parents as she is still not an adult. She has always been raised in a luxury. Her parents have earned both names and fame. Marc has a net worth of approximately $2.5 million and further he owns over 3575 Robert Half International stock units which have a value of over $2.2 million.

Furthermore, his mother earns around a million dollars which also adds a lot to their net worth. Due to her parents, she has always been enjoying luxury. However, she has always maintained a down-to-earth nature which also makes them humble in nature.

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