Matilda Clutterbuck – Some Facts About Andrew Lincoln’s Daughter

Matilda Clutterbuck is a celebrity kid best known as the daughter of actors, Andrew Lincoln and Gael Anderson.

Children are the greatest blessing of god. They come to life with pure hearts and oceans full of love. Through their eyes, we can see a colorful world. In fact, most people say that having a daughter brings happiness, joy, and excitement to the family.

Today we will talk about a celebrity’s daughter whose popularity is very high in public. She is none other than the lovely daughter of Andrew Lincoln, Matilda Clutterbuck.

The celeb kid has numerous fans and followers who are fans of her cute face and bubbly childish personality.

So, moving forward, Let’s get to know about Matilda and take a closer look at her life.

Who is Matilda Clutterbuck?

Matilda Clutterbuck is the beautiful child of two famous parents. Her father Andrew Lincoln is a well-known Hollywood star, and her mother Gael Anderson is also prominent in the entertainment industry.

Being a daughter of such publicly loved stars, Maltida is also in the spotlight since her birth. She was born in England in the year 2007. She is currently 14 years old in 2022.

Maltida comes from a different ancestry while taking look at her family line but especially belongs to the white ethnic group. In the same way, while taking a look at Maltida’s body features, she is very fit respective to her age.

Similarly, she has a cute look and a graceful face. Everyone agrees that Matilda has acquired the best genes from her father and mother to be such gorgeous and lovely.

Matilda with her mother
Source: Instagram @andrewjjlincoln

Her Parents Has Always Shielded Her From Unnecessary Fame

The media and publicity are both fruitful as well as disadvantageous too when it comes to children. Being comfortable around the camera creates confidence and makes kids social from a very young age.

However, being popular can take away their childhood and innocence from them too. Her parents prefer to shield their kids from the spotlight the most. So, the information and private actions concerning Matilda are therefore kept highly hidden.

We can therefore presume that despite being from a famous family, her parents raised both her and her brother nicely. Regarding Matilda’s education, no details are available regarding her grade or institution.

When she was younger, she and her father were captured frequently in photographs.

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Matilda Clutterbuck Has a Younger Brother

Maltida is the sister of Arthur Clutterbuck. Talking about Arthur is her younger brother. Generous parents Andrew and Gael are fulfilling their motherly and fatherly duties to their child in the best possible way they can.

Matilda and Arthur have got the best parents and a loving family inside of which they are the sweet buds today; growing up and blossoming to be happy flowers in the future.

Currently, the family of four is happily living together.

Is Matilda Clutterbuck Dating Anyone?

She is too young to be dating or involved in a relationship. She is single and doesn’t have a boyfriend. Matilda is the famous daughter of Gael Anderson and actor Andrew Lincoln. She is a sweet little girl with a promising future.

Her age right now is not for such things related to love and dating. At the right time, love will come to find her when she will be capable of it. For now, her parents are guiding her to become an educated, kind, and better person. In the future, she will find a boyfriend, but not now.

But her dad has a wonderful love tale. On June 10, 2006, her mother and father were united in marriage, and they get along well.

Moreover, being inspired by her parents, she may create a beautiful love life in the future when she finds a perfect person. But until then, she will most probably focus on her education and skills rather than being available for relationships.

Matilda's father and brother swimming
Source: Instagram @andrewjjlincoln

She Comes From a Well-Known Family

James Anderson, a structural expert, is her extraordinary granddad, and her grandma works as a nurse in South Africa. Additionally, she is Richard Clutterbuck’s niece.

Matilda is too young and hasn’t started any call to be involved in it. In the same way, she is more focused on her research for a bright future. She is most recognized for being the child of her highly recognized guardians, though. In whatsoever case, her parents are well-known Hollywood celebrities.

She is a sweet young lady. Her father is someone she adores being around. There is a countable photo of a father and daughter enjoying their time together greatly.

Playing and spending time with children helps in their development as well as also builds a close connection with parents. Matilda is close to her parents and enjoys like any other kid as she and her sweet dad are participating in some fun activities.

Matilda Clutterbuck with her father
Source: Instagram @andrewjjlincoln

Matilda Clutterbuck Net Worth

There is no denying that she is way young and that she has a silver spoon. Her father Andrew’s compensation from The Walking Dead was $650k per episode, and he has a total wealth of $16 million.

Andrew has been in films and television series throughout his career, which has consistently increased his personal fortune and salary. Throughout his career, he has appeared in many popular movies and TV shows.

The actual amount of her allowances is unknown because she is just 14 years old and not employed.

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Short Bio of Her Parents

The birth of Andrew James Clutterbuck took place on September 14, 1973, in London. He is also an English entertainer known by the nickname Andrew Lincoln. Additionally, he is well known for playing Rick Grimes in the AMC television series The Strolling Dead.

Following roles like Simon in the Channel 4 sitcom Educators and Imprint in the rom-com film Love, Andrew Lincoln from the show The Strolling Dead rather gained widespread attention as Egg in the BBC series This Life.

Gael Anderson’s country is unknown, despite the fact that she was born in the Assembled Realm and that she has an American identity. Her mother, Shona Learoyd, is also a well-known English performer as well as a musician who plays with the band Jethro Tull, just like her father Ian Anderson.

She briefly worked in the 1972 film Gone Up North before starting her career, as needed, after spending a considerable amount of time acting at Landfall in the role of Elizabeth.

Her Parents Has Been Married For Over 15 Years

Matilda’s parents Andrew and Gael had a very intimate love story. The facts about how they met and how their relationship started are unknown at the moment.

However, they have been together for a long time. Rumors state that the happily married couple were lovers before. Upon looking at their relationship facts, they have been very supportive and caring to each other all this time. The beautiful

In June 2006, her parents were wed. Then after they became parents of two lovely kids eventually. In the meantime, their relationship after marriage is flourishing even more exceptionally, and are together always in every thick and thin.

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