How Rich is Merrin Dungey? Know Her Earnings, Assets, and More

Acting is one of the highest-paying jobs in the world. Moreover, having one of the major roles in prime time television pays a lot more than others. Through her long career in the television industry, actress Merrin Dungey has also made a stunning amount of wealth. So, let’s learn a little about Merrin and how much is her net worth. 

Who is Merrin Dungey?

Merrin is an American actress renowned for her role as Kelly Palmer in the American sitcom, The King of Queens. Also, she is the younger sister of the president of ABC Entertainment Group, Channing Dungey. She grew up in Sacramento, California and entered the showbiz industry at the age of 24. 

Her first role in TV was as Monique in the series, Martin. Then, she played minor roles here and there until landing a role in the hit ABC sitcom, The King of the Queens. It was the series that made a huge impact on her acting career. According to Dungey, she used to work three day jobs before getting a role in the sitcom. Although she used to work as a personal assistant to an executive at Warner Bros Studios she couldn’t even make her ends meet without the other three jobs. 

The actress has made a huge impact in the television industry, however, she doesn’t seem to be much interested in the film industry. She has appeared in over 50 TV series. But, she has only made her appearance in 11 movies. 

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The Alias’ actress had bought a beautiful 4-bed, 4-bath, 2,331 sq ft home for 775,000 in October 2002. However, she recently listed it for sale. The actress had bought the house the week she turned 31. 


Merrin Dungey doesn’t seem to be the type of person to flaunt her wealth. So, she hasn’t revealed what kinds of cars she owns either. But, according to her Instagram posts, she seems to love fast cars. At present, she owns a beautiful black Porsche. In addition, she also used to own a red classic BMW. 

Merrin Dungey Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Merrin has an estimated net worth of $3 million. She earns around $505,000 per year, $42,083 per month and $9,711 per week. The actress’s major source of income is acting. She has been pretty successful in the industry, thus making this huge sum. 

The actress earned around $200,000 per episode from her role as Kelly Palmer in the American sitcom, The King of Queens. Similarly, she earned around $40,000 from her role in the thriller series, Alias. 

Furthermore, Dungey has more than 24k followers on her Instagram account. Considering the market rate, she can earn around $100 to $400 per Instagram post. However, she hasn’t made any social media endorsement till date. 

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