Richard Thomas A.K.A ‘The Waltons’ John-Boy is The Proud Father of 7 kids

Richard Thomas is a popular Hollywood actor. Also among the audience, he is popular for his work on the CBS drama The Walton’s. In that drama, he played the role of budding author John-Boy Walton.

Well, leaving that aside in this article below we will have a short look at his bio. But more importantly, we will be discussing his children and family. So let’s go.

Who is Richard Thomas?

Richard Thomas is a silver screen actor who has made his name among the audience as a John-Boy Walton in the CBS drama The Waltons. Besides that, his work on FX’s spy thriller series The Americans is also appreciated by the audience and critics.

He started his journey in Hollywood in the year 1956 from the Tv series named “The Edge of Night”. After that, there is no looking back for him as he has already been part of more than 120 credits. Also, he has worked as a director and producer on some projects.

richard thomas's wife daughter and son
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Richard Has Married Three Woman

Thomas played the oldest of seven children during the 1970s series and like life mimicking workmanship, the entertainer is a pleased dad of seven kids from two ladies.

His first marriage was with Alma Gonzales and together they invited four youngsters. Later his separation from Gonzales in 1993, he got hitched again to Georgiana Bischoff.

He has been hitched to his subsequent spouse, Bischoff beginning around 1994 and the pair are guardians to seven kids in their mixed family and numerous grandchildren. Every one of the children is developed with the most seasoned in his mid-20s.

Talking about bringing up his children, Thomas noted it was difficult mixing their seven children. He divided that it caused strain among him and Bischoff yet they figured out how to get through.

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Richard Thomas is the Father of 7 Children

Richard is a super dad to his 7 children. He is the father of Richard Jr, daughters Gwyneth, Barbara, Pillar, and Montana. Well, it is quite surprising that he has not disclosed any details about his other 2 children.

Out of his 7 children, he is blessed with triplets. While giving birth to the triplets he alongside his partner made huge headlines and were all over the internet and media.

Well, being said that not much about his children is known on the web as he has kept most of their information private as of now.

Despite being star kids, they also are not that popular on any of the social media. Well, we will soon update this section as soon as we get our hands on the data related to them.

richard thomas and his wife with their son
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His Triplet Daghter were a surprise.

Thomas welcomed his trios in 1981, however, their introduction to the world came as amazement, practically surprising. This is on the grounds that the entertainer and his then-spouse, Gonzales, were certain that they would have twins.

Twins ran in the two sides of their family, and when Gonzales did her ultrasound image at the third and seventh months, the specialists confiHowever, they were in for a shock during conveyance. Thomas once was called by his better half, who just had a couple of words, showing that the infants were three.

At that point, the “A Walton Easter” entertainer was from home. The famous actor was shooting in New York, yet he needed to drop everything for his girls.

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