River Kopech – Michael Kopech, and Vanessa Morgan son

River Kopech is a star kid. He is the son of a TV actress, Vanessa Morgan and baseball player, Michael Kopech. Well, as netizens don’t have much information about him so we are presenting this article.

In the article below we will be sharing information about his age, parents, and other various personal details. Let’s go through the article to know all that information.

Who is River Kopech?

Starting in 2022, River is just a year old. He was born in the year 2021. Being said that, his parents have to choose not to share his exact date of birth with the general public.

Not only his date of birth but his parents didn’t share his pictures on social media platforms for quite a long time. Well, that’s also good in another way as they were respecting his privacy. Similarly, regarding his parents, he was born to TV actress, Vanessa Morgan and baseball player, Michael Kopech.

River is a star kid

Well, there is no doubt that he is a star kid as his both parents are a celebrity and has made their name in the industry.

Moreover, regarding his mother Vanessa, she is an actress by her profession. For now, she is known by the audience for her work on projects like Riverdale (2017), The Latest Buzz (2007) and My Babysitter’s a Vampire (2010). Similarly, to date, she has worked on 18 projects and is believed to be the superstar of the future.

Likewise, his father Michael is one of the most popular players in MLB (Major League baseball). Michael plays for the Chicago White Sox. He has been playing professional league since the year 2018.

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Personal Details

As he is just a child for now so he does not have any personal details for now.

However, his parents are not together at the present. The couple was together for a couple of years. Michael and Vanessa first met in 2018 through social media.

After going out for a while, the couple started having sparks for each other. Eventually, they started dating and Michael popped the question just after a year.

Then, they exchanged the wedding vows in January 2020 in the Historic Walton House in Homestead, FL. However, their relationship didn’t last long. It seems like Michael filed for a divorce just after a few months of their marriage.

Well, as of today the divorce is pending and the decision is yet to be made. But we believe they will be looking after their son as a joint parent.

River Kopech Net Worth

River is way too small to talk about his net worth and all for now. But we can surely say he will get to live an easy and comfortable life. The main reason for that is that both parents are making a good sum of money from their respective careers.

His father, Michael has an estimated net worth of $800,000. Whereas, his mother, Vanessa has a mind-blowing net worth of $2 million.

Also, his parent’s social media profile verifies that they are making a good sum of money as they are seen vacationing in various parts of the world.

Social Media

As of 2022, he is yet to get his name registered on any of the social media platforms. But we can surely say he will be available soon on platforms like Instagram as various celebrity introduce their children on social media platforms at a young age.

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