Sam Bledsoe. 5 Things You Didn’t Know About the Big Brother 20 Contestant

Sam Bledsoe, one of the contestants in the Big Brother 20 show is a welder by profession. Her trademarks are a sunshiny personality and a positive attitude. Her personality that naturally attracts people is the best trait one can hope for in such a social show. 

Who is Sam Bledsoe?

Sam was born on June 7, 1991, in Stuarts Draft, Virginia. Her full name is Samantha Marie Bledsoe. At present, she works as a welder, however, she has also worked as a hairdresser and bartender while she was in college. 

Sam is a Smart Woman with a Beautiful Face

The young woman grew up on a farm, so she is also very brave. She is brave enough to raise honeybees and also catch hold of raccoons and snakes with her bare hands. In an interview with CBS, she described herself as multifaceted, charming and charismatic which is true as we saw her on the show. 

The words that might describe her are magnetic, varied, and with great care darn cute. She is also great at making friends and has a natural ability to become a leader. 

Her recent breakup was one of the reasons that she joined the show

Samantha recently went through a messy breakup. She explains that this is one of the reasons for her doing the show. So, she wants to make lots of friends on the show; however, doesn’t plan to be in a relationship on the house. 

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Strategy to Win massive Brother twenty

The 30-year old contestant had a pretty straightforward strategy to win the game. She planned to use her natural advantages, her friendly personality. She also believed that her temperament was best for this kind of show. 

Likewise, her friendliness and positive thinking is her strength as well as weakness. And, she describes herself as perceptive and claims she could be a master of the “mirror” technique.

Moreover, she has excellent listening skills. 

She believes that her experience as a hairdresser and bartender has made her an excellent listener. Although she didn’t win the show, she definitely won our hearts. 

Sam Bledsoe Net Worth

Sam has been away from the public eyes her whole life. She grew up in a small town in Virginia. However, she had a chance to make half a million dollars from the show. But, as Kaycee Clark won and she got evicted, Sam couldn’t earn it. So, her net worth is still a mystery. 

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