Shanti Lowry Net Worth – All About Her Earnings and Expenses

Professionally, Shanti Lowry is an American Actress. She is popular for her role as Treasure Chest Dancer in the 2003 film Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle. Well, we also can title her a versatile individual as she is a singer as well as Dancer.

Well, leaving this all behind we will have a closer look at the details related to her net worth, expenses, and assets in the article below. Let’s go.

Who is Shanti Lowry?

As of today, she is just 40 years old. The American actress cum dancer first came into this world in the year 1982. Following that she blows her birthday candle on the 2nd of April every year with her close ones. Likewise, she is an alumnus of the Rocky Mountain School of Dance and Performing Arts. She did her higher education.

However, to great surprise, her family details are still missing on the internet as of now. But we can surely say she has been always away from her family. As she moved to LA in 1998 so that she can pursue a career in acting and dancing. 

Shanti Lowary when she was 8 month pregnent
Source: Instagram

Shanti Lowry Net Worth

If sources are to be believed she has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million. . We don’t know how precise the given data is, but we believe the given data is somehow near to her actual net worth. As she has been part of 44 credits as an actress so we believe she made most of her net worth for her career as an actress.

Well, as an actress she has made a good sum of money and currently, she is living a happy and comfortable life.

Her Modeling Career adds great value to her net worth

There is no doubt that most of Shanti Lowry‘s net worth came from her career as an actress. But not to forget she also gets a handful amount of fortune from her career as a Model. To date, she has been affiliated with famous magazines like Birdie Thompson Magazine, Luc Richard Urban, and Mark Christensen Studio.

Moreover, besides this she also does various brands work for various brands, and that ultimately leads to an increment in her Net worth. So we can also say she is having a successful career as a model as well.

Shanti Recently Became a Mother

After getting married to her ideal man Anthony Schubert, they both welcomed their first baby in the year 2022. Following that, they named their baby girl Elora Jane. For your concern, her husband is also in the Movie industry as well.

Shanti Lowary in her vaccation
Source: Instagram

She is a Travel Freak

Well, going through her social we got to know she is a travel freak. As she recently, visited Costarica when she was 8 months pregnant. Prior to that, she went to Iceland as well. From where she has shared some glimpses on her Instagram handle as well. Besides that, she has traveled to various parts of the world and spends most of her earnings on her vacation.

Being said that she has even now maintained a good figure on her net worth.

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