Shikari Bonds – All About Barry Bonds’ Daughter

Shikari Bonds is the daughter of the American former baseball left fielder, Barry Bonds. Just by hearing his name sports fan can figure out how amazing a player he was. He has made both name and fame during his career. Also, he has been part of some controversial things both in his professional and personal career.

Shikari had quite chaotic childhood due to her dad’s behavior toward her family. She has always remained a private life away from the media’s eye. But now she has managed a good image in the entertainment field. What is she doing nowadays? Where is she now? Let us find out about every hidden detail of Shikhari Bonds.

How Old is Shikari Bonds?

Shikari Bonds was born on 20 March 1991 in Los Angeles. As of this writing, she is 31 years old. Her zodiac sign is Pisces. Likewise, she is of black ethnicity.

Shikhari Bonds and her father
Source: Instagram (@msshikaribonds)

Her Parents

Both of Shikari’s parents are very popular. Her father, Barry Bonds is a former baseball left fielder who played 22 seasons in Major League Baseball. Likewise, her mother, Susann Margreth is a former makeup artist who gained massive fame after getting hitched to Barry.

Her Siblings

She also has a brother Nikolai Bonds with whom she shares a great bond. Her father and mother had quite a chaotic married life ad even the messiest divorce. Despite the chaos, she has always made a name for herself by completing her studies and achieving a great height in her career.

After completing high school she joined IDM to complete her bachelor’s degree in science and business management. Later she completed her master’s degree in business administration from Santa Clara University in 2019.

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Shikari Bonds is Quite Active in The Fashion Industry

Shikari has quite amazing features to represent a model. She represents marketing and merchandising famous brands. She started her career as a shop manager at Bloomingdale’s in 2014.

Later, she joined the RealReal company as a team lead for eleven months. She was the marketing and branding manager at Killing Bee for 2 years. Currently, she is working as a buying coordinator in Stitch Fix since 2019.

She has also volunteered for a blood center and children’s hospital adding great significance to her career. According to yo her LinkedIn profile she is also endorsed by many known people in her field making her more popular in the industry.

She makes a lot but still not as much as her father. Who was he actually?

Her Father is One of the Greatest Baseball Player

Barry Lamar Bonds was born on July 24,1964 n San Fransico. He was a professional baseball player who played for 22 seasons for a major baseball league. He started his baseball career during his college.

Bonds was a member of the Pittsburgh Pirates from 1986 to 1992 and later he joined San Francisco Giants from 1993 to 2007. This has given him a major breakthrough in his career. He has received a record seven NL MVP awards and 12 Silver Slugger awards along with 14 All-Star selections. Holding many records in the major league and making him the best player of his time.

Source ; Instagram(@barrybonds)

He made the most home runs about 762 and the most home runs in a single season in 2001. Along with a home run, he has also made a record for most career walks. He also stole 514 bases and was one of the top five hitters in 12 of his 17 qualifying seasons. He is one of the first players who have at least 500 home runs and 500 stolen bases.

For the defensive play method, he has also won eight Gold Globe awards. Bonds was ranked in career Wins Above Replacement among all major league position players by many play magazines and websites.

Her Parents Had a Very Messy Divorce

Barry Bonds met his first wife in Quebec in 1987. They were heels over in love. They started dating the time they met and later chose to elope and get married in Las Vegas in 1988.

Everything was going pretty smoothly for them and they also welcomed their two children Shikari and Nikolai into the world. In the earlier stage of their marriage, the couple was having a great time. Though, they started having issues in their marriage. So, they decided to split in 1994.

Likewise, Barry had made Susan sign a prenuptial agreement which led to a massive controversy later on.

But the case was filed in the court of California which grabbed the media’s attention. There were many allegations made by both parties including abuse as their main allegations. Bonds provided his wife with $20,000 for child support and $10,000 for spousal support which was later reduced in support of Barry Bonds by the court.

Once a couple was deeply in love now they are not on good terms and their divorce affected their children. But they have maintained a good relationship with them and now share an amazing bond with their parents.

He then got married to Liz Watson in 1998 and had a beautiful daughter. But the couple also got separated later and even their divorce was quite messy. Now he is single and maintaining a good bond with his wife’s ex-wives and children.

Her Father Was Allegedly Using Steroids

Even though he was in the top rank of his career but still he made in and out of one controversy to another. Firstly he was involved in the BALCO scandal which lead him to court. He was found to be using anabolic steroids to enhance his gaming ability.

Further, in 2007, he was again found to be using steroids which again held him back on the court making his ability in doubt. He then later become the first player in 30 years to not sign off the licensing deal and chose to be a part of the independent marketing team.

Despite having such a rollercoaster in his career, he is remembered to be the greatest baseball player in American history.

Shikari Bonds Net Worth

Shikari grew up in a family of wealth. But she has made a name and fame for herself. As of 2022, Shikari Bonds is worth $700,000 whereas her father is worth a whopping $10 million dollars.

Body Measurements

She is 5 ft 3 inches with beautiful black hair and brown eye color making her even more beautiful.  

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