Sienna Santer: The Popular Harvard Student

The confidence and capability of a person give them success at an early age. The sooner you find it, the longer you will enjoy it. However, more than to have it, it takes a lot to keep it.

Today we are going to talk about a person, who has achieved success at a very early age and is also constantly thriving for it. Her name is Sienna Santer.

Sienna is an American Youtuber best known for her Youtube channel under her name. She mostly posts lifestyle and travel contents.

Who is Sienna Santer?

Having been born and raised in the United States, Sienna Santer is an American YouTuber. She belongs to the white ethnicity. On January 4, 1999, Sienna was born in San Luis Obispo, California, in the United States. She is a Capricorn by zodiac sign and is currently 23 years old.

She is a well-known social media influencer and top-earning YouTuber who has recently attracted a lot of attention.

Childhood and Family History

There are no details available about her family members. She hasn’t revealed much information regarding her parents either. Therefore, it is currently unknown who her parents are.

She hasn’t provided any information about her siblings.

Sienna Santer in blue dress
Source: Instagram @siennasanter

Her Education

At the moment, Sienna is a student at the University of Oxford. On her YouTube channel, she documents college life. Besides, there is not much information available on her academic background or school experiences.

She started writing for Harvard Crimson’s arts and blog boards. She was a 2017 National Silver Medalist for Writing Portfolio at the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. After graduating from Harvard, Sienna followed a psychology degree at the University of Oxford.

When Santer was still in Harvard, she began her YouTube career. She created her first YouTube video when she was a second-year student, and today she is a YouTube influencer.

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Her Advice for Those Wanting to Get Into Harvard

Popular YouTuber Sienna Santer, a student at Harvard University, is known for posting videos about college life, fashion, and travel experiences.

In fact, she has a video on YouTube where she explains how to get into the university. “Take the most difficult classes while maintaining a GPA of at least 4.22”, she says.

She stated everyone to aim for a 35 ACT and an SAT of 1580. Choose 1-2 extracurriculars as well. Write interesting essays to succeed in your interview.

Sienna Santer Started Being Profesionally Active on Youtube Since 2018

Sienna started her YouTube account on January 11, 2014.

However, only in 2018, she published her first video on July 24. Her debut video is titled, Travel Diaries: Prague and Berlin. Her most watched video is titled, A Day in the Life of a Harvard Student. Additionally, her most popular video has been viewed by more than 11 million people all around the world.

In just one month, her 2018 YouTube video COLLEGE MOVE-IN VLOG received more than a million views. After Sienna’s YouTube channel flourished and she gained notoriety for her Harvard move-in vlog, Table Rock Management, a YouTube management company, contacted her in December. During her winter vacation, Sienna signed with them, creating prospects for sponsorship and brand deals.

She benefits greatly from brand endorsements on media platforms and YouTube advertisements because of this. Despite being a California native, Santer has amassed enormous fame thanks to her YouTube channel, making her one of the richest YouTube stars.

Sienna Santer posing for photograph
Source: Instagram @siennasanter

Is Sienna Santer Dating Anyone?

Santer has always kept her intimate and romantic life away from the public. She has not made her relationship publicly known.

Currently, Sienna is happy to be living in Kailua in Honolulu County, Hawaii, and to blog about her travels and time spent in college.

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Interesting Facts About Her

The young Youtuber has kept the general public and her followers in the shadow about her private life and family concerns.

A well-known YouTuber who attends Harvard University, Santer posts videos on college life, fashion, and travel adventures. More than 500K people subscribe to her YouTube channel.

She was born in California and is among the wealthiest YouTube stars. She started contributing to the arts and blog boards of The Harvard Crimson. Similarly, she began posting updates about her Harvard life on social media. She was an intern in product management at UPshow.

Updates from November 2020 shows that Sienna got engaged thanks to a tweet from US Vice President Kamala Harris.

Sienna Santer is the Co-President of Harvard Undergraduate Women in Business

The high-paid American YouTuber has studied psychology at the University of Oxford and is a full-time content creator, according to the most recent figures. As co-president of Harvard Undergraduate Women in Business, the largest student organization at Harvard, she currently holds that position.

She has been highlighted in a number of Business Insider stories exploring the economics of influencer marketing and the back end of managing a business as a creator as a junior at Harvard who is presently enrolled at the University of Oxford.

High-earning YouTuber Sienna Santer has collaborated with prestigious organizations like Glossier, Amazon, and Google.

Sienna travelling
Source: Instagram @siennasanter

Preferences and Hobbies

Additionally, talking about her favorites activities, she loves reading and singing. Wasabia is her favorite dish, olive is her favorite color, and Ethiopia’s Rift Valley is her favorite location.

Regardlessly, after being questioned by friends and family about how she got into Harvard, Sienna began her career as a YouTube influencer. The 23-year-old had a strong interest in videography and editing since her high school days. She went through her gap year and wanted to share a few videos.

Sienna Santer Net Worth

Sienna earns the majority of her income from Youtube. She reportedly has a net worth of more than $300,000. As the YouTuber has focused more on her goals, Santer’s net worth has gradually grown.

According to information on YouTube advertising, Sienna Santer makes about $10,000 every month. Having said that, she makes about $120,000 per year. She also makes a lot of money through sponsorships and brand endorsements. Additionally, she seems to have started paying for her college from Youtube earnings just after a year of her Youtube career.

In the same way, the 23-year-old Youtuber’s net Worth has increased as a result of her expertise in marketing for brands and her creation of ground-breaking content for Gen Z customers.

Additionally, she serves as a mentor for people looking to start profitable YouTube channels for their businesses as well as a consultant to CEOs and entrepreneurs in the fashion and beauty sectors.

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Social Media Presence

You should look out for her social media profiles if you’re curious to learn more about her personality or about her life.

By giving tips and instructions on how to enroll at Harvard University, Sienna first rose to fame and popularity in the YouTube community. She became quite well-liked among young kids and students all around the world thanks to her distinctive blend of vacation vlogs and instructions or tutorial videos.

Over time, Sienna Santer’s enormous net worth has placed her among the wealthiest YouTubers.

She owns 733k youtube subscribers and similarly, 55.3k followers on Instagram.

Body Measurements

Likewise, she is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs around 50 kg. She owns brown hair and hazel-colored eyes.

Sienna appears to be quietly in shape with an overall perfect body. Her additional information regarding body measurements is not known at the current moment specifically.

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